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					Security Guide
Keeping Adelaide Airport Safe and Secure
June 2009
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Abbreviation List                               ii         Close Doors                                                                    14
A More Secure Airport                          1           Forcing Doors                                                                  14
Introduction                                   1           Damaged Fences and Access Points                                               14
Secure Areas at Adelaide Airport               2           Parking Near an Airside Fence                                                  14
Identification and Security Access             6           Airside Gates                                                                  15
       Other Issuing Authorities                6          Airside Inspection                                                             15
Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)   6           Security Enforcement                                                           15
       ASIC (Red)                               6    Important Security Facts                                                            17
       ASIC (Grey)                              6          Unattended Items                                                               17
       Conditions of Issue & Use                7          Packages                                                                       17
Visitor Identification Card (VIC)              9           Mail Handling and Unknown Substances                                           18
       Conditions of Issue & Use                9          Bomb Threats                                                                   18
Security Access Card (SAC)                     10          Security Breach or Concern                                                     18
       Conditions of Issue & Use               10    Crime & Security Prevention                                                         19
Moving Through Security Controlled Areas       11    Crime & Security Reporting                                                          20
       You Must                                11    Security Roles of Some Airport Agencies                                             22
       You Must Not                            11
                                                           Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and
Security Screening                             12          Local Government (DITRDLG)                                                    22
       Sterile Areas                           12          Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL)                                                22
       Tools of Trade                          12          Australian Federal Police (AFP)                                               22
       Retail Goods Deliveries                 12          Australian Customs Service (ACS)                                              23
       Airside Deliveries                      13          Airlines                                                                      23
       Meeters & Greeters                      13    Adelaide Airport Security Restricted Area Plan                                      24
       ASIC Display                            14    Assistance Contact List                                                             26
       Tailgating                              14
       Off Duty                                14

Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                            Security Guide | Adelaide Airport
Abbreviation List                                                              A More Secure Airp or t
AAL            Adelaide Airport Limited                                        This security guide is provided to you as      As part of our duty of care, it is important
                                                                               an induction and reference document            that we maintain the highest safety and
ACC            Airport Coordination Centre
                                                                               for all staff working at Adelaide Airport.     security standards in order to protect
ACS            Australian Customs Service                                      Information in the guide covers relevant       Adelaide Airport passengers and fellow staff.
                                                                               issues which you need to know to help
AFP            Australian Federal Police                                       keep Adelaide Airport safe and secure.

ASIC           Aviation Security Identification Card                           I recommend that you read and
                                                                               understand the contents so you are
AvSM           Aviation Services Manager
                                                                               prepared for a security or emergency
CCTV           Closed Circuit Television                                       incident. It summarises your security
                                                                               responsibilities and provides you with a       Phil Baker, Managing Director
DIAC           Department of Immigration & Citizenship                         reference to help you to be prepared for       Adelaide Airport Limited
                                                                               an emergency situation.
DITRDLG        Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development
               and Local Government

ID             Identification

PIO            Pass Issue Office
SAC            Security Access Card

SACS           Security Access Control System                                  A “Positive Security Culture” is one of the more important aspects of effective security.
                                                                               It is very important that all airport employees undertake security awareness training to
                                                                               understand basic airport security measures, their obligations and what they are expected
                                                                               to do and how to report suspicious activity, criminal activity or security breaches. The
                                                                               education provided by this security guide is aimed at promoting a robust security culture.

ii     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                            Security Guide | Adelaide Airport    1
Secure Areas at Adelaide Airp or t

    AREA                                        LOCATION                                          DESCRIPTION                                                TO ENTER & REMAIN YOU MUST

    Sterile Areas - Terminal                    Sterile areas are, in effect, holding areas       The purpose of the sterile area is to prevent              •	 Be	screened	or:
                                                for screened passengers prior to the              passengers from taking weapons, or other                   •	 Have	authorisation	to	enter	the	Sterile	Area	
                                                boarding of an aircraft (such as departure        prohibited items, on board aircraft. Therefore, all           from the Security Restricted Area SRA; or
                                                lounges). Sterile areas are located               people and goods entering the sterile area (i.e., not
                                                                                                                                                             •	 Enter	other	than	via	the	screening	point,	
                                                between the screening points and aircraft         just passengers and their carry-on luggage) are
                                                                                                                                                                only if exempted; and
                                                boarding gates. At the Terminal 1, Sterile        required to be screened and kept segregated from
                                                                                                                                                             •	 Not	tailgate;
                                                Areas include the area from the Security          non-screened people and goods. All items entering
                                                Screening Point at Level 2 to the departure       the Sterile Area must be screened including;               •	 Not	allow	anyone	to	tailgate	you;	and
                                                gates. This area also includes airline            foods and beverages for airline club lounges, etc.         •	 Display	your	Aviation	Security	
                                                lounges, retail, and food and beverage            If you enter via the screening point, you must                Identification Card (ASIC) prominently;
                                                service areas at Level 1 International lounges.   be screened. You can only enter the sterile area           •	 Not	carry	any	cutting,	stabbing,	or	sharp	
                                                                                                  unscreened if you have been specifically exempted             items including scissors, nail files, knives,
                                                                                                  and if you enter via an airside access point.                 box cutters, stanley knives, etc, into the
                                                                                                  Unauthorised, unscreened people will be physically            Sterile Area unless you have prior approval
                                                                                                  removed by security officers with a breach incurring          to carry such items as a tool of trade
                                                                                                  penalties (under the Aviation Transport Security              and are wearing appropriate identification
                                                                                                  Regulations, 2005) of up to a $5,000 fine. People             and have proper control of these items
                                                                                                  intentionally attempting to by-pass passenger                 while within this area
                                                                                                  screening can incur penalties (under the Aviation          Challenge any staff not displaying
                                                                                                  Transport Security Act 2004) of up to $10,000.             an ASIC or other approved valid ID.

