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					                  SOLICITATION NO. R12PS17101

The Bureau of Reclamation, Grand Coulee Dam Power Office, Grand Coulee Dam WA,
has a requirement for load testing and maintenance of 10 emergency generators.

There are two parts to this contract:

The contract term is for 1 year. However, the Government retains the right to exercise
four additional “option years.” The “base year” is from 10/01/2011 to 09/30/2012. The
line item descriptions for work during the “option years” are:

       Option Year 1 = From 10/01/2012 to 09/30/2013
       Option Year 2 = From 10/01/2013 to 09/30/2014
       Option Year 3 = From 10/01/2014 to 09/30/2015
       Option Year 4 = From 10/01/2015 to 09/30/2016

Part 1 consists of the following:

The requirement is to test and operate 10 emergency generators as follows: the
emergency generators shall be load tested with a Contractor-furnished load bank at a
minimum of 30 percent of generator rated capacity for 30 minutes monthly and once
every 3 years at a minimum of 80 percent of generator rated capacity for 4 hours per
NFPA 110 requirements as outlined in USBR Power Equipment Bulletin (PEB) No. 28
and POM-400. Note: since the Generac - 30KW generator located at the 911 radio site
has an auto transfer switch, it may be load tested by opening the disconnect on the feed
from the utility pole and recording the data as indicated in section 1.3. If the building load
at the 911 radio site is not at least 80 percent of the emergency generator capacity then a
Contractor-furnished load bank shall be used for the 3 year test at 80 percent of rated
capacity for 4 hours.
These emergency generators are dispersed throughout the Grand Coulee Dam Facilities.
The majority of these generators are not permanently wired for distributing power. Only
the generators with either automatic or manual transfer switches are permanently wired.
The manufacturer, rated capacity, location, and configuration are listed below.

       A.      Onan - 100KW located in Pumping Plant (PP) (portable – trailer mounted)
               for use in dam. EQ# 57816
       B.      Perkins - 45KW located at Feeder Canal Check Structure with manual
               transfer switch. EQ# 57304
       C.      Aptech - 200KW located Left Power House (LPH) Tailrace. EQ# 57812
       D.      Aptech - 125KW located 230 YD (portable – trailer mounted). EQ# 57811
       E.      Aptech - 200KW located at LPH No. 2 – Control Bay with manual transfer
               switch. EQ# 57815
       F.      Aptech - 200KW located at Industrial Area (IA) – Mechanical Repair
               Shop (MRS) EQ# 57818
       G.      Caterpillar - 350KW location Pumping Generating Plant (PGP) No. 1 –
               Transformer Deck. EQ# 57817
       H.      Generac - 30KW location 911 Tower site w/ Auto Transfer Switch.
               EQ# 54551
       I.      Magnum – 186kW located at Industrial Area (IA) – Mechanical Repair
               Shop (MRS) EQ# 59182 (portable – trailer mounted)
       J.      Cummins – 80kW located at Security Building EQ# 67821

The following shall be recorded as part of, but not limited to, the emergency generator
load tests:
       Hour meter reading - before and after the generator test.
       Time delay in start - at occurrence.
       Cranking time - at occurrence.
       AC volts - initially, every 15 minutes during, and at conclusion of test.
       Hz – initially, every 15 minutes during, and at conclusion of test.
       AC amps – initially, every 15 minutes during, and at conclusion of test.
       Oil pressure – initially, every 15 minutes during, and at conclusion of test.
       Water temperature – initially, every 15 minutes during, and at conclusion of test.
       Battery charge rate – initially, every 15 minutes during, and at conclusion of test.
       Time delay in generator shutdown (cool down time) - at occurrence.

This item is to be quoted in the following increments. Quotes to include all travel to and
from Grand Coulee WA.
1. Fiscal Year 2012 Testing (10/01/2011 to 09/30/2012) $_________________
(30 minute load test at minimum of 30 percent of emergency generator capacity on all 10
generators each month.)
2. Fiscal Year 2013 Testing (10/01/2012 to 09/30/2013) $_________________
(30 minute load test at minimum of 30 percent of emergency generator capacity on all 10
generators each month.)
3. Fiscal Year 2014 Testing (10/01/2013 to 09/30/2014) $_________________
(30 minute load test at minimum of 30 percent of emergency generator capacity on all 10
generators each month.)
4. Fiscal Year 2015 Testing (10/01/2014 to 09/30/2015) $________________
(30 minute load test at minimum of 30 percent of emergency generator capacity on all 10
generators each month.)
5. Fiscal Year 2016 Testing (10/01/2015 to 09/30/2016) $________________
(30 minute load test at minimum of 30 percent of emergency generator capacity on all 10
generators each month.)

