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					Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Call to Order (3:00PM)

Roll Call
(Present) Shelby Alig, Andrew Bush, Tapuwa Chikwinya, Desmond Dodd, Drew Dziedzic, Jimmy
Geiser, Jarrod Heydinger, Joseph Jabour, Phil Krzeski, Adam Lamb, Ryan Martin, Nancy Martinez,
Emily McLaughlin, Needom Mitchell, Sarah Roveda, Meghan Savercool

Given by Jimmy Geiser

Approval of minutes
4/30/12 minutes were approved without change

Public Forum
Johari Idusuyi, former senator

Molly Dugan, Assistant Director for Leadership and Orientation and new BOE advisor

Brock McMorran, BOE chair
Why moving candidacy review date? 4 day period hasn't been successful, make more intentional
Extend or shorten? More extended, structured, this is very preliminary.

Jimmy Geiser, on behalf of College Republicans - Youth Leadership School September 22and 23

Tapuwa Chikwinya Black Student Association - Welcome back cook out on the Xavier Yard

Opinion Entries
Desmond Dodd - leave meeting early

Needom Mitchell - questions about emails sent out?

Tapuwa - may be late to meetings due to class

Scheduled Business
Motion #
Sponsor: Megan Savercool
Move to suspend chapter 7 of the Senate Rules of Order in order to vote on necessary changes
regarding the Elections Code.

Motion #
Sponsor: Drew Dziedzic
Move to add the question, “If you could change one thing about Xavier, what would it be, and how
would you accomplish it?” to the candidate questionnaire for both Fall and Spring Senate Elections.
Initial questions
Very good changes, but necessary for freshman?
Yes, getting more informal from candidates always good, hold to higher standards.
Trust BOE judgment
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Motion #
Sponsor: Drew Dziedzic
Move to amend the Elections Code by replacing “Dean of Students” with “Board of Elections Advisor”.
Initial questions
Thought Lori Lambert was DOS?
Dr. Smith Assistant Provost for Student Affairs now, Director of student integrity, still interviewing
Bert has never been Dean of Students
Molly Dugan had volunteered for this year as BOE
What would be the process if someone would step down? No process.
Would like BOE to work on that

Chapter 7 reinstated

New Business

Committee Reports
Association Affairs

Club Relations
Club Relations has been hard at work this summer getting ready for Club Day and Club Workshop and
working with potential new clubs. Here are some updates…

-Workshop: Sessions were held Tuesday-Thursday of last week and went very well. Thanks so much
to Dustin and Crystal, Drew and Kevin, and Ryan and Joe who all did an amazing job. I compiled the
results of our evaluations and I’m passing that around. Our overall 1-10 ranking improved every night
which was great and the comments were generally positive. I think it’s important to note that
Workshop has typically been about forty-five minutes long to an hour. This year it was around an hour
and forty minutes but in general the feedback was more positive than in years past, so I think that
says a lot.

-Club Day: Hopefully you all had a chance to check it out today. I’m very happy with the turnout,
despite the rain. Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially Ryan, Joe, Dustin, and Drew, who
were out there setting up chairs at 8 AM. And Crystal who was great!

-New Clubs: Starting Labor Day weekend, the six-week activation window opens for new clubs. Since
the window closed last semester, we have had thirteen groups contact us about starting a new club.
I’m passing around the list of those potential clubs. We sent activation packets to twelve of the
thirteen, so we anticipate meeting with most of those over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you
updated about their status.
Thanks and congrats for the work you did over the summer getting prepared fair this year.

