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									                                                  MSYSA Board meeting
                                                   December 16, 2009

Arlene Rodway called the meeting to order in Ben Neil’s absence. Meeting called to order at 7 PM.

Following members in attendance: Arlene Rodway, Linda Norton, Cliff Walcott, Gina Clapp, Bob Deegan, Mike Baselio,
Mark Malloy, Gerry DiBartolo, Brent Boone, Scott Eslick, Rich Fabrizio, Alan Buster, Gary Schneehagen, Ray Greenberg,
Sam Mangione, Mark Cantor, Bill Stara, and Marie Langford. Absent: Ben Neil, Louise Waxler and Mike Sidlak.
Approval of the minutes: One correction Alan Buster –was not in attendance at the last board meeting.

Correction to last month’s minutes. Minutes indicated Alan Buster was present, he was not in attendance. Seeing no
other corrections or deletions, Linda Norton made a motion to accept the minutes with the noted correction. Mike
Basileo second the motion. Minutes approved

Louise Waxler – Executive VP – Absent - no report

Arlene Rodway - 1st VP – no report - Arlene mentioned that the process for State Cup draw will be changed. Instead
of having individual teams attend the draw, as done in previous years, the State Cup Committee is requiring each
club designate a Club Representative to attend the draw on behalf of all the teams within the club participating in the
Cup. The Club Representative must attend a training session to be held on Sunday, February 28th as well as the
State Cup draw. A letter will be sent to all of the Club Presidents with further information regarding the Club

Linda Norton - 2nd VP – ODP tryouts have begun. Bill Stara will give more info in his report later
Cliff Walcott - 3rd VP – No report

Mike Basileo – Maryland State Registrar - 7 teams have requested their letter of good standing from the CSA Club
President. The Registrar presented the letter stating you team is no longer rostered as a member of CSA. Also sending
an email informing them that they have been removed from the original club, club they move to must provide letter
approving their acceptance into the new club.

Gina Clapp - Secretary – no report

Bob Deegan - Treasurer – reviewed the financial reports – anyone with questions please contact Bob.

At Large Members – no report

Bill Stara- Director of Coaching -

Coaching Education: The following educational courses have been set up for the summer:

E courses:

Host Club

St. Mary’s   completed

SAC          completed

Frederick    Feb 27 & 28

D course:
Host Club

Bays            Jan 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31

St Mary’s       Jan 30-31, Feb 6-7

SAC             Feb 13,14,20,21


-Two proposed assistant coaching changes:

-Michele Rodriguez-Smith would replace Kyle Lubrano pending board approval U13 G (Resume attached)

-Darryl Mercelle would replace Rob Chalmers pending board approval. U14B (Resume attached.)

Mike Basileo made a motion to accept Michele Rodriguez-Smith as assistant coach to replace Kyle Lubrano and
Darryl Mercelle as assistant coach to replace Rob Chalmers. Motion was second by Ray Greenberg. Motion

-Looking to add a volunteer GK assistant to the program pending board approval. Vote was taken the board
approved Bill to continue his search for an assistant goalkeeper coach volunteer.

-All of the selections for each age group have been completed except for the U17 Girls and the U16 Boys.

-U16 Boys will be completed Thursday night. (Schedule conflicts)

-U17 Girls Tryouts will be held again in late Jan or early Feb (Number of players trying out.)

-Parent meeting will be held Thursday night at the Hilton in Columbia

-General information concerning ODP tryouts

RTP -The Regional Commissioners will meet and discuss the program after the board meeting.

Craig Peterson - SYRA – No report

Top Soccer – Regional 1 Top Buddy of the Year came from Maryland – Stephanie Lighter MSI

Motion made to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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