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									Tynewater Primary School               2012-2013 Period 2           10/9/12 to 12/10/12          Teacher: Mr Taylor                            P5/6
                                       Information for Parents - Outline Plan for Learning and Teaching
               Topic / Project Title:         New Lanark: Industrial and social change in Scotland
Context relevant to the children:             A look at how technology and enlightened thinking changed the culture and demographics of Scotland,
                                              and influenced future generations.

                                                                 Technology                            Topic Week 1:
  Language and Literacy
                                                                 Both P5 & P6 pupils will              Introducing the topic – residential trip to
  Reading will focus on novel studies: ‘Spindle River’;
                                                                 begin an extended project             New Lanark. Looking at the link between
  ‘The Butterfly Lion’ & ‘The Secret Garden’
                                                                 on video editing skills,              working and living conditions.
  Language will focus on the use of apostrophes and
  consolidate sentence types and structures.                     using material gathered
                                                                 during respective
                                                                                                        Topic Week 2:
  Writing will follow the Big Writing programme                  residential trips.
                                                                                                        Timeline of industrial development - major
  where pupils work towards including better                                                            innovations and their wider impact on
  vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation,                                                     society.
  with Personal Accounts & Letters featuring.

                                                                                                        Topic Week 3:
  Mathematics and numeracy                                                                              Biographies of significant ‘enlightened’
                                                                      New Lanark:
  Maths will largely focus on subtraction, division and                                                 thinkers; e.g. Robert Owen, David Hume,
  multiplication in response to analysis of previous                 Industrial and
                                                                                                        Adam Smith, Joseph Rowntree
  assessments. Mental strategies will be developed as               Social change in
  will algorithmic processes.                                          Scotland
  Problem solving will be undertaken in line with                                                       Topic Week 4:
  Midlothian Non Routine Questions programme, and                                                       The Highland Clearances - timeline and
  group challenges.                                                                                     changing demographics/urban development.

  Health and Wellbeing
  PE will focus on tag rugby – ball handling skills and                                                 Topic Week 5:
  positional awareness.                                                                                 Scottish influence in Europe and the ‘New
  Emotional well-being will look at ‘courage’ and                                                       World’. The Cooperative movement.
  ‘bouncing back’ from disappointments/problems.

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