Community Affairs
Hello Senate!! Welcome back. Community affairs will have its first committee meeting tomorrow
evening, feel free to join. So far we’ve planned attending the neighborhood meetings and hosting one
of the international coffee hours. More to come from CAC next week!
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Financial Affairs Committee
Hey Senate,
First and foremost, welcome back to Xavier. It is exciting to see all of you and I hope you had a great
Second, I just want to give you an update about what FAC is doing. This year, FAC has the unofficial
theme of “It’s a new year, a new FAC.” We want FAC to be open and in constant communication with
clubs so that we can serve our fellow students most effectively. With that theme in mind, here are
some summer updates:
1.) Allocating Final Budgets: Today we decided the allocations to the final clubs who applied during
exam week or during summer.
2.) FAC Constitution Review: Kevin and I believe that we are starting with a blank page when
reviewing the FAC Constitution. Because the entire committee has been reviewing the constitution
individually, new and exciting ideas have been circulating all summer long. Today we set up a
schedule to finish up this process. That said, we would also love to hear any ideas from anyone else,
so keep us in mind.
3.) Club Workshop: Congrats to Club Relations, Crystal, and Dustin for executing an excellent
workshop. Kevin and I planned the FAC Session for the new-and-improved Club Workshop. It was
great to interact with the club officers and begin the conversation with XU.
4.) Email Update: Our first email club budget update will be sent out later this week. This is part of
our initiative to keep club officers more informed of their account balance to reduce club rollover. The
email will also include the amount left in the Special Request Fund so that we can bring that account’s
balance down to zero.
5.) OrgSync Banner ID add-on: In case you don’t remember, we’ve also been working with OSI to
connect the Banner ID to OrgSync so that club officers can check their account balance on their own
6.) Communication with Clubs: Throughout the entire summer, Kevin and I have been in direct
contact with many clubs. In mid-July, clubs were sent an email about their rollover. Besides that,
we’ve had 20 clubs contact us over the summer, including a special request attempt.
FAC has been up to a lot more, but these are the most essential things. If you have any more
questions about the report or comments about the FAC Constitution, do not hesitate to talk with Kevin
or I. Remember to Special Request!
Clubs funded today, from initial allocation monies?
Yes, with a few hundred left
How will Mortar Board funding work this year?
Set for this year, other late to apply clubs go through same process but receive a deduction.

Student Life
This summer I read through the SGA email and compiled a list of the most pertinent complaints and
compliments from the student body. We also had our first meeting last week and went to the
Apartment Cookout at the Village this weekend in an effort to kick off our “SGA is Listening” initiative.
This project is an opportunity for us to ask students around campus what they think needs to be done.
We will be targeting the different age groups for our different little events. This week we will be
ironing out more of the details for those events. As I mentioned, the first of these events was last
weekend, and I’m pleased to say that we received some good feedback from some upperclassmen,
which we will be discussing at our meeting this Friday.

Project Reports
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Shelby Alig

Andrew Bush

Tapuwa Chikwinya

Desmond Dodd

Drew Dziedzic
Hey Senate,
Just to update you about some of the progress my project made over the summer:
-Wireless Access Update: In case you don’t remember, I met with the IT Department last spring to
express the difficulties our fellow students were experiencing with the wireless network (specifically,
the Cisco log-in problems). Technologically, the IT Department was awesome and reconfigured the
network so that you only have to login once and then it will automatically login every following time.
Communicating that change to the student body is still an important issue that I’ll be helping the IT
Department out with so that our fellow students do not have to use xavierguest.
-Hoff Dining Commons Water Pitchers: Just want to send a big shout out to Clint and the rest of the
Hoff Dining team for putting the water pitchers with fruit back in the Hoff.

Jimmy Geiser

Jarrod Heydinger

Joseph Jabour

Phil Krzeski

Adam Lamb
Who would drive? Not planned yet, whole senate can participate.
Giving out prizes? Think yes

Ryan Martin
I officially completed my NBC sports network project. Check it out its now on channel 96 in the dorms.
I have talked to and told many happy hockey, cycling, and soccer fans. Be on the lookout this could
be the next ESPN.

Nancy Martinez
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Emily McLaughlin

Needom Mitchell

Sarah Roveda
This summer I worked with Sue Doran, who is the Director of Architectural Services at Physical Plant,
on getting the chapels completely renovated. The University has said that they will be paying for the
entire project. We have ordered chairs; they were more expensive, but the University said they would
pay the higher cost as long as Physical Plant could reclaim them if the spaces turned into anything but
chapel spaces. We also ordered fabric for the chairs, new carpet, and new paint. Physical Plant is
trying out new LED track lighting that will be on dimmable switches so that you can set a mood
without lamps and things. There is already artwork in the Buenger chapel, and we have a seven foot
panel from CFJ that will be going in Kuhlman. We may need to purchase more artwork for Kuhlman,
but we’ll see. The Kuhlman chapel already has an altar, and there was another altar in storage for
Buenger. I will be looking for crosses for the spaces as well. Ideally, certain religious/spiritual groups
on campus will be allowed to use them, but they would require All-Card access, so once the
renovations are officially underway, I will be talking to Bert about the possibility of that happening.
The projected timeline is Christmas; however, Sue is actually shooting for Thanksgiving. Once the
chapels are complete, I’m going to ask Fr. LaRocca in Kuhlman and Fr. Wagner in Buenger to say
mass in each chapel and bless them. I’d like for these masses to be open to anyone, but we’ll have to
see. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Who would the mass be for? Will figure out later
Would chapels be used for programming? Use to be for mass, was not attended by students. Not sure
what space would've used for. Access to religious student organizations possibility.