    Security Restricted Areas (SRA) - Airside   This area covers all parts of the airport         As aircraft are operated from the SRA on airside, it is    •	 Be	on	duty;	and
                                                (airside) that have been classified as SRA.       very tightly controlled. You can only enter airside if     •	 Have	authorisation	to	enter	the	area;
                                                These areas include the areas immediately         you have been specifically authorised to do so (for
                                                                                                                                                             •	 Have	duties	to	perform	in	the	SRA;
                                                adjacent the terminal such as the ramp            example, to perform specific duties). Everyone must
                                                and tarmac areas, aircraft parking, baggage       visibly display a red Aviation Security Identification     •	 Not	tailgate;
                                                make-up, and maintenance areas as well            Card (ASIC) at all times. You must challenge on the        •	 Not	allow	anyone	to	tailgate	you;	and
                                                as the aircraft movement areas such               spot anyone who isn’t wearing an ASIC and report           •	 Display	your	ASIC	prominently
                                                as runways and taxiways. The SRA also             them to your supervisor or a security officer.
                                                                                                                                                             Challenge any staff not displaying a
                                                includes the area used for passenger              Unauthorised vehicles are also prohibited from
                                                                                                                                                             red ASIC or other approved valid ID.
                                                boarding aircraft, but does not include           access. Unauthorised people and/or vehicles will
                                                the entire Airside areas.                         be physically removed by security officers and
                                                                                                  this breach can incur penalties (under the Aviation
                                                                                                  Transport Security Regulations, 2005) of up to a $5,000.

2     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                                                 Security Guide | Adelaide Airport       3
Secure Areas at Adelaide Airp or t           (cont)

    AREA                                  LOCATION                                      DESCRIPTION                                           TO ENTER & REMAIN YOU MUST

    Airside Secure Areas                  This represents the non-public areas          Prohibited Areas protect the vital areas of the       •	 Display	your	ASIC	or	other	approved
                                          of the Airside excluding the Security         terminal by controlling access in order to ensure        ID prominently;
                                          Restricted Area but includes such areas       that they run safely and efficiently. Everyone        •	 Be	on	duty;
                                          as airside hangars and freight sheds.         working within these areas has to display an
                                                                                                                                              •	 Be	actively	carrying	out	duties	in
                                          Signage identifying prohibited areas may      approved grey ASIC a all times. You must
                                                                                                                                                 this area;
                                          also state “No Entry” or “Staff Entry” or     challenge on the spot anyone who isn’t wearing
                                          “Staff Only – No Entry”.                      an ASIC and report them to your supervisor            •	 Have	authorisation	to	enter	the	area;
                                                                                        or a security officer. Unauthorised vehicles          •	 Not	tailgate;	and
                                                                                        are also prohibited from access. Unauthorised         •	 Not	allow	anyone	to	tailgate	you.
                                                                                        people and/or vehicles will be physically
                                                                                                                                              Challenge any staff not displaying a
                                                                                        removed by security officers and this breach
                                                                                                                                              valid ASIC or other approved valid ID.
                                                                                        can incur penalties.

