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					                       Maillard Middle School – PAC Meeting Minutes

                                         June 4, 2012 @ 7 pm
Library, Maillard Middle School

Attendees: Arlyss Turner (PAC president), Jason Turner (DPAC), Kelly Gaine (Treasurer), Damaris
Campbell, Griselda Bastow, Anett Briggs, Warren Wou, Mark Clay (Principal), Katherine Jung (Vice
Principal), Jill Couture (PAC Vice President)

Regrets: Sandra Baker (Secretary)

Minutes recorded by Arlyss Turner.

Meeting called to order @ 7:05 pm.

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Acceptance of previous minutes

    Motion to approve: Griselda

    Second: Jill

    -   Meeting minutes from April 15, 2012 PAC general meeting were accepted as drafted.

3. Treasurer’s Report

    Kelly provided the report of the financials up to May 22, 2012. There is an invoice to be paid by the
    PAC for the Jesse Millar presentation that will be paid out of the gaming. The emergency
    preparedness equipment will be purchased by the school and invoice the PAC. There is also another
    invoice to be paid for arts and culture. The PAC is waiting to receive new operating cheques.

    Mark brought up the grade 8 leaving activity plans which include a Grade 8 activity day as well as the
    Grade 8 ceremony day and after ceremony celebration. Discussion regarding the activities occurred.
    Mark noted that there had been an ask from the Grade 8 planning committee to have pizza and
    Grade 8 dance to be held in the evening of ceremony day (6 pm on Friday night). Mark noted his
    counter proposal to have the dance at 3 pm because the option for a 6 pm dance isn’t feasible for
    the school and having the celebration carry on from the ceremony is what works best for the school
    administration. He noted that the school has Spani booked from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on June 15th
    and there will be a call for parent volunteers to help support this day’s activities. Mark noted that
    there are 137 grade 8 students currently.

    Estimated costs for ceremony and Grade 8 celebration were discussed.

    A motion was made that the PAC contribute more than the already budgeted $200 to the Grade 8
    activity day and celebration through transferring the unspent budget allocated to gifts and thanks
    over to the Grade 8 activity and celebration

    Motion to approve: Jill.

    Second: Damaris.

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                        Maillard Middle School – PAC Meeting Minutes

                                         June 4, 2012 @ 7 pm
   Motion was carried.

   A motion was made that the PAC consider for future years to budget $500 for grade 8 actities.

   Motion to approve: Damaris.

   Second: Jill.

   Motion was carried.

4. Committee Reports

   Fundraising – no report

   Fruit & Veggies Program – nothing to report

   DPAC – Jason provided an update from the BCCPAC general meeting that happened at end of May.

   CPF – no report

5. Principal’s Report

   Mark reported the following:

           There is another lock down planned (a red lock down). There is also another fire drill
            planned before end of year.
           Snap newspaper had an article regarding the Maillard’s multi-cultural night event. It was
            noted there are more pictures on the Snap website.
           Two school representatives were selected to participate in the National Rick Hansen day.
            One student and Mme Hilliard had been nominated by the school community.
           The green team headed by Mme Manavaryan and Mrs. Roberts was invited to attend a
            green celebration. One student was nominated by the school and the Maillard green team
            also received honorable mention.
           Odyssey of the Mind, Maillard school team earned a bronze award. Vivian Newstead was
            the parent leader for this team. The school paid for the application fee for the team to be
            part of the Odyssey of the mind program. Mrs. Roberts was the teacher support for this.
           There are significant changes planned for next year with a plan to bring in the community
            more through the community hub program. Mark noted that he had attended a national
            community school forum earlier in May. The community school will bring additional
            resources to Maillard to support the community school program.
           There are plans to organize the teams within the school to three teams, with blended
            English and French teams. Down from five. The hope is that this will help deliver more
            consistent student assistance delivery.
           There is also a plan to have a late start day one day a week similar to what was here in
            previous years.
           Playground update – originally there was a plan and approval to place the playground in
            front of the pool. That is not going to work now based on Mark’s conversations with the city
            given the city’s plans to redesign the pool area. The alternative is to look at the other sites

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                        Maillard Middle School – PAC Meeting Minutes

                                             June 4, 2012 @ 7 pm
             on school property. He has now put forward a plan to put the playground on the field near
             the long jump area. This area will still enable the soccer field to be unaffected. Equipment
             is still same as planned originally. Installation is tentatively scheduled for mid-August.
            Award assembly scheduled for June 21. Grade 8 ceremony on June 22. There is a band
             concert on June 13th (originally scheduled for the 7th) with performances at 1 pm and 7 pm.
            This is the last year for official “I” days at middle schools. This is a board decision that the
             school will bring into adjusting the school calendar.

6. Old Business

            Playground: An update on this was already provided under Principal’s report.
            Multicultural Night: The committee will be meeting within the week to have a lessons
             learned and determine the total net. Money will be split between Kenya and drama club
            School prioritized wish list: Mark asked for clarification on what was covered this year. It
             was noted that past meeting minutes and approved budget allow for E-prep and drama
             items to be covered this year. The wish list will carry forward to next year when Mark will
             provide a revised wish list with more details / costing.

7. New Business

            Upcoming event: A Community Car Wash in support of “Hope” club is occurring Saturday,
             June 16 and a call for volunteers was made. Volunteers should contact Mme Hilliard.
            Recognition: Arlyss recognized Jill for her support and dedication to the school community
             over the past couple years. A card and small token of appreciation from the PAC was
             presented to Jill.
            Jason brought up the Coquitlam grants program and suggested that this was an opportunity
             for the PAC/school to submit an application. Discussion on the opportunity and possible
             funding requests occurred. It was motioned that if a grant be able to be submitted that the
             PAC allocate $10K for matching funds to the grant request.
             Motion to approve: Jason.
             Second: Damaris.
             Motion was carried. Jason will investigate grant submission.

Jill agreed to act as the Electoral chair.

A call for nominations was made for PAC Chair position. Arlyss was asked if she would stay as PAC Chair
for another term. Arlyss agreed to stand for chair. No other nominations were put forward. Vote was
taken and all were in favor.

A call for nominations was made for PAC Vice chair. There were no nominations put forward for this
position. The position will remain vacant at this time.

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                         Maillard Middle School – PAC Meeting Minutes

                                          June 4, 2012 @ 7 pm
A call for nominations was made for Treasurer. Kelly was asked if she would stay on as Treasurer for
another term. Kelly agreed to stand for Treasurer. No other nominations were put forward. Vote was
taken and all were in favor.

A call for nominations was made for Secretary. Sandra Baker was nominated. Sandra had confirmed
with the PAC Chair prior to this meeting that she would be willing to stand for another term. No other
nominations were put forward. Vote was taken and all were in favor.

A call for nominations was made for DPAC representative. Jason was asked if he would stay on in this
role for another term. Jason agreed. No other nominations were put forward. Vote was taken and all
were in favor.

The School Planning Committee has three positions open and one must be filled by a PAC executive.
Arlyss agreed to represent the PAC executive on the SPC. Griselda Bastow was nominated for a position
on the School Planning Committee. Griselda agreed. No other nominations were put forward. Vote
was taken and all were in favor. The third position will remain vacant at this time.

It was noted that the positions not filled during this meeting would be brought forward to fill in the first
general meeting of the PAC in September 2012.

Elections were closed.

Meeting adjourned 8:39 pm.

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