Meghan Savercool

Report of the SGA Executives
Welcome back! We couldn’t be more excited to have a lively SGA office again.

Starting next week with the SAC meeting, you will notice a change in the front of the table. Matt,
Seth, and myself have thought long and hard about us being present at every SAC and Senate
meeting during the semester. After speaking with Dustin and Leah, we believe that this idea will be a
positive adjustment for all of us. This will give more power back to the individual boards. Instead of
the focus being on the executives at the central focus of the room, only Matt or myself (the presiding
officer) will be there. This will cut back on the executives being a distraction, as well as allow the
individual boards to hold their meetings without the constant influence of the executives. Matt and
myself will be there to give the Executive Report and ensure that the meeting runs smoothly.

This change comes with an understanding that we gained over the summer. As you have probably
already noticed, we have all moved into the same office! We realized that we worked best as a team,
and we hope to work more cohesively as an Association as well. With that being said, any concern you
have as a Senator should go through Matt – with further emphasized our idea to only have Kristin
present at Senate meetings. Also, any concern a SAC member has that the executives need to be
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

aware of, should go through Matt. This way everyone can be more informed, and all the executives
can be more connected with the entire Association.

With that said, please don’t hesitate to stop by and talk to any or all of us. We’d love to get to know
you all better, regardless of what board you go through. Seth is always looking for people to talk with.

We were very busy this summer working on our platform and we are happy to let you know what has
been accomplished and what still needs work. We just wanted to highlight a couple of the big ones
today - if you have more questions let us know and we can answer any of them or the updates to our
platform are online under the executive tab.

Shuttle Tracker:

The shuttle times and routes have been updated. Also, the tracker has been added to every shuttle.
There is one extra one most of the time, if SAC ever needs to add a tracker to a bus for an event we
would love to loan one out to you guys. You can access the tracker at xavier.doublemap.com. Let us
know if you have any questions.


The hours on Saturday have been moved up 2 hours so hot breakfast will begin being served at 9 am
instead of 11 am. Thanks to Tom Barlow for that one! Also, Mon-Thurs from 7-8 pm the meal
exchange will be available at the x-spot. If the program works well then there will be an opportunity
for expansion in the future.


Pat has been hard at work finalizing this position. We hear we even have participants ready to go, so
you’ll probably be seeing Pat around the office as he begins his new role.

A Taxi:

We have business cards we’ll be handing out to give out the number of the A-Taxi Inc Service. They
will give Xavier students 10% off if you identify yourself as a Xavier student.

As to not bore you, we won’t go into more detail about our platform. All of it has had substantial
progress made on it and we can discuss more in detail outside of here. Also, more detail is available
on the website thanks to Crystal!

Finally, you’ll notice we have some new things in the office. The first is the new conference room that
you can sign up for times on the door. Keep in mind that if the door is closed and locked, you need
either one of the Executives, Dustin, or Crystal to let you in, so just be mindful of this if you schedule
a meeting past 5 PM. We’ll try to keep it open 24/7 but we can’t make promises with the custodial
staff. There are some rules and regulations posted on the door. Try to abide by them so that we can
keep it available for use by everyone.

Lastly, we have a new TV as you all have noticed. Please use it respectfully and be aware that this is
an office. The rules aren’t meant to hinder your use of it as we want to see it utilized for presentations
and socialization, but we do not want it abused. So, please just try to be respectful of that.
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Caf: Why that hour? We pushed for late hour, not sure of reasoning, timing is cost effective for them.
Rollover goes to this? No, that money was last resort.
Having only you in this meeting, appreciate having you all here. President should be here, these are
our meetings.
Working as a team, can answer questions Seth can answer.
Need president or will have technical issues when vetoing.

Open Executive Session
Session closed

Report of the Senate Coordinator
Needom Mitchell
Hope everyone had a great summer and is happy to be back. I have a few things I want to share with
you about some upcoming events. A few things I did was reevaluate the mentor menteer parings and
parliamentary procedure for the senate along with some other things but lets talk about what went on
today. First club day was today and awesome, thanks to all of you who helped out and sat at the SGA
table. We had 36 people I believe sign up for senate. So if you know any first years that might be
interested and a good fit for senate please let me know. Second the report of the administration has
been set for this semester but we have one meeting still unfilled. So if you have any ideas of who you
would want to see please let me know so I can invite them. Also something new I would like to try
along with project proposals is a office hours check list an example of one of the task is email me at
least 2 questions you would like to be addressed by the administrator the following week. If I don’t
receive any questions I’m going to assume you did not complete any office hours.
 Also please let me know if you have any project ideas so we can talk about them and start to get
stuff done. Now for the fun stuff can everyone mark their calendars for Sunday, September 23 rd.
That is the date of our fall workshop it will be in the Armory from 10:00am-3:00pm so get excited I
am. The tentative theme is communication, collaboration, and completion. The final details are still
being smoothed out but it should be the best fall senate workshop ever. That’s it for now if you have
any questions please talk to me after the meeting or shoot me an email or text. Ps does everyone
have my cell phone #.
Polo shirt policy? Last week of every month wear polo shirts. You will be notified.

