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					                         IPV & Pregnancy Grant Program
                    Monthly Financial Report Form - Instructions

The workbook includes a pre-formatted worksheet to be completed for each month* of
Year Two (September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011). Those months are:

                  Reporting Month                      Report Due
             September to December 2011*            January 31, 2012
                    January 2012                    February 28, 2012
                    February 2012                    March 31, 2012
                     March 2012                       April 30, 2012
                      April 2012                      May 31, 2012
                      May 2012                        June 30, 2012
                      June 2012                       July 31, 2012
                      July 2012                      August 31, 2012
                     August 2012                   September 30, 2012

*The first “month” is really 4 months. The payment schedule changed from prospective
payments to monthly reimbursements effective December 1, 2011. The last prospective
payment grantees received was for the September 1 to November 30, 2011 quarter.
CVSD will use the month of December to transition grantees to the monthly
reimbursement payment schedule. The first financial report for Year Two of the IPV &
Pregnancy Grant Program covers a four month period (9/1/11-11/30/11). Grantees
will report their expenditures for September, October, November and December 2011
on the “IPVP – DECEMBER 2011” tab of the workbook. Whatever balance remains
from the grantee’s prospective payment for 9/1/11-11/30/11 will be applied towards the
expenditures for December. Expenditures not covered by the balance from the last
prospective payment will be reimbursed to the grantee for this period.

A schedule of all the IPV & Pregnancy Grant Program reports is available at

We cannot reimburse you for your expenditures until we have received all of the
reports that are due for that period.

General Instructions for Year 2 (9/1/11 to 8/31/12) Reporting:
   Beginning with the worksheet/tab titled “IPVP – DECEMBER 2011”. Enter
    information in the spaces highlighted in yellow.
   Be sure to enter your Year 2 Budget. That will help you compare your expenses.
   Check your work for accuracy and completeness.
   Mail the entire workbook to cvsdreports@doj.state.or.us
   NOTE: If CVSD advises you that the report requires revision, be sure to enter the
    revisions in your workbook, so they carry forward for subsequent reports.

DM #307122
                        IPV & Pregnancy Grant Program
                   Monthly Financial Report Form - Instructions

Please contact Christine Heyen, IPV & Pregnancy Grant Program Coordinator at (503)
378-5303 or christine.p.heyen@doj.state.or.us if you have any questions.

DM #307122

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