Monthly Report January 12 by xdKhg06


									No.P&C/09/11/MR                                                22.02.2012

                    Sub: Monthly Report on the activities of Spices Board for
                         January 2012-reg

The monthly report on the important activities of Spices Board for January 2012
and also export statistics for the month are enclosed.

                                                              Yours faithfully,










Chairman attended the following programmes during January 2012

03-01-2012 :     Attended the meeting by CITM on Chhindwara Spices Park

18-01- 2012 :   Attended the Review of Status of Spices Parks by MOS,
                New Delhi.

20.01.2012 :    Inaugurated one day workshop under the auspices of WTO Cell,
                Spices Board and WSO on “Sustainable Growth in the Spices
                Sector” at Bolgatty.

31-01-2012 :    Attended the Spice Trade Meet organized by ISFEA at Ramada
                Hotel, Navi Mumbai.


                               APRIL-JANUARY 2011-12 APRIL-JANUARY 2010-11
ITEM                          QTY.          VALUE            QTY.           VALUE
                              (Tonnes)      (Rs.lakhs)       (Tonnes)      (Rs.lakhs)
PEPPER                               22,300       72,078.25         14,950       29,656.35
CARDAMOM(S)                           3,900       30,832.28            795        9,156.08
CARDAMOM(L)                             710        5,272.50            645        3,469.23
CHILLI                             169,500      160,408.00        205,000      127,610.88
GINGER                               13,650       15,728.02         11,600        6,953.02
TURMERIC                             67,000       64,376.80         39,600       56,482.70
CORIANDER                            22,600       13,396.85         33,895       13,198.73
CUMIN                                34,500       49,477.05         22,450       27,068.04
CELERY                                3,050        1,978.55          2,650        1,760.97
FENNEL                                6,100        5,711.70          6,350        5,550.86
FENUGREEK                            17,700        5,890.20         14,350        4,953.88
OTHER SEEDS (1)                       7,550        4,081.25         10,015        4,217.29
GARLIC                                1,250           928.80        16,670        6,630.67
NUTMEG & MACE                         3,100       20,458.51          1,465        6,552.89
OTHER SPICES(2)                      30,700       27,570.80         19,375       13,859.72
CURRY POWDERS/PASTE                  13,950       20,292.05         12,225       16,272.96
MINT PRODUCTS                        12,800     181,342.00          13,550     126,301.06
SPICE OILS &OLEORESINS                5,815     105,123.53           6,530       75,700.05
TOTAL                              436,175      784,947.13        432,115      535,395.37
VALUE IN MILLION US $                               1647.39                        1178.72
(1) Include Mustard, Aniseed, Ajwanseed, Dill Seed, Poppy Seed etc.
(2) Include Tamarind, Asafoetida, Cassia, Saffron, etc.
(3) Include Mint Oils, Menthol & Menthol Crystal.
Source : Estimate based on DLE from Customs, Report from RO's etc.

The total export of Spices from India during the current financial year up to January 2012
is 4,36,175 tons valued at Rs.7849.47 crores. The total earning in dollar term is 1647.39
Million US$. The total export of Spices during the same period of the previous year was
4,32,115 tons valued at Rs.5353.95 crores and in dollar term, it was only 1178.72 Million
US$. The percentage increase in the total export of Spices during Apr-January 2011-12 is
47% in rupee and 40% in dollar terms as compared to the same period of last year.
However, in the case of volume, the export shows a marginal increase of 1% in the
current year as compared to the previous year.

       During Apr-January, 2011-12, the export of Pepper, Cardamom(small),
Cardamom(large), Ginger, Turmeric, Cumin, Celery, Fenugreek, Nutmeg & Mace and

other spices like Tamarind, Asafoetida, etc have shown an increase both in volume and
value as compared to April-January 2010-11. During April-January 2011-12, the export of
value added product, curry powder/paste has increased both in volume and value. In the
case of chilli, coriander, fennel, spice oils and oleoresins and mint products the increase is
in terms of value only. The export of other spice items has shown decline both in volume
and value as compared to last year.