    Customs Controlled Areas              There are a number of areas which             Customs is responsible for monitoring and             •	 Display	your	ASIC	or	other	approved
                                          include Security Controlled Areas             control of the legitimate movement of people,            ID prominently;
                                          (the international terminal, international    goods and aircraft into and out of Australia,         •	 Be	on	duty;
                                          and freight operations) where passengers      while detecting unlawful activity at the border.
                                                                                                                                              •	 Have	duties	to	perform	in	the	area;
                                          and goods, with international connections,    Any persons escorted into the Customs Area
                                          are processed. The Customs Controlled         must receive prior approval from Customs.             •	 Have	authorisation	from	Customs
                                          Area includes baggage halls and all airside   A breach can incur penalties (under the Customs          to enter the area;
                                          areas within the terminal airside of the      Act 1901) of a fine up to 50 penalty units ($5500).   •	 Not	tailgate;
                                          baggage halls and from the outwards           An ASIC or other approved ID does not permit          •	 Not	allow	anyone	to	tailgate	you;	and
                                          Primary Line, i.e. Customs Restricted         the holder to enter Customs controlled areas
                                                                                                                                              •	 Not	meet,	greet	or	farewell	friends,	
                                          Area Signs identify entrances to              at leisure. There are penalties under the
                                                                                                                                                 relatives or colleagues;
                                          Customs Controlled Areas.                     Customs Act 1901 for those who offend.
                                                                                                                                              •	 Comply	with	the	provisions	of	the	
                                                                                                                                                 Customs Act 1901;
                                                                                                                                              Challenge any staff not displaying
                                                                                                                                              an ASIC or other approved valid ID.

4     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                                 Security Guide | Adelaide Airport   5
Identification and Securit y Access                                                               Aviation Securit y Identification Card (ASIC)                                            (cont)

                                                   prohibited area. Each identification has its   Conditions of Issue & Use                          NOTE: It is an offence under the Regulations
                                                   own conditions of issue and use and has                                                           if you contravene the point above. It is also
                                                   specific requirements. The next few pages                                                         an offence under the Regulations if you are
                                                                                                  •	 The	ASIC	is	to	be	prominently	displayed	
                                                   of this Security Guide outline all Adelaide                                                       in a security sensitive, security or prohibited
                                                                                                     in the approved manner when entering,
                                                   Airport identification and security access                                                        controlled area using an ASIC or Security
                                                                                                     remaining on or leaving a security zone
                                                   cards and some of their conditions                                                                Access Card (SAC) that was not issued to you.
                                                                                                     or secure area.
                                                   of issue and use.
                                                                                                  •	 The	ASIC	is	to	be	presented	for	inspection	     •	 The	ASIC	must	not	be	altered	or	defaced	
                                                   Other Issuing Authorities                         on demand by Adelaide Airport Limited              in any way.
The purpose of identification cards at             AAL acknowledges and accepts the use              (AAL) or the Australian Federal Police (AFP).   •	 The	ASIC	applicant	and	their	employer	
Adelaide Airport is to identify you and your       of ASICs and associated VICs at Adelaide       •	 The	ASIC	is	to	be	surrendered	on	expiry,	          are bound by the conditions of issue
company of employment while you are in             Airport from other DITRDLG approved               transfer or termination of present duty,           and use of the ASIC and will be
a security sensitive, security controlled or       issuing authorities.                              or on request of the AAL Aviation                  responsible for any breaches by the
                                                                                                     Services Manager (AvSM).                           holder of the card.
                                                                                                                                                     •	 If	there	are	any	changes	in	circumstances	
                                                                                                  NOTE: Penalties may apply for failure to
                                                                                                                                                        to any part of the ASIC application,
Aviation Securit y Identification Card (ASIC )                                                    surrender the ASIC and the recovery process
                                                                                                                                                        including name changes, the AAL PIO
                                                                                                  will be handed over to the AFP.
                                                                                                                                                        must be advised immediately.
An ASIC is issued subject to the “Aviation
                                                                                                  •	 Loss	of	the	ASIC	must	be	reported	              •	 The	ASIC	applicant	acknowledges	that	
Transport Security Act 2004” and the
                                                                                                     immediately to AAL Pass Issue Office (PIO).        he or she and their belongings and
“Aviation Transport Security Regulation 2005”
(the Regulations).                                                                                                                                      vehicle may be subject to a search by
                                                                                                  NOTE: A Statutory Declaration and a letter
                                                                                                                                                        an Airport Officer before entering airside.
                                                                                                  from the employer are required for the
ASIC (Red)
                                                                                                  replacement of a lost ASIC.                        •	 The	ASIC	remains	the	property	of	AAL
Valid for airside security zones and secure                                                                                                             at all times.
areas of security controlled airports.                                                            •	 The	ASIC	may	only	be	used	in	the	course	
                                                                                                                                                     •	 Incorrect	use	of	the	ASIC	or	security	
                                                       Security Zones & Secure Areas Only            of the holder’s approved duties and it
ASIC (Grey)                                                                                                                                             access provisions will result in a review
                                                                                                     does not constitute an authority to enter
Valid for landside secure areas of security                                                                                                             to withdraw or suspend the ASIC and
                                                                                                     or remain in a security zone or secure
controlled airports. Landside secure areas are                                                                                                          access privileges.
                                                                                                     area for any other purpose.
deemed to be areas within the sterile area of
terminal (past the security screening points).