Report of Advisor
Dustin Lewis
I would like to start by briefly sharing some of the work I did this summer. Throughout the summer,
while you’re home, in class, interning or working, Crystal and I keep moving forward and getting the
office prepared and ready for you to return. I spent a great deal of my summer working with
developing resources and publishing information online for our clubs and organizations. I attended a
summer institute at St. Louis University for professional staff to learn more about and exchanges and
best practices with student organizations. It was incredibly informative and hopefully you will
continue to see new developments for our student orgs from Student Involvement in the coming

This fall, I will be supervising two interns in our office. These students (Markus Lasky & Sarah Craig)
will work with me on executing program on behalf of Student Involvement. They’ll work with me on
Club Olympics and Family Weekend, representing our office at various university functions, and
producing events next spring like Spring Involvement Fair and The Muskies. Please welcome them in
the office but realize that when they’re here, they are on the clock.
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

I took several senators and Kristin to the Student Government East conference this summer in
Philadelphia. Hopefully you will hear some ideas that they brought back for SGA in the coming weeks.
In addition, Joe and Ryan attended the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference in Boston. I
encourage you to ask them more about their experience and consider whether you would be
interested next year in going to a leadership conference with other students from the 28 Jesuit
colleges and universities across the country. Next year it will be in San Francisco.

I worked a lot with Crystal on the Week of Welcome and with Mary Ballou on Family Weekend. Both
programs are coordinated by our office and I am the staff who helps put them together. Crystal did
an excellent job with coordinating the marketing and publishing a great deal of information to the
groups sponsoring events.

Another big project I’ve had this summer is chairing the search committee for the Director of Student
Integrity position. This position will ultimately be the key administrator responsible for all conduct
boards, policies and judicial issues on campus. In essence, many of the pieces that Dr. Smith
previously managed as Dean of Students related to conduct will now fall under this person.

Finally, Molly Dugan and I will be co-advising Senior Board this next year. I am encouraging you to
let friends who are seniors and who you think may be good to help plan Senior Board events to apply.
Applications will be on OrgSync and are due mid-September.

A couple basic reminders I wanted to give all of you:
1. Please check your email daily. Needom, your chairs and I are often trying to quickly get and give
information to you. Please do your part and respond promptly.
2. Please check your mailbox when you come into the office and please keep it somewhat organized
and cleaned out.
3. Please do your part to help pick up after yourself and clean the office. Don’t leave your drinks
and food laying out – Crystal and I end up having to clean it up after you.
4. Please log off the computers when you’re done. These computers will automatically lock after 15-
20 minutes and I’ve already found that they are constantly locked out. Do your part and log off every
5. Please do not answer the Student Conduct Liaison/Student Rights Representative phone. When it
rings, it is almost always a students seeking one of the two of them for specialized help with a conduct
issue. Please let the calls go to their voicemail so that they can check it later.

Finally, I hope you all appreciate your new polos. I really want to challenge the Senate to wear them
on the last Monday of each month. These polos are meant to help create a sense of unity and
solidarity among the senate. Take advantage of this gift and please wear it, especially on the last
Monday of the month.

I will be out next Tuesday and Wednesday celebrating my 30th birthday in Las Vegas and I will not
have email or phone access.
Sac change to Rules of Order, for sac selection committee, did you know? Yes and other changes
Out of sync with constitution? Do not think so, because…
Would have to change two parts of constitution to make that work?
Why are we changing rules of order without changing constitution?
Sac tried to change constitution, Senate voted down.
Senate Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012

Report of the SGA Resource Assistant
Crystal Guffey
We’ve been hard at work this summer updating the SGA website. If you check it out you’ll see a page
called “Senate Projects”. Listed there are all the projects Senate is working on this year. I will be using
your meeting reports and Needom’s help to update that page. Please don’t forget to send my your
report or your update will not be added to our site. If you have any ideas or things you would like to
add to the Senate page or your committee page, just let me know.

Adjourned (5:30)

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