       During April-January 2011-12, a total quantity of 22,300 tons of Pepper valued
Rs.720.78 crores have been exported as against 14,950 tons valued Rs.296.56 crores of
April-January 2010-11. The unit value of pepper has increased from Rs.198.37 per kg in
Apr-Jan 2011-12 to Rs.323.22 per kg during Apr-Jan 2011-12.

       During Apr – Jan 2011-12, the total export of Cardamom (Small) was 3,900 tons
valued Rs. 308.32 crores as against 795 tons valued Rs.91.56 crores of last year. During
the period a total quantity of 710 tons of Cardamom(large) valued Rs. 52.72 crores have
been exported as against 645tons valued Rs. 34.69 crores of last year, registering an
increase of 10% in quantity and 52% in value. The unit value of Cardamom (large) has
increased from Rs.537.87 per kg in Apr-Jan 2010-11 to Rs.742.61 per kg during Apr-Jan
2011-12. During Apr-Jan 2011-12, we have exported 67,000 tons of Turmeric valued
Rs.643.77 crores as against 39,600 tons valued Rs.564.83 crores of last year registering an
increase of 69% in quantity and 14% in value. During April-January 2011-12, we have
exported 34,500 tons of Cumin valued Rs.494.77 crores as against 22,450 tons valued
Rs.270.68 crores of last year registering an increase of 54% in quantity and 83% in value.
During the period Apr-Jan 2011-12, we have exported 3,100 tons of Nutmeg & Mace
valued Rs.204.58 crores as against 1,465tons valued Rs.65.53 crores of last year
registering an increase of 112% in quantity and 212% in value. During the period Apr-Jan
2011-12, we have exported 13,650 tons of Ginger valued Rs.157.28 crores as against
11,600 tons valued Rs.69.53 crores of last year registering an increase of 18% in quantity
and 126% in value. In the case of chilli there is an increase of 26% in value.

       In the case of value added products, we have exported 13,950 tonnes of Curry
powder/paste valued Rs.202.92 crores as against 12,225 tonnes valued Rs.162.73 crores
as compared to last year. Also, the exports of spice oils and oleoresins have registered an

increase of 39% in value and in the case of mint products there is an increase of 44% in
value as compared to last year.
Compared to the spices export target of 500,000 tons valued Rs.6500.00 crores (US$
1450 million) fixed for the financial year 2011-12,the achievement of 4,36,175 tonnes
valued Rs.7849.47 crores (US$1647.39 million) during Apr-Jan 2011-12 is 87% in terms
of quantity and 121% in terms of rupee value and 114% in terms of dollar value.

The statements showing item-wise estimated export of spices from India during January
2012, Apr-January 2011-12 compared with January 2011, Apr-January 2010-11
percentage achievement of target, percentage change in 2011 etc. is given in Annexure -I
and Annexure –II.

Auction performance of Cardamom(Small)
                                                          (Qty.MT., Av.Price : Rs/Kg.)
                    January 2012         Aug.-Jan. 2012          January 2011          Aug.-Jan. 2011
                           Avg.                   Avg.                  Avg.                   Avg.
State               Qty. Price           Qty.     Price          Qty.   Price          Qty.    Price
Kerala /
Tamilnadu             2725 512.44         11060       554.51        747 1343.84         6557 1114.55

Karnataka                 8 435.20            28      454.16           6 1082.28           36    874.l15
Maharashtra               -          -          -            -          -          -       26 1121.99
Total              2733 512.24 11088         554.26       753 1341.95                   6619 1113.29
Source: Reports received from licensed Auctioneers of Cardamom(Small)

           Average prices of Cardamom (Large) at Gangtok & Delhi.
                                                                  (Price : Rs/Kg)
          Centre        Grade                  January 2012             January 2011
          Gangtok       Badadana                    675.00                  1028.70
                        Chotadana                   640.62                  1006.25
          Delhi        --                      -                   -
          Source : Spices Board Regional Office at Gangtok and Delhi

Collection, Compilation and Dissemination of Trade Data

Based on the Daily List of Exports (DLE) received from the Customs and information received from the
Regional Offices of the Board, export of spices for the month have been estimated. The import of spices
into India has been estimated using the information received from the major customs like Cochin, Mumbai,
Tuticorin and Chennai ports. Domestic and international prices received from various agencies have been

compiled and disseminated through the Spices Market bulletin as well as through the Board’s website.
Information on area, production, prices and export has been furnished to various users in the industry on
request and the details are provided in the official website of the Board.


