MT DES Workshop and Seminar AAR by ysiClB


									                                State of Montana HSEEP
                          Abbreviated After Action Report Form

Based on the federal recommendation, all AARs/IPs must be submitted to the portal or
in the HSEEP Toolkit’s Corrective Action Program for credit unless you request
otherwise. According to the DHS point of contact for Montana, the only personnel with
access to the portal are the “DHS Exercise Managers and the Lessons Learned
Information Sharing (LLIS) team.” If you would prefer that this AAR/IP not be uploaded
to the HSEEP portal please select NO in the following box. This form will default to
“Yes” – confirming that this AAP/IP form has been submitted to FEMA.
                            Yes ☐        No ☐

Instructions: This form may be modified by all users. This form’s intention is to provide
a standardized MTDES AAR form for small exercises (ex. seminars and workshops)
according to HSEEP standards. If modification is needed, please remember that the
point of this form is to highlight the following exercise items: (1) purpose, (2)
recommendations, and (3) participating agencies. The HSEEP Coordinator has the
authority to request more information if these items were not properly addressed in the

Please email Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) HSEEP reports to your DES
District Representative. The DES Representative will email the report to MTDES Office.

Please email Public Health HSEEP Reports to Adam Powers,

                            Executive Summary

In the space below, enter a brief overview of the exercise. Note major strengths
demonstrated during the exercise and areas that require improvement. When writing the
Executive Summary, keep in mind that this section may be the only part of the AAR/IP
that some people will read. Introduce this section by providing a brief overview of the
entire exercise. This brief overview should discuss why the exercise was conducted;
the exercise objectives; and what Target Capabilities List (TCL) capabilities, activities,
and scenario(s) were used to achieve those objectives. In addition, the Executive
Summary may be used to summarize any high-level observations that cut across
multiple capabilities.
                    Section 1: Exercise/Event Overview

                       Was this an actual event?   Yes ☐   No ☐

Exercise Details

Exercise Name:

Type of Exercise:

Exercise Start Date:

Exercise End Date:




                   Participating Agencies

Federal Agencies   Number of Participants

                     Players:
                     Controllers:
                     Evaluators:
                      Observers:
State Agencies        Victims:


Local Agencies



                          Section 2: Exercise Summary

Exercise Purpose:

Exercise Summary:

Recommendations for Improvement:

Exercise Product (Workshop):
Section 4: Conclusion

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