Part 2 consists of the following:
The purpose of this line item is to perform maintenance on the above mentioned 10
emergency generators only. This maintenance will be done in conjunction while
performing the testing of the generators. The bids are to reflect the annual maintenance
cost only.
Some maintenance items are to be performed annually, semi-annually, monthly, or every
3 years as noted with parenthesis ( ) after the maintenance item. The Contractor shall
include as conditions of the maintenance bid item all labor, tools, equipment, and routine
service items, to include, but not limited to, fuel, oil and air filters, oil, antifreeze, and
electrolyte. Prior to bringing any chemical on Project, a Material Safety Data Sheet for
the chemical must be approved by our Safety Office. See attached table, Maintenance of
Emergency Generator Equipment, for known specific emergency generator maintenance
If a component or part is found to be in need of repair or replacement, and parts required
are above and beyond the normal routine service items mentioned above that are included
in the bid, the replacement parts shall be submitted to the Contracting Officer for
approval prior to making repairs. Some of the items not expected to be normal
replacement parts include batteries, fan belts, hoses, generator and regulator components,
and engine components. The Contractor may charge for parts, not listed in the normal
maintenance agreement, at the customary list price less any applicable discount and
hourly labor charges. List labor charges per hour for the maintenance of generators
The Contractor may submit for approval the Contractor’s own maintenance form as an
alternative to the POM-400 form. Maintenance items for the emergency generators
include, but may not be limited to, the following:
       A. Fuel
            (1) Tank level
            (2) Supply pump or transfer pump operation
            (3) Solenoid operation
            (4) Strainer, filter, dirt leg, or combination condition
            (5) Water in system
            (6) Tank vents and overflow unobstructed
    (7) Piping, flexible hose and connection condition
B. Lubrication System
    (1) Oil level
    (2) Change oil & filter (annually)
    (3) Crankcase breather check (replace if needed)
C. Cooling System
    (1) Coolant level
    (2) Antifreeze protection level
    (3) Replace coolant / antifreeze (annually)
    (4) Check for adequate cooling unobstructed radiator inside and out
    (5) Check fan belt
    (6) Check water pump
    (7) Block heater operation
    (8) Check and clean as necessary duct work and louvers
    (9) Check operation of louver motors and controls
D. Exhaust System
   (1) Leakage, exhaust and hanger condition
   (2) Insulation and fire hazards
E. Battery System
   (1) Electrolyte level
   (2) Terminals clean and tight (clean as necessary)
   (3) Specific gravity or state of charge
   (4) Charger and charge rate
F. Electrical system
   (1) Tighten control and Power wiring connections
   (2) Check for wire damage and insulation condition
   (3) Operation of safeties and alarms (semi annually)
   (4) Check fuses and circuit breakers (annually)
   (5) Operate transfer switch
   (6) Calibrate voltage sensing relays (annually)
G. Engine / Generator
   (1) Service/change air cleaner (semi annually)
   (2) Governor oil level and linkage
   (3) Governor oil (annually)
           (4) Service ignition system, replace components as necessary (annually)
           (5) Check injector pump and injectors (annually)
           (6) Check valve clearance (3 years)
           (7) Torque bolts (3 years)
           (8) Run generator for 30 min at 30 percent or more of rated load (monthly)
           (9) Run generator for 4 hr at 80 percent or more of rated load (3 years)
       H. Generator
           (1) Check brush length, appearance and free movement (semi annually)
           (2) Commutator and slip ring (annually)
           (3) Rotor and stator (annually)
           (4) Bearings and lubrication (annually)
           (5) Exciter (annually)
           (6) Voltage regulator (annually)
           (7) Measure and record winding insulation resistance, megger (annually)

The annual maintenance check shall be done the first month of the fiscal year, then the
monthly maintenance checks for 5 months, the 6th month will be the semi-annual check,
and the last 5 months will finish with monthly checks, for a total of 12 months. There
will be yearly maintenance records kept on 10 generators. The fiscal year runs from
October 1 to September 30.
6. Fiscal Year 2012 Maintenance (10/01/2011 to 09/30/2012) $________________
7. Fiscal Year 2013 Maintenance (10/01/2012 to 09/30/2013) $________________
8. Fiscal Year 2014 Maintenance (10/01/2013 to 09/30/2014) $________________
9. Fiscal Year 2015 Maintenance (10/01/2014 to 09/30/2015) $________________
10. Fiscal Year 2016 Maintenance (10/01/2015 to 09/30/2016) $________________
Labor Charge per hour $__________
The Contractor shall have the responsibility to supply barricades and barrier tape, as
required, to control unauthorized entry to the work areas, as well as maintaining a safe
working area adjacent to the actual work area.