         Crop Improvement
         Recorded plant growth characters such as number of tillers, vegetative buds/
clump, height of the tallest tiller (cm), number of leaves / tallest tiller were recorded
from the hybrid evaluation and DUS plot. As part of the characterization of germplasm,
cardamom accessions such as MCC-7, MCC-18, MCC–49, MCC–61, MCC–260, MCC–
346, MCC–534, MCC–535, MCC–550, ICRI–5 and Elarajan were subjected to
characterization with respect to morphological traits such as number of tillers, height of
tallest tiller, number of leaves/ tallest tiller, number of vegetative buds/ clump, number
of panicles/ clump, length of panicle, number of racemes/ panicle, number of capsules/
raceme and seeds/ capsule. The biochemical parameters such as protein, total
carbohydrates, and chlorophyll contents were estimated from the capsules of the
cardamom genotypes employed for characterization. The hybrid seedlings of Njallanil
Green Gold X Thiruthali and ICRI-5 X Njallanil Green Gold developed under
Participatory Breeding Programme (PBP) were monitored. Micro propagation of
cardamom and black pepper was continued and calli formed from the explants of
cardamom and black pepper was sub cultured.
At regional station, Sakleshpur, observations on plant growth characters from Hybrid
and MLT plots at ICRI farm and Planters field (Hongadahalla area) were recorded.
Black pepper samples (15) procured from ICRI farm was subjected to virus indexing.

        Molecular characterization of small and large cardamoms was continued. PAGE
analysis for detecting variability through Microsatellite - PCR was initiated. The
experiment on “Development of efficient protocol for somatic embryogenesis in small
cardamom” was continued. The project on ‘Molecular characterization of Fusarium
isolates from cardamom’ was continued. Data were scored for analysis. Black pepper
samples from Saklespur (15 no) were analyzed for the presence of CMV and PYMoV.
All the samples tested positive for CMV and/or PYMoV. Reports were sent.
Crop Production

Treatment imposition in long term manurial experiment, certified organic plots and
fertiliser management experiments under different genotypes were continued. Soil fertility
status of fertigation experiments were assessed. Standardised the procedure for enzyme
assay of dehydrogenase in soil. Under the state planning board sponsored project titled
“Soil based plant nutrient managmement plan for agro ecological zones of Kerala”, soil
analysis of 692 farmers from Karunapuram, Santhanpara and Erattayar panchayaths have
been completed and results were compiled.

Advisory soil samples (50 Nos) and leaf tissue analysis (14 Nos) from farmers of
different spice growing regions were anlaysed and recommendations were given.
Weekly weather forecasting services were given to all the field offices in the spice
growing tracts.

Crop Protection

Seven fungicides such as Potassium phosphonate, Tebuconazole 25.9% mm EC,
Hexaconazole 5% EC, Nativo (Trifloxystrobin25% +Tebuconazole50%), Thiophanate
methyl 70% WP, Mancozeb 75%WP and Dimethomorph 50% WP were screened under
invitro conditions against Fusarium oxysporum pathogen of small cardamom causing
root rot and wilting. The fungicides viz Thiophanate methyl 70% WP, Mancozeb
75%WP, Hexaconazole 5% EC and Nativo (Trifloxystrobin25% + Tebuconazole50%)
caused 100% inhibition of Fusarium oxysporum pathogen. Seven bacterial antagonists
were tested for the production of siderophore, IAA, Ammonia, Nonvolatile metabolites,
Phosphorus solubilising activity and Protease activity. Six isolates produced
siderophore, IAA in detectable level and ammonia, two isolates showed protease activity
in detectable quantities. None of the isolates have phosphorus solubilising activity.

