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					1. I am going to present a history of the Shroud that attempts to link it back to Jesus.
   All that I will present is documented, but some of the parts are missing. Shroud
   historians are trying to find these missing pieces.
   In the Acts of Thaddeus it describes Thaddeus taking a cloth containing the image
   of Christ to Edessa to cure King Abgar. Abgar became a Christian and so did
   After Abgar died and as Rome increased its persecution of the Christians, Edessa
   became less outwardly Christian as shown in the next viewgraph.
2. These are drawing of actual coins from Edessa. This Edessa coin dated around
   180 to 192 AD shows a symbol of the cross. Coins a short time later gradually
   remove the cross and replace it with other symbols.
3. It makes sense that under these conditions the Shroud would be hidden away for
   safekeeping. This is what happened because in 525 AD it was discovered sealed
   up over the main gate to Edessa, as shown in this 17th century Russian icon.
4. In 944 AD the Byzantine army besieged Moslem-occupied Edessa, obtained the
   Mandylion and took it to Constantinople where it was shown only to monks and
   artists. The paintings only show the facial image. However, some 12th century
   documents mention a full-length image on the Mandylion. During the fourth
   crusade the Mandylion disappeared in 1204.
5. There are documents that refer to the cloth of Edessa as “Doubled in Four.” If the
   Shroud is folded double four times, counting as shown here, one obtains
   something that looks like known paintings of the Cloth of Edessa.
6. The Crusader Robert di Clari kept a diary in which he recorded what he saw in
   Constantinople in 1203. He says, “There was another of the churches which they
   called My Lady St. Mary of Blachernae, where was kept the Shroud in which Our
   Lord had been wrapped, which stood up straight every Friday so that the figure of
   Our Lord could be plainly seen there.” In 1978 John Jackson had a photograph
   taken of the Shroud with grazing incident light so he could see the fold marks on
   the Shroud. The fold marks are shown here and marked A through G. Based on
   these fold marks, John constructed this apparatus that he proposes was what
   Robert di Clari saw. All folds in Johns apparatus match perfectly with those he
   observed on the Shroud. John’s apparatus can be lifted up to reveal just the face
   or one half of the body. This is further evidence that the Shroud, or Mandylion by
   another name, was in Constantinople in 1203 and seen by Robert di Clari.
7. Now we come to a part of missing history. How did the Mandylion get to
   Geoffrey de Charny in France in 1349? There are many stories proposed to
   answer this and I will quickly present three of them.
   The Knights Templar
   Was it taken by or given to Knights Templar, who had castles all over France &
   Knights said to have “Idol” of Christ
   1307 King Phillip IV of France made surprise sweep against Templars and
   searched for the Templar Idol. It wasn’t found.
   In 1314 the Templars’ Grand Master and the master of Normandy were burned at
   The Master of Normandy’s name was Geoffrey de Charnay
   Was this Geoffrey de Charnay related to the Geoffrey de Charny who showed up
   with the Shroud in 1349?
8. This supports the Knights Templar story
   In 1951 a late 12th century painting was found in a Templar ruin in
   Templecombe, England
   This looks much like the 10th century painting of the Cloth of Edessa.
9. The Wife of Geoffrey de Charny Story
   In 1207 the Mandylion was on the list of relics in Constantinople
   From 1228 to 1237 Phillippe de Toucey was Regent in Constantinople.
   The first wife of Geoffrey de Charny was Jeanne de Toucey.
   Did Geoffrey de Charny get the Shroud via his wife’s family?
10. Empress Mary-Margaret Story
   Byzantine Emperor died in attack on Constantinople. His wife was young Mary-
   Mary-Margaret married Boniface de Montferrat, who led the Fourth Crusade.
   They moved to Thessalonica where Mary founded the Church of the Image of
   Edessa, now the Ancient Friday Church. Was it built to house the Mandylion?
   Montferrat was killed in 1207 and Mary married Nicholas de Saint-Omer, a son of
   one of the two founders of the Knights Templar.
   Back to the Knights Templar story again!!
11. Geoffrey de Charny -- Now we return to the documented history of the Shroud.
    Some, who think the Shroud is a fake, would say we are starting the history of the
   April 10, 1329: Writes letter to Pope Clement VI asking permission to build a
   church at Lirey France. He is in possession of the Shroud.
   According to the “D’Arcis Memoradum,” written in 1389, the first expositions of
   the Shroud are held in 1355. The memorandum claimed the Shroud was
   fabricated by a known artist and its exhibit should be stopped. Memorandum
   drafts are in existence, but no evidence that it was sent to the Pope.
   1356 Geoffrey de Charny killed in battle; Shroud passed to son, Geoffrey II de
   1389 Wife and son exhibit Shroud
12. Granddaughter, Margaret de Charny
   1457 Geoffrey II de Charny’s daughter, Margaret, who is now at Geneva, is
   threatened with excommunication if she doesn’t return the Shroud to Lirey. She
   pays compensation and is not excommunicated.
   1460 Margaret dies
   1464 An accord is drawn up. Duke Louis I of Savoy agrees to pay the Lirey
   canons an annual rent in return for ownership of Shroud. The Shroud now
   belongs to the Savoys.
   December 4, 1532: The chapel at Chambery, France, burns, severely burning the
   1578 Savoy family takes Shroud to Turin
   1986 Umberto II of Savoy dies, bequeathing the Shroud to John Paul II and his
   successors, ending over four centuries of control by the House of Savoy.
13. In 1997 the Shroud was in another fire. Mario Trematore was the fireman who
    laboriously broke open the bulletproof glass box in which the Shroud reliquary
    was stored. Here he is after rescuing the Shroud and here he is four years later at
    a Shroud conference in Dallas, Texas. Mario said his hair turned white very soon
    after his harrowing experience.
   Here a young lady from Champaign, Illinois is trying to embarrass The Very
   Reverend Fred Brinkmann, organizer of the Conference.

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