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									HCC’s Literary Magazine Invites Submissions

HOPKINSVILLE, KY. (February 10, 2012) – Hopkinsville Community College’s literary magazine, The Round
Table, will be accepting submissions of original poetry, prose, or artwork through Thursday, March 1 at 4:30 p.m. for
its 2012 issue. The magazine’s editorial staff welcomes work from anyone in the HCC service area, which includes:
Christian, Caldwell, Todd, Trigg, and Logan counties in Kentucky; Fort Campbell; and Stewart, Montgomery, and
Robertson counties in Tennessee.

As in past years, contributors to the magazine will read from their work at the annual Round Table Readings and
Literary Awards Ceremony held in HCC’s Round Table Literary Park at noon on Thursday, April 26. During the event,
the 46th edition of the Round Table will be unveiled, along with the announcement of the 2012 Round Table Literary
Awards and the Roger Selvidge Memorial Art Awards.

Retired HCC instructor Frances G. Thomas along with a group of HCC honor students first published the Round Table
in 1966.

2012 Submission Guidelines for The Round Table Literary Magazine

All submissions will be judged anonymously. No name should appear anywhere on the submitted work; however,
students below college age should mark each submission in the upper right-hand corner with the student’s grade level
(“elementary,” “middle,” or “high school”) so that they can be judged accordingly and considered for the appropriate
award category.

Each person submitting work should also include a single note card with name, address, phone number, and the titles of
all works being submitted by that person on one side of the card. On the other side, provide phone or email contact
information as well as a few sentences of biographical information for the contributor’s page, should the work be
chosen for inclusion. If the submitter’s name is not gender-specific, please make sex clear so that representation will be
correct. This card should be clipped to combined submissions, so it can be removed before the staff views the works.
Please do not staple your submissions together.

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