Observation on percentage borer damage on shoot was recorded from the blocks to be
imposed with Spinosad. Recorded in situ count on percentage thrips damage on capsules
from 8th, 9th, 12th, 14th, 18th blocks. Whitefly and root grub incidence was recorded in
different blocks of ICRI farm. 6679 EPN infected Galleria cadavers were produced
(5,868) and applied to 12th, 13 A, B and C ICRI plots.Studies on the impact of low
temperature on eggs and mature larvae of Galleria were studied.

Transfer of Technology

Advisory services were given to 51 farmers on cultivation and disease management of
Spices and on EPN. Imparted training on various aspects of Spices Production
Technology to VHSE Students (49) of Govt. VHSS, Kizhuparamu. Malappuram ,Kerala
and to farmers (30) from North Eastern States. Given exposure training on Spices to 17
students of St. Sebastiens H.S.S, Cheenthalar, Elappara, as part of "Sugandhadarshan
"programme. Scientists participated in the national seminar on “Building
Competitiveness in a Globalised World: Experience of India’s Plantation Sector” held at
Centre for Development studies Thiruvananthapuram. 40 B.Sc. (Agri.) students (40)
from UAS, Hassan College visited the institute and interacted with scientists apart from
exposure visited the labs and ICRI farm. HOD Plant Pathology attended seminar at
Thodupuzha and took classes on organic farming. HOD Plant Pathology delivered an
invited talk on “Impact of climate change on cardamom ecosystem in Idukki district of
Kerala’’ in the 24th Kerala science congress held at Rubber Research Institute of India,
Kottayam during January 2012. Scientist Pathology attended a master training
programme on cardamom at Pampadumpara

Large cardamom

Preliminary Evaluation Trial (PET) of Pangthang and Kabi farm was monitored. Yield
data recorded in MLT plot at Kabi and Pangthang. Monitored hybrid seed bed at Kabi
farm. Hybrid seeds collected during the season were treated and prepared for sowing in
the ensuing season. Partial decomposition of mulch material used in the trail
‘Evaluation of different in-situ soil moisture conservation practices in large cardamom’
was observed. Soil moisture was recorded. Observation trial on ‘Effect of incubation
temperature and different levels of GA treatment on seed germination in large
cardamom’ was started. Data recorded on pest incidence in research farm at Pangthang
East Sikkim and Kabi, North Sikkim. Data after first application was recorded from the
plot for evaluation of indigenous beneficial microbe in sucker nursery to control fungal

diseases. Plots were marked for testing potassium phosphonate and other treatments in
field for control of fungal diseases. Under the All India Co-ordinated Research Project
on Spices (AICRPS), disease escape plants were monitored . Visited the disease and
pest management plot and Preliminary Evaluation Trial (PET) plot at Singhik and
monitored the growth performance .

Transfer of Technology

Under the NAIP project on “Livelihood improvement & empowerment of rural poor
through sustainable farming system in north east India’’ funded by ICAR, New Delhi,
works were carried out as per the technical programme. Publication of leaflets in
Nepali, bulletin on disease and pest management are taken up. Scientist participated in
‘National symposium on approaches to maximizing crop productivity’ organized by the
Agricultural society of India in Kolkata during 12-14 January 2012. Presented a paper
entitled ‘Exploitation of genetic variability in large cardamom’ authored by U. Gupta &
P. Chettri. Two research papers entitled “Efficacy of microbial inoculants and organic
fertilizer for establishing large cardamom (Amomum subulatum Roxb.) sucker nursery”
and “Ideal site for installing ICRI improved bhatti for curing large cardamom (Amomum
subulatum Roxb.) capsules” were communicated to Journal of Spices and Aromatic
Crops for publication


I. Analytical Services

 During the month of January 2012, a total of 5698 samples were analyzed for various
 parameters and a revenue of Rs. 64,15,289/- is generated by the Laboratory.