NOTE: An ASIC does not provide an individual
unrestricted access to a security zone or secure
area. An individual must have a lawful
operational need to be within these areas.             Landside Secure Areas

6    Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                                      Security Guide | Adelaide Airport          7
Aviation Securit y Identification Card (ASIC)                                         (cont)         Visitor Identification Cards (VICs)
Display                                           NOTE: It is an offence under the Regulations                                                       NOTE: It is an offence under the Regulations
•	   An	ASIC	holder	must	properly	display	        if you fail to notify AAL that your ASIC or SAC                                                    if you contravene the above points. It is also
     their ASIC at all times in a security zone   has been lost, stolen or destroyed.                                                                an offence under the Regulations if you are in
     or	secure	area.	This	means:                                                                                                                     a security zone or secure area using a VIC that
     - Attached to his or her outer clothing                                                                                                         was not issued to you.
                                                  An	ASIC	may	be	issued	if	the	applicant	has:
     - Displayed at the front or side of his                                                                                                         NOTE: Breach of these conditions will result
                                                  •	 A	requirement	to	enter	a	security	zone	or	
       or her body                                                                                                                                   in possible cancellation of the VIC.
                                                     secure area of a security controlled airport
     - With the whole front of the ASIC                                                                                                              Display
                                                     for the purpose of their employment.
       clearly visible.
                                                  •	 Undergone	background	assessment	checks                                                          •	 A	VIC	holder	must	properly	display	their	
Return                                              by the following applicable agencies;                                                               VIC at all times in a security zone or
•	   An	ASIC	holder	must	immediately                                                                                                                    secure	area.	This	means:
                                                    - AusCheck                                       VICs are issued to non-ASIC holders who
     return	their	ASIC	to	the	AAL	PIO	if:                                                                                                              - Attached to his or her outer clothing
                                                    - DIAC.                                          have a lawful purpose to enter a security
     - The ASIC has expired                                                                          zone or secure area.                              - Displayed at the front or side of his or
                                                  •	 Successfully	completed	the	Security	
     - AAL has notified that the ASIC has                                                                                                                her body
                                                     Awareness Assessment.                           Conditions of Issue & Use
       been cancelled                                                                                                                                  - With the whole front of the VIC
                                                  •	 Completed	an	induction	process.
     - The ASIC has been altered or defaced                                                          Issue                                               clearly visible.
                                                  Security Awareness Assessment                      •	 A	person	requiring	a	VIC	must	be	
     - The ASIC holder has left their                                                                                                                Return
       employment or has transferred to           Security awareness testing is a requirement for       sponsored by a valid ASIC holder.
                                                                                                                                                     •	 VICs	must	be	returned	to	one	of	the	
       a position which no longer has an          identification cards issued by Adelaide Airport.   •	 A	VIC	can	be	valid	from	1	to	30	days.           issuing points if it has expired, is no
       operational need to retain the ASIC        This testing is used to confirm your under-
                                                                                                     •	 A	VIC	can	be	issued	at	Gate	J,	Southern	        longer required, it has been cancelled
                                                  standing of the security requirements at
     - If there have been any changes                                                                   Screening (both 24/7) or T1 Reception,          or if AAL has instructed the VIC to
                                                  Adelaide Airport. Should you breach security,
       to information within their ASIC                                                                 Level 2 T1 (0800-1800 Monday to Friday).        be returned.
                                                  your ability to hold identification or have
       application.                                                                                                                                  •	 A	Statutory	Declaration	form	must
                                                  security access will be reviewed in accordance     Use
NOTE: It is an offence under the Regulations      with the terms and conditions of issue and use.                                                       be submitted for any VICs that are
                                                                                                     •	 VIC	holders	must	be	under	escort	and	
if you fail to return your ASIC. Penalties may    All persons who apply for an identification                                                           unreturned, lost or stolen.
                                                                                                        supervised by a valid ASIC holder in a
apply and the recovery process will be handed     card at Adelaide Airport are required to              security zone or secure area AT ALL TIMES.
over to the AFP.                                  successfully complete a module of testing          •	 The	VIC	may	only	be	used	by	the	person	
Lost / Stolen                                     associated to the type of card they are applying      it was issued to and for the course of the
                                                  for. Each module of the testing is based on the       holder’s approved duties. It does not
•	 The	Airport	Coordination	Centre	(ACC)	
                                                  Security Guide and terms of conditions of             constitute an authority to enter or
   must be immediately notified (24/7) if an
                                                  issue and use attached to the identification          remain in an area for any other purpose.
   ASIC has been lost, stolen or destroyed.
                                                  card application form.