The generators are accessible by paved road with the exception of Perkins - 45KW
located at Feeder Canal Check Structure EQ# 57304 and Generac - 30KW located at the
911 tower EQ# 54551. These unimproved power line roads are dirt with rocks and
include steep sections, limited traction due to dust in the summer and mud/snow/ice in
the winter. The Generac will be tested monthly by opening the disconnect in the normal
utility feed. The automatic transfer switch will start the emergency generator and switch
the power source from the utility to the emergency generator. If, during the monthly load
tests, the radio building load is below 80 percent of the generator rated capacity, the 3
year 80 percent plus of rated capacity test for 4 hours shall be performed using a load
bank as part of this contract. All other generators shall be load tested with a Contractor
furnished load bank.

The Contractor shall perform all work during normal work hours 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday thru Thursday unless other arrangements are specifically agreed to by the
Government’s representative and the Contractor.

The Contractor shall comply with the Bureau of Reclamation security measures, the lock-
out-tag-out program and special work permits. The Contractor is also required to
coordinate with Maintenance Supervisors to gain access to the specific work areas
between the hours of 0630 and 1700 Monday though Thursday. The Contractor is
required to obtain identification badges for all personnel prior to work commencement.
Note: this requires filling out a form and a valid driver’s license. These issues will also be
covered in a Job Hazard Analysis meeting required to be held with the Contractor prior to
work commencing.
A site visit is highly recommended due to the location of some of the generators. A site
visit will be arranged if requests are made. To request a site visit fax Peter Erie at 509-
633-9175 with the company name, address, contact name, and phone number, along with
your Dun and Bradstreet Number and Federal Tax ID No. on your company letterhead.
No photographs are allowed.
Direct all comments and questions regarding this specification to Peter Erie at 509-633-
9230, or fax 509-633-9175, or by e-mail at perie@usbr.gov. All questions shall be
submitted in writing and all vendors will receive a copy of all the questions and answers.
The attached Wage Determination No. 2005-2103, (Rev. 11) dated 06/13/2011,
Occupation Code 23530, Machinery Maintenance Mechanic, shall form a part of any
order resulting from this request for quotation.
Maintenance of Emergency Generator Equipment
EQ#     57304        57811        57812 IA-LPH      57817          54551      57816
        Feeder       IA-MRS       Tailrace          PGP#1          911 site   PP portable for Dam
        Canal                     57818IA-MRS       Transformer
                                  (TPP)             Deck
                                  57815 LPH#2
                                  Control Bay
MFG     Perkins      Aptech       Aptech 200kW      Caterpiller    Generac    Onan 100kW
        45kW         125kW                          350kW          30kW
Engine Perkins       Perkins      Volvo-Penta       Cat            Chrysler   Allis Chalmers
Mfg     F0468        F3637        Model             Model 3406     3.9L       SN # 70-30406
                     1984/1800    TWD740GE          SN#                       Model 670T
        LD30170U4                 SN #              1LS00894                  Cat# 1-7451-93387
        04473U       YD35059*     2071130343        arrangement
                     U740305G*                      #131-6597
Oil     NAPA 1806 NAPA 1806 NAPA 1749 &             NAPA 1792      Generac    NAPA 1796
Filter               (2 reqd)     NAPA 1791                        #OE7415    (2 reqd)
Oil Qty 5 qts        24 qts       29 Liters         36 qts         4 qts      6.5 gals
Fuel    NAPA 3166 NAPA 3546 NAPA 3358               Prefilter      ___        Parker
Filter               NAPA 3547 (2 reqd)             Press. NAPA               #R90P (30micron)
                                                    3674                      #R90S (2 micron)
Air         Oil bath     Perkins      Volvo-Penta   Cat radial     Generac    NAPA 2126
Filter                   26510353     #3827589      seal 61-2507   #OA4637    12594N2

         Maintenance of Emergency
         Generator Equipment
         EQ#                        59182                    67821
                                    IA Portable              Security
         MFG                        Magnum                   Cummins
         Engine MFG                 John Deere               Cummins
         Oil Filter                 John Deere RE504836      Fleetguard LF3970
         Oil Qty                    33 qts                   11.6 qts
         Fuel Filter                John Deere RE529643      Fleetguard FF5612
                                    John Deere RE522878
         Air Filter                 EngineAire EN12-E1       Fleetguard AF25960
                                    EngineAire EN12-E2

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