II. ISO 9001:2008 /ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC: 17025 related activities:
    1. QEL Cochin participated in ASTA Check Sample Programme and the results were
       submitted online.
    2. Internal Audit of NABL system was done I Microbiology and Chemical division.
    3. Documents were prepared and verified as per NABL system in Guntur Laboratory
       after submitting the application for NABL accreditation.
  III.     Other activities:

   1.    Technical staff of QEL, Cochin conducted joint inspection of three export
        manufacturing firm towards releasing he subsidy and the report is submitted.
   2. Technical staff of QEL attended the technical meeting at MPEDA for the
        preparation of specification for LCMS/MS & GCMS/MS
   3. Guidance provided for the M.Sc project work of students
   4. Prepared draft proposal for setting up of Quality Lab at Spice Park Puttady as per
       Agmark specification for cardamom.
   5. One Technical staff attended the training programme on ‘Laboratory Quality
       Management Systems and Internal Auditor’ (ISI/IEC/17025) during 2-5 January
       2012 a CETE, Bangalore.
   6. One Technical staff attended the training programme on Management Uncertainty
       as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (NABL norms) during 9-10 January 2012 at Trans
       Quality System Consultancy Private Ltd, Bangalore.
   7. Two technical staff attended the training programme on ‘Spices- Processing,
       Quality as Safety aspects’ at CFTRI, Mysore during 16-20 January 2012.
   8. Sr.Scientist (QC) & two technical staff attended the one day workshop on
      ‘sustainable Growth in Spice Sector’ supported by the Spices Board, WTO and
      World Spice Organisation (WSO) on 20h January 2012 at Bolghatty Palace,

  9. Under Inter Lab comparison, samples were analysed for Microbiological parameters
     in Chennai & Guntur Lab and sent the result to QEL, Cochin for compilation.

 10. Shifting and installation of Laboratory equipments started in the new Laboratory
               building at Tuticorin


1. Licensing & Registration

Certificate of Registration as Exporter of Spices          : 186 nos.
Dealer License                                             : 6 nos.
ID Card issued to exporters                                : 119 nos.

During the month 813 nos of mandatory samples were drawn from the export
consignments of chilly/chilly products/turmeric from the Cochin zone.

Infrastructure Development

a) Adoption of Hi-Tech /Technology Upgradation Scheme:

Two applications have been received and under process.                  Payment was made for 2
applicants. Nine applications were referred to NIIST.

Trade Promotion Scheme:

Market Development Assistance. (MDA)

One application has been received and the same is under processing. An amount of
Rs.38,500/- has paid to M/s Jeerawala Traders for their participation in Trade fairs
‘Africa’s Big Seven in Johanansburg’.

Trade fair participation under Board’s Scheme: Three applications were received which
are under processing.

Product Development Research Scheme

M/s A.Kay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt.Ltd has submitted their claim for financial
assistance on their study for Research and Development of Value Added Nutraceutical
Food Ingredients from Fenugreek and Cinnamon.

Reimbursement of Courier Charges: One application was received. Grant-in-aid was
released to three applicants.

In House Lab : One application was received for assistance. Go ahead issued to one
applicant which was received earlier.

Brochure printing: During the month under report one application was received and
payment arranged for one exporter.



The Board ’ s monthly magazine Spice India Vol.25 Issue No.1, January, 2012 was published
on time in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada languages. This issue came out
with the focus on “ Bees best for Cardamom ” . The weekly Spices Market was released
[Issue Nos.1, 2, 3 & 4]. Fortnightly Foreign Trade Enquiry Bulletin [Issue Nos.1 & 2 ] was
brought out on time. Enrolment of new subscribers for the various publications continued.
Renewal of expired subscriptions was undertaken through issue of renewal notices.