8     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                                     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport       9
Securit y Access Cards (SAC s)                                                                  Moving through Securit y Controlled Areas
                                                                                                You will know that you are entering a           You Must Not
                                                                                                security controlled area because you will       •	 Force	any	door	or	access	point	which	
                                                                                                have to pass through either a secure door,         your SAC does not let you through.
                                                                                                a screening point or gate using your SAC .         This will activate an alarm within the
                                                                                                Staff entry points are clearly identified and      ACC and your access rights will be
                                                                                                you should only enter your workplace at            reviewed for unauthorised use of your
                                                                                                these locations. To enter you must display         pass. All security doors in the terminal
                                                                                                your identification at all times. Your access      are monitored.
                                                                                                is monitored and recorded by the airports       •	 Allow	people	to	tailgate	you	(the	act	of	
                                                                                                Security Access Control System (SACS) and          one person following another through
                                                                                                CCTV. Compliance is actively enforced by           an access controlled door without
                                                                                                AFP, Australian Customs Service (ACS),             utilising their own access card to gain
                                                                                                AAL Safety Security Officers and Airline           entry). Challenge them.
                                                                                                Security Representatives.
                                                                                                                                                •	 Ignore	suspicious	items	and	persons,	
                                                                                                You Must                                           even in the security sensitive areas.
Conditions of Issue & Use                       Return                                          •	 Display	your	ASIC	or	VIC	in	accordance	         REPORT IT to the ACC.

                                                •	 A	SAC	must	be	immediately	returned              with the conditions of issue and use.        •	 Use	marked	EXIT	doors	with	push	bars	
                                                   to	the	AAL	PIO	if:                           •	 Deny	access	to	anyone	without	correct	          as an easy way to enter or exit an area.
•	 A	SAC	is	issued	to	holders	of	a	valid	                                                                                                          These doors are monitored and alarmed
                                                  - The SAC is no longer needed to enter           identification and authority.
   ASIC issued by AAL or another issuing                                                                                                           and misuse will result in a review of
                                                    security zones or secure areas for the      •	 Contact	the	ACC	if	you	see	someone	
   authority as approved by DITRDLG;                                                                                                               your access.
                                                    purpose of the holder’s employment             without ID or with incorrect ID.
   who have a lawful purpose to access
                                                                                                                                                •	 Use	your	SAC	on	card	readers	at	
   security zones or secure areas.                - AAL notifies the holder or their employer
                                                                                                                                                   locations you do not need to pass
                                                    that the card has been cancelled
Use                                                                                                                                                through to lawfully carry out your
                                                  - The SAC has been altered, defaced or
•	 The	SAC	can	only	be	used	to	gain	entry	                                                                                                         duties. The SACS detects these
                                                    is not working.
   to a controlled area for the purpose of                                                                                                         unauthorised attempts and you
   the holder’s employment.                     Lost/Stolen                                                                                        and your employer will be contacted
                                                •	 The	ACC	must	be	immediately	notified	                                                           and your access will be reviewed.
•	 The	SAC	must	not	be	given	to	anyone	
   else to use. It is for the applicant’s use      (24/7) if a SAC has been lost, stolen
   only and only whilst they are on duty.          or destroyed.
•	 The	SAC	must	be	kept	secure	at	all	times.    Validity
NOTE: Breach of these conditions will result    •	 The	SAC	is	valid	to	coincide	with	the	
in a review of your SAC rights.                    expiry of the holder’s ASIC.

10      Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                             Security Guide | Adelaide Airport       11
Securit y Screening                                                                             Securit y Screening                 (cont)

Sterile Areas                                    Tools Of Trade
Security screening occurs at entry points to     The Government permits sharp items
sterile areas at terminal within Adelaide        in sterile areas as tools of trade when
Airport. Persons and goods entering a            required by a company to carry out
sterile area through a screening point must      a specific maintenance or installation
undergo screening and be cleared before          function that requires that tool or item.
entering the area. This process includes x-ray   These items must not be visible or
of goods/items, walking through a metal          accessible to the public and be under
detector, security wands and may include         visible and physical control at all times by
explosive trace detection on person and          the person carrying and using the item.
goods. Persons who refuse to be screened,        This person must hold a valid ASIC or other
and unscreened goods, will not be                approved identification and maintain
permitted in to the sterile area.                proper control of such items.

Types of items not permitted in the sterile      Retailers and food outlets must ensure
area include dangerous goods, prohibited         all	sharp	items,	eg:	knives	used	in	the	
goods, weapons, sharp or stabbing                preparation of food, and scissors are not
implements. Some examples of these               accessible to and/or visible to, members
items	include:                                   of the public. Round-bladed scissors
•	 Knives	/	Scissors	/	Fire	arms.                and other items that are required in
•	 Certain	aerosols	and	highly	flammable	        areas accessible to the public must be
   liquids.                                      permanently affixed to a shop fitting.

