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									                                      The National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development

                                                    PURSAT PROGRAMME CALENDAR
                                                             January 2012

     Date                                         Event/Activity                                           Place             Focal Persons
                Attend the meeting with Working Group on PDP/PIP and related stakeholders to                       PMA and Working Group on
03/01/2012                                                                                         Pursat
                review PIP 2012-2014 before submit it to Provincial Council to approve it                          PDP/PIP
                Finalise the draft of End of MoU Report from July-December 2011 and submit it to
04-06/01/2012                                                                                    Province          PMA/PPMA
                PPMA to review beore sending it to National Level
Week 1          Finalise AWPB 2012                                                                 Pursat          PPMA/Advisors
Week 1          Submit material standard price list and public announcement                        Pursat          PID/PM, PIA

Week 1          Finalise IP3 Annual Report                                                         Pursat          PPMA/Advisors
Week 1          Verification of monthly IP3 financial report sent to national                      Pursat          FD/PFA
Week 1          Closing account IP3 and C/S account                                                Pursat          FD/PFA/PT/I&P division
Week 1          Continue to support annual closing budget C/S account 2011 and budget 2012                         PCDA/Planning Division Team
                                                                                                                   Municipality Advisor/Director of
                Encourage Working Group on DIP to support Communes/Sangkats to prepare List
Week 1                                                                                      Krong Pursat           Admin./Director of Planning Office
                of Projects that use CS Fund for 2012 for conducting feasibility study
                                                                                                                   and related stakeholders
                Support District Administration to prepare IP3 Annual Report 2011 and facilitate
Week 1                                                                                             Bakan           BoG, CC and District Adviosr
                the meeting to review this report with Board of Governor
Week 1          Attend monthly meeting with Commune Council                                        Vealveng        District Advisor/POC

Week 1          Prepare 2012 commune Budget Plan                                                   Krakor          POC/District Advisor

                                                                                                                   District Advisor/CC/Related
Week 1          Coaching on how to do the district quarterly report and documentation              Krakor

    Date                                    Event/Activity                                       Place                  Focal Persons
                                                                                                              District Governor/District Advisor
Week 1     Attend monthly meeting with Commune Council                                     Krakor
                                                                                                              and related stakeholders
           Conduct meeting to present the district 3-year rolling investment program for                      POC on Infrastructure / District
Week 1-2                                                                                   Kandieng
           2012-2014                                                                                          Advisor and Contractors
                                                                                                              POC/District Advisor/Commune
Week 1-2   Advise contractors to implement the project that already bidding in 2011        Kravanh
                                                                                                              Council and related stakeholders
                                                                                            Province and
           Prepare AWPB 2012 for Kravanh District and Priority the Project that use CS Fund
Week 1-3                                                                                    commune/          PCDA/Planning Division Team
           2012 in order to conduct feasibility study
           Monitor on the closing account of Commune / Sangkat 2011 and prepare budget
Week 1-3                                                                                    Pursat            PCDA/Planning Division Team
           plan for 2012
                                                                                                              PCDA/Planning Division
Week 1-3   Support Planning Division to prepare Annual Report 2011                         Pursat
                                                                                                              Team/Planning Department Team
           Provide advise and support to Planning Division and Working Group on PIP to                        PMA and Working Group on
Week 2
           prepare report on the implementation of PIP 2011-2013                        Pursat                PDP/PIP
           Attend the meeting with Working Group on PDP/PIP to present PIP 2012-2014 to
Week 2                                                                                  Pursat                PMA/IP3 Program Manager
           related NGOs partners

Week 2     Organize the monthly AWG monthly meeting                                        Pursat             PPMA/Director of Adm/PM

           Attend the meeting with POC to strengthen their capacity on planning and quality Excom/District/
Week 2                                                                                                        PID/PM/Commune, PIA/PCDA
           of work                                                                          commune
Week 2     Announce bid opening meeting for14 projects were remaining from 2011.           Krong Pursat       Municipality Advisor/POC