Advertisements for the various publications of the Board were released besides subscriptions
canvassed through individual mailers. An amount of Rs.27,500/- was received towards
subscriptions during January, 2012.


The Board had participated in the following Domestic Fairs during January, 2012. 1. Hort
Expo 2012 at Hyderabad 26-30 January 2012. 2. Krishi Mela at Relli, Kalimpong from 11 to
13 January, 2012. Samples of spices and spices products collected from exporters were
organized for display in the various exhibitions. Photo panels and profile cards besides
literatures were also organized.

3. MEETINGS/SEMINARS 1. Workshop on sustainability in Spices in Cochin


Spices Board is implementing the following schemes viz.         (1) “Export Oriented
Production and Post Harvest Improvement of Spices” (2) “Special Purpose Fund for
Replantation and Rejuvenation of Cardamom Plantations (Small and Large)”, (3) Project
on “Development of Pepper in Idukki District” under the assistance from National
Horticulture Mission (NHM), (4) Programme for “Development of Pepper in Wayanad
District of Kerala and North Eastern States”.

A. Scheme for Export Oriented Production & Post Harvest Improvement of Spices

The activity components under the scheme are for improving quality of spices at farm
level, encouraging organic production of spices, integrated pest management,
development of spices with export potential in North East and extension service to the
spice growers. Activities taken up during the month under report are as follows:

1. Development of Cardamom (Small)

Under this programme, the activities taken up are Irrigation & Land Development,
construction of rainwater harvesting devices and setting up of improved cardamom curing

devices.     Actions are in progress for bringing up 2128 hectares under irrigation,
construction of 223 rain water harvesting devices and setting up of 157 improved curing
devices. 4170 applications received under Irrigation and Land Development, 409 under
Rain Water Harvesting Scheme and 200 under Improved Cardamom Curing Device
Scheme. Preliminary inspections are in progress.

Fund utilized are as follows:

 Sl.                 Name of the Scheme                     Achievements
 No.                                                      Phy         Fin.
 1     Irrigation and Land Development                 1698 ha         123.44
 2     Rain Water Harvesting                           112 Nos.          6.73
 3     Improved Cardamom Curing Devices                98 Nos.          55.02

2. Development Programmes for North East

(a) Large Cardamom Development (Sikkim & Darjeeling Dist of West Bengal)

The activity components under this programme are setting up of 26 curing houses
(modified bhatties) for curing large cardamom, construction of 25 rainwater harvesting
devices for irrigation. 16 applications received under modified bhatti scheme. 18
applications received under rain water harvesting scheme. Preliminary inspection is in

The fund utilized are as follows:

 Sl.                 Name of the Scheme                      Achievements
 No.                                                       Phy.        Fin.
                                                          (Nos.)    (Rs.Lakhs)
 1     Modified Bhatti                                      16         0.80
 2     Rain Water Harvesting Devices                        18         0.52

(b) Development of Spices in other North Eastern States

Under large cardamom area expansion programme, 177 applications received for 309.25
ha. 1694 applications received for 1729 ha. under Organic Ginger production scheme,
1317 applications for 1110 ha. under Organic Lakadong Turmeric production scheme and
18 applications received under Rain Water Harvesting scheme. Receipt of applications
under the above schemes is in progress. Actions are being taken for arranging training
for 90 selected farmers and 10 Horticulture Officers of NE region in South India on Good
Agricultural Practices and Post Harvest Improvement of Spices. Quality improvement
training programmes are also being arranged during the coming months. The number of
beneficiaries covered under new planting, organic production of lakdang turmeric and
organic ginger are 207, 66 and 488 respectively.