•	 Any	other	items	deemed	prohibited             Retail Goods Deliveries
   by the government.                            Retail goods being taken into a sterile area
Retailers must ensure that sharp and             via a screening point must be screened
prohibited items are not offered for sale        using x-ray machines, explosive trace
                                                                                                Airside Deliveries                            Meeters & Greeters
or displayed in the sterile area. It is also     detection, with the exception of oversize
                                                 items (as determined by the screeners)         Deliveries from airside into sterile areas    Meeting, greeting or fare-welling family,
recommended that these items not be sold
                                                 which will be screened manually. Delivery      from points other than the screening          friends, colleagues in Customs Controlled
in other parts of the terminal as departing
                                                 of bulk retail goods shall be through the      points are required to be coordinated         Areas or airside is not allowed. Doing so
passengers may try to enter the sterile
                                                 Southern Screening loading dock only.          through the ACC with approval from the        will lead to possible prosecution and/or
area with those items. Retailers are also
                                                                                                Airport Duty Manager (ADM) and/or AvSM        loss of your ASIC, VIC and/or SAC rights.
not permitted to supply non compliant
                                                                                                and screened by an approved screening
cutlery to persons for the purpose of food
                                                                                                authority. This will ensure compliance with
consumption in the sterile area. Plastic
                                                                                                aviation security regulations.
knives are permitted in the sterile area.
12     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                           Security Guide | Adelaide Airport      13
Securit y Screening                  (cont)                                                   Securit y Screening                    (cont)

ASIC Display                                  Close Doors                                     Airside Gates
ASICs must be displayed on the front of       Close doors behind you and ensure that          When entering airside through Gate J,
clothing at all times while on duty in a      they are fully secure. If you see a security    all vehicles must be inspected and all
security zone or secure area. Your ASIC       door wedged open, close it and report it        persons in that vehicle must provide
must be clearly visible in accordance to      to the ACC or ADM and detail the location.      appropriate identification and have their
the issue and use of an ASIC. Report and                                                      details recorded. Access through vehicle
                                              Forcing Doors
challenge anyone not wearing an ASIC in                                                       gates other than Gate J is strictly controlled
                                              Many doors at Adelaide Airport are
security controlled area.                                                                     and must be authorised by the AvSM.
                                              equipped with either an emergency crash
Tailgating                                    bar or break glass hardware. These devices      Airside Inspection
You are not permitted to allow entry to       are installed for use only in the case of any   Prior to entering T1’s security restricted
another person unless they are under          emergency.	For	example:	Fire	or	terminal	       area, all vehicles must be inspected and
your direct escort. If you are escorting      evacuation. They ARE NOT to be used             all persons in that vehicle must provide
someone into a security controlled area,      as a method of opening doors in non             appropriate identification.
provide the access then proceed directly      emergency situations. DO NOT PUSH ON
                                                                                              Security Enforcement
behind them using your SAC each time.         THE CRASH BAR. Doing so will lead to a
                                                                                              Security at Adelaide Airport is monitored
Tailgating is highly dangerous and leads      review of your ASIC, VIC and/or SAC rights.
                                                                                              and enforced through the AAL Safety
to the breakdown of security. Report and
                                              Damaged Fences and Access Points                and Security department, AFP, ADM,
challenge anyone engaging in tailgating.
                                              Damaged fences and access points make it        ACS, Airline Security Representatives
Off Duty                                      easy for people to access security zones or     and Inspectors from DITRDLG.
When you’re off duty, you’re not              secure areas. Report any damaged access
authorised to go into security controlled     points, which includes fences and secure
areas without prior approval. You could be    controlled doors, to the ACC.
prosecution and/or loss of your ASIC,
                                              Parking Near an Airside Fence
VIC and/or SAC rights.
                                              Do not leave vehicles or equipment within
                                              two metres of a fence airside and three
                                              metres of a fence landside. Any illegal
                                              parking of vehicles or any objects near
                                              an airside fence must be immediately
                                              reported to the ACC.

14    Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                        Security Guide | Adelaide Airport   15
Imp or tant Securit y Fac t s
Unattended Items                                Whilst waiting for an AAL representative
Unattended items are a security issue           and	AFP	to	arrive:
within the Adelaide Airport environment.        1. Try to recall who was last in the area or
It is the responsibility of all staff members      why the item is suspicious to you.
to be vigilant and aware of any changes         2. DO NOT approach the item.
to the work place. This includes identifying    3. DO NOT allow any other person to
unattended items, which could pose a               approach or sit in the area of the
risk to staff and public.                          unattended item.
Listed below is a basic procedure to follow     4. DO NOT touch, open or move the item
if an unattended item is discovered in or          or allow anyone else to.
close to your place of work.                    5. Pass all information to AAL and the AFP.
Remember, DO NOT put yourself at further        Packages
risk. Suspicious or unattended items should     Never accept or agree to safeguard
only be approached by staff members             packages on behalf of someone else.
who have the appropriate training.              If anyone approaches you to look after
1. You identify that the item is unattended     a package, refuse and notify the ACC.
   or suspicious.                               Be completely vigilant about this.
2. DO NOT open, touch or move the item.         Do not put yourself and others in danger.

