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									                                         MGT 301

                       MGT 301 STUDY GUIDE – CHAPTER 4 *

                           “Managing in an Global Environment”

             Suggested areas and topics of study in preparation for Exam # 1

Corporate Culture and Emergent Behavior

Why is national isolationism out of vogue

Stages/levels of international business participation
    Domestic

      International

      Multinational

      Global

International Business Environment - 98

Getting started internationally - 93
    Exporting

      Licensing

      Direct investment
The effects of the emerging economies of China, India, and Brazil

How do economic, legal-political, and social-cultural environments affect the ability to
do business Legal-political

      Social-cultural

Importance of the exchange rate

Communication differences/problems
   High context

      Low context


Cultural intelligences

International Trade Alliances

      GATT

      European Union

      NAFTA

      Others

Multinational Corp
Global Backlash

Cultural Intelligence

What happens with the basic business principles when doing business in foreign culture-

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