Week 2     Work with POC to monitor the budget 2012 of Sangkat                             Vealveng           District Advisor/POC
                                                                                                              POC/District Advisor/Secretary of
Week 2     Prepare Annual Report 2011                                                      Krakor
                                                                                                              the commune
                                                                                                              POC/District Advisor/Commune
Week 2-3   Support Commune in the preparation of monthly report                            Kandieng
                                                                                                              POC/District Advisor/Commune
Week 2-3   Coordinate with POC to conduct 2012 CSF projects feasibility study              Kravanh
    Date                                     Event/Activity                                             Place             Focal Persons
                                                                                                Bakan, Kravanh,
                                                                                                                PMA and Planning Department
Week 2-4   Coordinate with POC of IP3 to conduct 2012 CSF projects feasibility study            Kandieng, Krong
           Cooperate with Planning Department to conduct monitoring and provide support Municipality/
Week 2-4                                                                                                        PMA/ PIA/ POC on M/E
           on data collection for CDB from Municipality down to Communes / Villages Level Districts
           Cooperate with PIA and POC on M/E to conduct monitoring to the projects in the
Week 2-4                                                                                  Province              PCDA/Planning Division Team
           target areas
           Monitor on the report of closing account of Commune / Sangkat 2011 and budget                        BoG/District Advisor and related
Week 2-4                                                                                 Bakan
           plan for 2012 for submission to BoG to make approval                                                 stakeholders

                                                                                                                POC//District Advisor and related
Week 2-4   Prepare the Budget Plan 2012 for Bakan District                                      Bakan

           Participate in the monitoring of the projects that use CS Fund in Kbal Trach, Ansa                   POC//District Advisor and related
Week 2-4                                                                                        Krakor
           Chambork, Anlong Thnot, O Sandan, Chhoeur Tum and Svay Sor Commune                                   stakeholders
                                                                                                                District Advisor/Related
Week 3     Conduct field monitoring to the the CS Fund projects that destroyed by flood         Bakan

Week 3     Conduct meeting with related key stakeholders to prepare monthly report              Province        PMA

           Consolidate Monthly Issues and Challenges including the Program Calendar for
Week 3     February 2012 from all Adviosrs to submit to PPMA to review and send it to           Pursat          FD/PFA
           National Level
Week 3     Verified sub contract inventory to department and districts                          Province        PCDA/PIA/Planning Division Team

                                                                                                                Board of Governor/Director of
           Cooperate with PIA and related stakeholders to support Communes/Sangkats in                          Municipality
Week 3                                                                                          Krong Pursat
           bidding the projects that were not bidding yet since 2011                                            Administration/Municipality
                                                                                                                Advisor (MA)
           Provide support in the preparation and facilitation the Annual Forum 2011 of
Week 3                                                                                          Krakor          WCCC/District Advisor
           Pursat Municipality

    Date                                       Event/Activity                                          Place             Focal Persons
                                                                                                               POC/District Advisor and related
Week 3       Attend the monthly meeting with WCCC at district level                            Krakor
                                                                                                               BoG/POC/District Advisor and
Week 3       Provide support in the preparation of AWPB 2012 at district level                 Krakor
                                                                                                               related stakeholders

Week 3-4     Attend meeting with POC and related stakeholders at district level                Vealveng        District Advisor/POC
                                                                                                               POC/District Advisor/Commune
Week 3-4     Participate in the feasibility study of commune projects                          Kandieng
Week 3-4     Prepare planning with POC on Infrastructure to conduct feasibility study                          PCDA/Planning Division Team
                                                                                                               POC/District Advisor/Commune
Week 3-4     Conduct monitor on the project implementation of Communes /Sangkats in 2011 Kravanh
             Continue to conduct monitoring and support in the implementation of projects
Week 1-4                                                                                       Province        PMA
             that use CS Fund and closing the contraction
             Provide support to the team and develop monitoring tools to strengthen the work District/         PID/PM/District/ commune,
Week 1-4
             of related stakeholders                                                         commune           PIA/PCDA
Week 1-4     Continue contract signing and contract start work meeting for project 2011        Construction site PID/Commune, PIA/PCDA
                                                                                                               District Advisor/Related
Week 1-4     Continue contract monitoring for project 2011                                     Bakan
             Work with POC and related stakeholders to prepare the projects that need to use
Week 4                                                                                       Commune           PID/Commune, PIA/PCDA
             CS Fund in 2012 and conduct feasibility study of these projects
                                                                                                               Board of Governor/Director of
Week 4       Conduct bid opening meeting for14 projects were remaining from 2011.              Krong Pursat
                                                                                                               Municipality Administration/MA
             Organize the reflection meeting on Roles and Responsibilities of related offices
                                                                                                               Board of Governor/Director of
Week 4       under the supervision of Pursat Municipality and strengthen the quality of work of Krong Pursat
                                                                                                               Municipality Administration/MA
             Municipality Adminitration
Week 4       Attend monthly meeting with District Board of Governor                            Krakor          District Advisor

    * Date   Prepare monthly report for January 2012 and planning for next month

Date                                           Event/Activity       Place   Focal Persons
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