3. Contact the ACC who will alert the
   appropriate authorities.

NOTE: No unattended baggage shall be
returned to an owner without production
of photographic identification and details
recorded by an authorised person.

                                                      Security Guide | Adelaide Airport        17
Imp or tant Securit y Fac t s                       (cont)                                           Crime & Securit y Prevention
Mail Handling and Unknown                          •	 For	packages	omitting	strong	odours,	          Some points to consider:                     7   Adelaide Airport and its terminal are
Substances                                            request that the air conditioning be           1   Airport tenants and employers                under 24 hour security surveillance
If a suspicious package or envelope                   shut down as a precautionary measure.              are responsible for their own staff,         by closed circuit television (CCTV).
is	received:                                          Turn off all fans.                                 premises and stock throughout                This footage is only supplied to law
•	 Remain	calm.                                    •	 Wait	for	assistance	to	arrive.                     Adelaide Airport.                            enforcement agencies in accordance
                                                                                                                                                      with State and Federal law and
•	 If	available	place	the	item	into	a	plastic	     Bomb Threats                                      2   Ensure that new staff are aware of
                                                                                                                                                      applicable privacy legislation.
   bag or similar and seal it.                     •	 Strictly	follow	your	company’s	                    your company’s internal procedures
•	 Do	not	shake	or	empty	the	contents                 procedures.                                        and relevant airport procedures.         8   Crime requiring Police attendance
   of the package or envelope.                                                                                                                        can be reported to 131 444 or 000
                                                   •	 Notify	the	ACC.                                3   Important contact numbers are
•	 Do	not	handle	the	item	more	than	                                                                                                                  for emergencies.
                                                   •	 Write	down	every	detail	of	the	threat	             at the back of this Security Guide.
   necessary (do not allow others to handle it).      and the person making the threat.                  They should be kept handy for            Crime and Security issues need to be
•	 Stay	in	your	immediate	environment.	               This will assist significantly in handling         quick reference by employees.            reported. Your roll in crime or security
   Co-workers remain in the same                      of the threat.
                                                                                                     4   Keep an eye out for suspicious           concerns is to observe and report.
                                                   Security Breach Or Concern                            persons and unattended items.
•	 Prevent	others	from	entering	the	area.
                                                   •	 If	you	observe	a	Security	Breach	or	               Report anything “out of the ordinary”,
•	 Call	for	assistance	from	the	ACC.                                                                     of concern or unlawful to the ACC.
                                                      Access Infringement - REPORT IT.
•	 Advise	the	exact	location	of	the	item	
                                                   •	 If	you	observe	ASIC	misuse	or	non	display	-	   5   Bag snatching and pick pocketing
   (address, etc.), number of people in the
                                                      REPORT IT.                                         may occur in congested public areas.
   immediate area, describe the package/
                                                   •	 If	you	see	something	that	is	not	right	-	          Keep valuables and personal effects
   device and what actions you have taken.
                                                      REPORT IT.                                         with you and secure at all times.
•	 Take	notes,	including	time	and	date	you	
                                                   •	 All	reports	shall	be	to	the	ACC.                   Your customers should be reminded
   received the item and from whom.
                                                                                                         to do the same. Report suspicious
•	 As	a	precaution	keep	your	hands	away	                                                                 persons to the ADM or ACC.
   from your face.
                                                                                                     6   Thieves target car parks.
•	 If	possible	(without	leaving	your	
                                                                                                         Do not leave any items of value
   immediate environment/work area)
                                                                                                         visible within the vehicle and
   wash your hands.
                                                                                                         remember to lock your doors.
•	 If	there	is	a	strong/overpowering	odour	
   move to an adjoining room or area
   closing all doors and windows. Stay in
   that area until assistance arrives.

18     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                               Security Guide | Adelaide Airport   19
Crime & Securit y Rep or ting                                                                   Crime & Securit y Rep or ting                  (cont)

THERE ARE 3 MAIN AREAS FOR REPORTING:                                                           3 Communications                        5 Crime Stoppers
                                                                                                Write down what you see as soon as      Ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
                                              EMERGENCY                   OPERATIONAL
                                                                                                possible. Always keep your supervisor   if you have any information about any
1       Adelaide Airport Limited              8154 9444                   8154 9444             advised and carry out your company      crime, or suspicious activities, or if you
                                                                                                procedures.                             think you have useful information that
2       Australian Federal Police             131 AFP (237)               131 AFP (237)                                                 may help prevent a crime.
                                                                                                4 Receipt of Threats
3       SAPOL                                 000                         131 444               For any threats, you must immediately
                                                                                                advise the organisation that has been
                                                                                                threatened and Adelaide Airport
AAL is responsible for the overall security     You are expected to report any                  Limited, ACC.
of the Airport and coordinates all security     incidents, security threats or security
responses on site.                              matters as follows:

