Acid Rain Plants by xdKhg06


									Experiment Background: This experiment will take two weeks to complete. You will be discovering how
acid rain has a direct effect on plants. Keep in mind what you know about acid rain and the fossil fuels
that create it.

Materials:     4 cups or jars
               distilled water
               white vinegar
       measuring cups
       stirring spoon
       2 cuttings of a philodendron plant
       2 cuttings of a begonia or coleus plant
       lab notebook for recording daily
       scientific process form

Lab Instructions:     1. Begin the Scientific Process Form
               2. Put one of the following labels on each jar
                      *water philodendron
               *acid philodendron
               *water begonia (or coleus)
               *acid begonia (or coleus)
       3. Pour one cup of distilled water into the water-philodendron and water-begonia
       4. Pour one cup of vinegar/water mixture (2 cups distilled water and 1 teaspoon
       vinegar) into the acid-philodendron and acid-begonia cups
       5. Put one philodendron cutting into each philodendron labeled cup, covering the
       stem and part of the leaf with the liquid
       6. Put one begonia cutting into each begonia labeled cup, covering the stem and
       part of the leaf with the liquid
       7. Set the cups where they are not likely to be spilled and where they will
       receive sunlight.
       8. About every two days, check to be sure that the plant cuttings are still in the
       water or vinegar/water. You may need to add more liquid if the cups become dry.
       9. Every day record what you see happening in you lab notebook.
       Compare the new root growth of each plant in distilled water with the new root
       growth of its corresponding plant in acid water. Don’t forget to record the results
       in you lab notebook.
       10. After two weeks complete the Scientific Process Form – make sure that you
       draw conclusions from the lab results and extend you new knowledge to our
       bigger topic of how acid rain affect our world and how we live.
Criteria:            1. All containers should be labeled correctly.
                     2. All plant containers show evidence of directions being followed
                     2. 2 weeks of observations should be recorded in the lab notebook.
                     4. The Scientific Process Form is completed
                     5. The Results and Conclusions sections of the Scientific Process Form should
                     show conclusions drawn from the results, and conclusions should show ideas
                     of how acid rain affects our world and how we live

Criteria                              1                     3                      5            Weight
Containers Labeled         Few are labeled         Some are labeled      All are labeled
Directions were            Directions were                               Directions were
followed                   not followed                                  followed
Data Recorded              Little data are         Most data are         All data are           ___X2 =
                           recorded                recorded              Recorded
Scientific Process Form    Some of the form        Most of the form      All of the form        ___X2 =
Completion                 is completed            is completed          is completed
                           accurately              accurately            accurately             _____/10
Scientific Process Form    Relationships are not   Relationships are     Relationships are      ___X4 =
– Results and              drawn between results   drawn between         thoroughly drawn
Conclusions Sections       and conclusions         results and           between results and    _____/20
                                                   conclusions           conclusions
Conclusions show ideas     No ideas of acid rain                         Ideas of acid rain     ___X4 =
of how acid rain affects   affects on the                                affects on the
our environment and        environment are                               environment are        _____/20
how we live                evident                                       evident
                                                                         TOTAL SCORE            _____/70

Name _______________________________         Title of Experiment ______________________________

QUESTION: What do you want to find out?

HYPOTHESIS: What do you predict will happen?

MATERIALS: What items do you need in order to do this experiment?

PROCEDURE: How will you find out? (number step-by-step)
RESULTS: What happened during this experiment?

CONCLUSION: What did you learn from this experiment?

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