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									David Smiley


Smiley’s Kamp on Round Lake,
741-A Red Rock Road
RR # 5 Killaloe, Ont. K0J 2A0

Mail this contract to:
David Smiley
4 Dacotah AV
Toronto, ON, M5J 2E5

Phone at the Kamp 613-757-3921
Joan Smiley at Round Lake 613-757-3170
David Smiley in Toronto 416-203-8599

Kamp Rental agreement
This form is digitized in the “Rich Text Format” (RTF). It can be filled out using most
word processing programs, or printed first and filled out by hand. Fill it out and mail it to
me with the deposit. The check should be payable to David Smiley.
I will sign a copy and mail it to you with the location of the key to the Kamp and any
additional information.
The cleaning deposit will be returned after I receive the latest phone bill, so it might take
a month.

Tenant contact information

Emergency contact

     Email>                                 Web site>
     4 Dacotah Avenue, Toronto, Ont. M5J 2E5                   Phone> 416 203 8599
D. S.                                                                     Page 2
Rental Term
Arrival, 1:30 p.m.       DATE
Departure 12:30 p.m. DATE

Rental Party
# of adults:
# of children:
ages of children:
Pets with description:

Cost of rental
Cost:                                              $000.00
13% HST:                                               $
Subtotal:                                              $
Cleaning deposit:                                      $
($150 or $200/pets)
Total:                                                 $

50% Deposit due:                                       $
(with this form)

Balance mailed 2 weeks before the arrival date.
Amount:                                                $

I, ____________________________________ accept responsibility for the
safety and well-being myself and my party of guests while staying at
Smiley’s Kamp.
Signature: _____________________________          Date: _______________

Signed in agreement
(Signed and dated by the landlord and tenant.)
David Smiley: ____________________________ Date: _______________

      4 Dacotah Avenue, Toronto, Ont. M5J 2E5              Phone> 416 203 8599
D. S.                                                                               Page 3
Tenant _________________________________               Date ________________

Clean up check list

Please review this list when you arrive and let me know if the clean up is incomplete.
Phone me and we can decide whether I should have a cleaner come over to finish the job.

He place should be clean and tidy at arrival and departure. Use this list as a guide.

Take the garbage & recycling to the dump.
Put compost in the composter.
Clean fridge, (turn off fridge at the electrical panel.) Turn the fridge back on.
Stove, BBQ off, fire out
Water toys & boats secured on shore
Hang lifejackets on line
Sweep/mop the floor as required. Shake out mats.
Close all windows
Lock the Kamp and return the key to the “stash.”

      4 Dacotah Avenue, Toronto, Ont. M5J 2E5                  Phone> 416 203 8599

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