Fund utilization details are given below:

 Sl.                 Name of the Scheme                      Achievements
 No.                                                       Phy         Fin.
 1     Large cardamom new planting                      383.25 ha     23.23
 2     Organic ginger production scheme                   656 ha      80.34
 3     Organic prodn. of Lakadong Turmeric               84.78 ha      9.92
 4     Training to farmers                                   1         3.32
                                                       (30 farmers)

3. Other Spices

298 applications received for the purchase of pepper threshers and are being processed.
IPM kits were distributed to 7841 beneficiaries covering an area of 8000 ha. Receipt of
applications for power operated threshers for seed spices is in progress. 5 applications
received under Turmeric steam boiling unit supply scheme. 2 applications received under
Turmeric Polishers Supply Scheme.
Fund utilization details are as follows:

 Sl.                 Name of the Scheme                      Achievements
 No.                                                      Phy         Fin.
                                                         (Nos.)    (Rs.Lakhs)
 1     Pepper Threshers                                    75         5.25
 2     Power operated threshers for seed spices             1         0.50
 3     Turmeric steam boilers supply scheme                 2         2.34
 4     Turmeric Polishers                                   1         0.16
 5     IPM Chilly                                       8000 ha.     159.91
4. Post Harvest Improvement of Spices

In order to provide clean and hygienic surfaces for drying spices,         supply of
silpauline/polythene sheets and bamboo mats at subsidized rates are being taken up.
Board will arrange centralized purchase and supply of sheets and bamboo mats. Details
of fund utilization are as follows:

 Sl.                 Name of the Scheme                     Achievements
 No.                                                      Phy        Fin.
                                                         (Nos.)   (Rs.Lakhs)
 1     Supply of silpauline/polythene sheets              750       20.24
 2     Bamboo Mats supply scheme                          800        2.00

5. Organic Farming

Organic cultivation in 1045 ha. will be taken up and 275 numbers of vermicompost units
will be constructed. 11 applications received under organic certification scheme and are
under processing. 215 applications received under organic cultivation of spices for an
area of 360 ha. Under vermicompost scheme receipt of application is in progress.

Fund utilization details are as follows:

 Sl.                       Name of the Scheme                                   Achievements
 No.                                                                          Phy        Fin.
                                                                             (Nos.)   (Rs.Lakhs)
 1        Organic Certification Assistance                                     2         0.71
 2        Organic cultivation of spices                                      856.4      42.82
 3        Vermicompost Units                                                   7         0.14

6. Extension Advisory Service

Implementation of various programmes is taken up through this extension network. Upto
the month of January, 31391 extension visits and 2189 group meetings/campaigns were
conducted. The fund utilization details are furnished below:

 Sl.                       Name of the Scheme                                    Achievements
 No.                                                                           Phy        Fin.
 1        Extension Advisory Scheme                                             -          1171.87
 2        Outsourcing of Technical Personnel                                    -            20.91

B. Scheme for Special Purpose Fund for Replantation & Rejuvenation of Cardamom Plantations (Small & Large)

Beneficiary growers will be given assistance for taking up replantation and rejuvenation in their plantations.

 (1) Replantation

Upto January 2012, 6478 applications received for an area of 3452.85 ha. and 2191 applications for
1752.30 ha under small and large cardamom replanting schemes. Inspections are in progress.

The details of fund utilized under these schemes are as follows:
 Sl.                       Name of the Scheme                                    Achievements
 No.                                                                          Phy          Fin.
                                                                              (ha.)    (Rs.Lakhs)
 1        Small Cardamom Replantation Scheme                                  1410       752.55
 2        Large Cardamom Replantation Scheme                                   360        59.53

(ii) Rejuvenation

2074 applications received for an area of 1256.59 ha. and 422 applications for 329.36 ha. under small and
large cardamom rejuvenation scheme respectively. Inspections are in progress.

The fund utilization details are given below:

 Sl.                       Name of the Scheme                                    Achievements
 No.                                                                           Phy        Fin.
                                                                              (ha.)    (Rs.Lakhs)
 1        Rejuvenation of Small Cardamom                                     571.92      76.07
 2        Rejuvenation of Large Cardamom                                      93.44       5.43

(iii) Planting Material Production

A total number of 112.77 lakhs planting materials of small cardamom and 117.35 lakhs suckers of large
cardamom are available in the departmental nurseries for taking up replantation and rejuvenation during the
current season. 1494 applications received for small cardamom certified nurseries and 1694 applications
received under large cardamom sucker nurseries.