AFP provide a response capability for
                                                1 Crime & Emergency in Progress
security and criminal events.
                                                Call the ACC. They will coordinate the
SAPOL provide further response                  emergency response for SA Police, State
capability if required.                         Fire Department and/or Ambulance.
Airline Operations, Tenants and                 As a secondary, call SA Police on 000 if
concessionaires requiring AFP assistance        a serious crime is taking place.
should telephone the ACC.                       2 Suspicion & Concern
They will put an immediate call to AFP          Call the ACC to report all security incidents
if required.                                    and suspicious people. They will contact
                                                the appropriate authorities as necessary.

20     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                      Security Guide | Adelaide Airport      21
Securit y Roles of some Airp or t Agencies                                                          Securit y Roles of some Airp or t Agencies                                     (cont)

                                                                                                                                                   Airport includes the International Terminal
                                                                                                                                                   Building baggage halls and all areas inside
                                                                                                                                                   the terminal building airside of the baggage
                                                                                                                                                   halls, the outward primary lines and the
Department of Infrastructure,                     Australian Federal Police (AFP)
                                                                                                                                                   tarmac and ramp areas. Basically, it extends
Transport, Regional Development &                 The AFP is the primary law-enforcement
                                                                                                                                                   to those places where passengers and
Local Government (DITRDLG)                        agency at the eleven major Australian
                                                                                                                                                   goods under Customs control are dealt
The DITRDLG has overall responsibility for        airports which includes Adelaide.
                                                                                                                                                   with. Customs seeks the assistance of
aviation security in Australia. In consultation   The AFP’s responsibilities within the
                                                                                                                                                   airport employees in detecting unlawful
with the Aviation Industry, DITRDLG               Aviation environment includes deterring,
                                                                                                                                                   activity at Adelaide Airport. Anything
develops and implements legislation and           preventing and responding to threats
                                                                                                                                                   suspicious should be reported to the
standards under the Air Navigation Act and        of terror, the investigation of serious
                                                                                                                                                   Customs on 1800 06 1800 (24/7).
Regulations. The duties of the Office of          and organised crime in the aviation sector
Transport Security at Adelaide Airport            and performing a community policing               Australian Customs Service (ACS)               Airlines
are to ensure compliance with the                 role. The AFP maintains a Counter                 Customs is responsible for facilitating the    All airlines are responsible for the
aviation security legislation and                 Terrorism First Response capability.              legitimate movement of people, goods           safety and security of their passengers
standards, as well as the various Airline                                                           and aircraft into and out of Australia while   and aircraft.
                                                  AFP activities in the Aviation environment
and Airport Security Programs.                                                                      detecting unlawful activity at the border.
                                                                                                    The Customs Controlled area at Adelaide
                                                  •	 Targeting	organised	crime	in	the	air	stream.
                                                  •	 Deterring	acts	of	terrorism.
                                                  •	 Maintaining	a	community	policing	
Adelaide Airport Limited
                                                  •	 Providing	the	first	response	to	acts
AAL is responsible for overall security
                                                     of terrorism and emergency incidents.
at	Adelaide	Airport	including:
                                                  •	 Collecting	and	analysing	aviation	
•	 Development	of	Transport	Security	
                                                  •	 Conducting	investigations.
•	 Management	of	the	Airport	Security	
   Committee.                                     The AFP at Adelaide Airport works closely
•	 Maintenance	of	security	infrastructure         with the South Australia Police (SAPOL),
   at the airport.                                other Commonwealth agencies, airport
                                                  operators and airlines to coordinate action
•	 Development	of	security	procedures	
                                                  against terrorist and other criminal threats
   and incident response contingencies as
                                                  to Australian aviation safety and security.
   required under government regulations.

22     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport                                                                                                                 Security Guide | Adelaide Airport   23
Adelaide Airp or t Securit y Restric ted Area Plan

24   Security Guide | Adelaide Airport               Security Guide | Adelaide Airport   25
A ssis tance Contac t Lis t

Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL)

Airport Coordination Centre (ACC)               8154 9444 (24/7)

Airport Duty Manager (ADM)                      8154 9462 (24/7)

Pass Issue Office (PIO)                               8154 9499

Security Agencies                                      All 24/7

Police / Fire / Ambulance Emergency                         000

Australian Federal Police (AFP)                         131 237

SA Police Operations (SAPOL)                            131 444

Australian Customs Service (ACS)                   1800 06 1800

26     Security Guide | Adelaide Airport
Adelaide Airport Limited
1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport, South Australia 5950

Phone (+61) 8 8308 9211 Fax (+61) 8 8308 9311

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