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									        Mr. Cuzzi’s Grading Policies

Syllabus - Every month a syllabus will be posted on my website: .
This syllabus will contain all the homework, tests, and quizzes for that month.
Additional assignments may be added as we go through our units of study. Being absent
is not a reason to miss an assignment.

Homework – Homework is assigned on the syllabus. The only reason to pass in
homework late is because you were absent. You overall homework grade is determined
by the amount you do versus the amount you don’t do. For example if you do 5 out of 10
of the homework you have a 50 for a grade. There will not be a lot of homework per
quarter so every one counts. Your homework grade will count for 20% of your grade.

Tests – There will be one test per month. A study guide will be given out at least a week
in advance of the test. No makeup tests are allowed unless you are absent. Tests count for
35% of your grade

Quizzes – Your quizzes will be based on your homework assignments. No makeup
quizzes are allowed unless you are absent. Quizzes count for 20% of your grade

Notebook – Students are expected to maintain a notebook for Social Studies only. The
notebook will be periodically collected and graded as quiz.

Extra credit - Is given once every month, and is due on the assigned date. No late
assignments are allowed unless you are absent.

Projects - Students will have in class and at home projects to do each quarter. These
projects will be graded according to rubrics they receive when the project is started.
There will be due dates for the projects added to the syllabus as we get started on them.
Projects count for 25% of your grade.

Grading breakdown
Homework – 20%
Tests – 35%
Quizzes – 20%
Projects – 25%

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