C) Project on Production Development of Pepper in Idukki District under National
   Horticulture Mission (NHM)

Growers selected under the project will be given financial assistance as cash subsidy on
satisfactory completion of the programmes in their plantations/farms. Production and
distribution of disease free, healthy and quality planting materials will be taken up with
the technical supervision of the Board and by the financial assistance under the project.

The package will also serve as a measure to mitigate agrarian distress in Idukki district as
recommended by Dr.M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation.

Activity Components

1. Production of Planting Material

About 44.34 lakhs rooted pepper cuttings are being produced by 940 pepper growers for
taking up replantation/rejuvenation during 2011-12 season.126750 numbers of pepper
nucleus planting materials were procured from various research institutions and supplied
to the pepper farmers. The fund utilized upto January 2012 under this scheme is
Rs.58.48 lakhs.

2. Replanting/Rejuvenation of Senile Plantations

For taking up replantation/rejuvenation, 15461 applications received for an area of 10820
ha. Upto January 2012, an amount of Rs.109.79 lakhs has been released covering an area
of 1270 ha. as 1st installment of subsidy and Rs.256.11 lakhs for an area of 3953 ha. as 2nd
installment of subsidy to pepper farmers.

3. Promoting Production of Organic Inputs

Vermicompost is considered as a potential soil enrichment input as well as a soil re-
conditioner. This component assists         in setting up of vermicompost units. 289
applications received for construction of 340 vermicompost units. An amount of Rs. 8.50
lakhs has been released as subsidy for 284 vermicompost units.
4. Promotion of Integrated Pest/Disease Management

Through this activity farmers will be given bio-inputs such as Trichoderma and
pseudomonas as well as copper sulphate for preparation of Bordeaux Mixture, at
subsidized rates. 11280 applications received for an area of 9509 ha. under IPM scheme.
Supply of Copper Sulphate is completed and settlement of claims by the suppliers is in
progress. The fund utilized under this scheme upto January 2012 is Rs.69.76 lakhs
covering an area of 8846.25 ha and 9317 beneficiaries.

5. Human Resources Development

Training programmes on nursery management, good agricultural & post harvest
improvement practices at various levels such as officers, farmers, representatives of
NGOs etc. will be taken up under this component. The fund utilized under this scheme
upto January 2012 is Rs.3.70 lakhs.

6. Project Implementation Expense              -   Rs.93.08 lakhs

D. Scheme for Development of Pepper in Wayanad District of Kerala & North
   Eastern States.

Actions are in progress for production of sufficient number of planting materials for
taking up Replantation during the current planting season. In Wayanad District 12861
applications received under replanting/rejuvenation scheme, 220 applications for
construction of vermicompost units. Under IPM scheme, the farmers will be given bio-
inputs such as Trichoderma and pseudomonas as well as copper sulphate for preparation
of Bordeaux Mixture, at subsidized rates. 4449 applications received for an area of 2852
ha. 941 applications received under Pepper Certified Nursery for production of 13.93
lakhs numbers of rooted pepper cuttings and 26075 numbers of pepper nucleus planting
materials collected from research institutions were supplied to farmers. In North Eastern
Region, 636 applications received under Replanting/Rejuvenation Programme for an area
of 584.4 ha.

The fund utilization details are as follows:

 No.                 Name of the Scheme                           Achievements
                                                            Phy        Fin.
                                                                       ( Rs.Lakhs)

 1  Planting material production                        28.60 lakhs              43.33
 2  Replanting & Rejuvenation                             1387 ha               372.02
 3  Construction of vermicompost units                    37 Nos.                 1.11
 4  Promotion of IPM/IDM                                 2072.2 ha               16.16
 5  Outsourcing Technical Personnel                                              14.50

 1   Replantation & Rejuvenation                          165 ha.                13.92
 2   Planting material production                        6.18 lakhs              37.09
 3   Training Proramme                                                            0.15


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