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									                                                     Order Sheet
 Instructions: Please refer to the menu on the website for cupcake flavors information.
               Cupcake flavors MUST be ordered by the dozen. Also, please check our delivery area to
               ensure that your address is within the delivery area. There will be an additional charge for all
               deliveries outside our normal delivery area. (Free Delivery within 20 miles of Grand Prairie, TX)

          Please email or fax your completed order form:
                                      Email: Orders@Cupcakes2You.com
                                      Fax: 1-214-988-2522
          We will respond to all orders within 24 hours. Please call if you have any questions: 214-868-8842.
                                    Be sure to complete the following:

Delivery Date:                                                                       Cupcake Flavors                      Quantity
                                                                                Red Velvet
Your Name:
                                                                                24 Carrot
                                                                                Rich Chocolate
Address:                                                                        French Vanilla
Office Phone#                                                                   Coconut Your Way
Cell Phone #                                                                    Very Berry Chocolate
Email:                                                                          Buttermilk Surprise
                                                                                Pineapple Right-Side Up
Payment Method Cash__ Credit__                                                  Sweet Potato Cupcake
 Name on Card
 Card Number
                                                                                Chocolate Caramel Delight
 Expiration Date                                                               Peanut Butter Chocolate
 Security Code                                                                 Total Cupcakes (dozen):
 Mailing Address
(of card billing address)                                                       Total Price
                                                                                     Classic Cupcakes
                                                                                    Specialty Cupcakes
           (orders must be 2 dozen or more)

     Cupcakes2You bakes with wheat, dairy, and nuts in our kitchen. We strongly caution individuals with food allergies against
                                             consuming our cupcakes. Thank You!

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