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                             Indianapolis Mapping & Geographic Infrastructure System

                                        MINUTES OF THE


                                            November 10, 2005

Location:     The Polis Center, 1200 Waterway Blvd.
              Conference Room
              8:15 a.m.

Attendees:    Pam Martin, IMAGIS                               Frank Kelly, IPL
              Mathew McCormack, IMAGIS                         Kevin Kastner, IMAGIS
              Joan Keene, HHC                                        Brian Schneider, DMD
              Dave Coats, Polis                                Theresa Thompson, IU
              Anna Radue, IU                                   Mark Bradley, CCGIS
              Tim Kiste, MCSO                                  Gary Huddleston, DPW
              Andy Harris, Township Assessor                   John Buechler, Polis
              Jerry King, IPL                                  Charline Avey, Veolia Water
              Jim Stout, IMAGIS                                Mike Woodward
              Andrew Swenson, DMD

I.     Approval of the October, 2005 Minutes

       Minutes of the October 13, 2005 meeting were approved as written.

II.    New Business

       A.     IMAGIS Draft Contract/Budget Process/MPO

              The draft of the Service Agreement is under review. It will be going to the Board
              tomorrow. The increase in storm and sewer fees passed. Perhaps some will find it’s way to
              IMAGIS. The Metropolitan Planning Organization conducts transportation and transit
              planning for 8 counties including strategic plans and system monitoring. We have been
              working closely with the agency on projects we can assist with next year. We are still
              waiting for the agreement amendment for the State. It is awaiting signature from the
              Attorney General. Jim talked with Roger Koelpin about the State continuing as a member
              of IMAGIS. Most see the importance, but the upper level in State government does not.

III.   Review of Special Projects and Other Projects – Status Update
A    2005 Statewide Aerial Photography

     Matt distributed a screen capture from the Earth Data delivery. Approximately 59% or 40,
     275 photo tiles are completed. Dewberry is conducting the review and quality control.
     Less than 200 total tiles have been rejected, primarily due to shadows and small elevation
     issues. There was significant leaf coverage in 14 counties. We are negotiating how to
     handle this. Matt and Jim made a trip to Dayton to look things over. Monroe County has
     some tree cover issues. Sullivan, Vigo and Clay have been delivered. The significance of
     the Dayton trip was to see the 6” imagery. There are some vegetation issues in places.
     Marion County looks good with the exception of a couple of pretty leafy flight lines.
     Sullivan County is on the mass storage at IUPUI. They are working on the web pages
     regarding size and distribution information. The data is coming directly from the vendor.
     There should be less corruption that way.

     Jim is working with Evansville and our vendors to cut a disc of imagery in the tornado
     damaged areas.

B.   Indy GIS Retreat

     Thursday, the City-County GIS held their annual retreat at Holiday Park to discuss the past
     years’ efforts, accomplishments, and ideas and priorities for next year. The CIO was there
     in the morning and reported he has not been hearing any complaints. Chuck Carufel
     presented a slide show of their current and future projects.

C.   3D GIS

     Matt and Jim have been looking into the needs and uses of 3D GIS. They visited ICTC and
     the Pervasive Tech Lab at IUPUI. They are interested in what possibilities exist with 3D,
     perhaps a 3D model for Emergency Management. It may also be beneficial to economic
     development and telecommunications. There will naturally be funding issues to discuss.

D.   New Data/Participant Project Updates

     Andy Harris reported they are still working with 3 vendors and looking at IT issues
     concerning the new property system.

     Charline Avey said they have started a new initiative testing wireless access for GIS. They
     are working to develop a web platform and have access to new plans, email, etc.

     Joan Keene said they have been creating maps for an obesity study, measuring the BMI on
     school-age children. Next they will begin working on HIV/AIDS maps.

     Dave Coats and John Buechler reported on their attendance at Techpoint. John said there
     was a huge presence from IU. He said there was a strong commitment from the University
     to support the State with the main focus on broadband, I-Light II, Public/Private, etc. The
     cable companies, SBC, wireless firms were also in attendance. Issues pertaining to rules
     and regulatory concerns were discussed. Senator Ford was present and spoke highly of the
     aerial photography project.

     John also said they have been working on pre-disaster mitigation plans for Hancock
     County. Excellent infrastructure data has been included. They have also been working
     with Boone County REMC on GIS implementation for analyses.
            Jim reported we received a new delivery of Hancock County parcels and centerlines. IGIC
            won an SBC grant to distribute ortho data sets to libraries in the State.

            Mike Woodward described using prison labor for GIS work. He’s been working on a DNR
            Watershed project using the Prison Enterprise Network at Plainfield. It’s a very cost
            effective way to go.

            Kevin Kastner has been working in LaPorte County placing land use boundaries and labels
            for assessment. This is an IMAGIS contract job.

            Frank Kelly said they are still evaluating new GIS systems, which hopefully may happen
            next year. There are no roadblocks yet, but weather could impact. They’re also continuing
            work with the IURC and other utilities on the Service Territory Boundary project. They
            also sent crews to West Virginia because of heavy snows from a nor’easter. Yesterday
            crews went to Evansville to help in the tornado recovery. Jerry reported on the Intergraph
            Conference in Huntsville, Alabama.

            Matt said he has been working on placing lot numbers on parcels.

            Andy Swenson said the land-use layers have been rectified back to US Feet from

            Gary Huddleston reported DPW is in talks with IUPUI about internships next spring.
            Work would primarily consist of inventory functions and other projects within Solid

            Anna Radue said most of her time has been spent on Sullivan County orthos. She added
            that they had received 98 CDs of Lidar data from Madison County.

            Mark Bradley reported he has completed a milestone on the Intersection layer. He has
            populated attributes on the points. It tells whether it is a street or alley, improved or not.
            The points are relayed to the centerline. Centerlines are being added to the alleys, but it is
            very time consuming.

V.   Other Business and Announcements

     A.     IMAGIS Board – November 16 8:30 a.m., City-County Building
     B.     Program Manager’s Comments
                   1.    Intro ArcGIS i – Nov 14-15, Polis, $595.
                   2.    Intro ArcGIS ii – Nov 16-18, Polis, $795.
                   3.    GIS Day – Nov 16.
                   4.    GIScience – Nov 16, IUPUI.
                   5.    IGIC / INGISI – Nov 17, IN State Library.
                   6.    ArcGIS for Emergency Mgt – Nov 21-22, Polis, free.
                   7.    Abstracts Due for IGIC Conference – Nov 23.
                   8.    HAZUS for Risk Assessment – Nov 28-30, Polis, free.
                   9.    AutoDesk U. – Nov 28-Dec 1, Orlando.
                   10.   IGIC Orthophoto Seminar – Nov 29, IUPUI, free.
                   11.   HAZUS Basics – Dec 5-8, Polis, free.
                   12.   Intro ArcGIS i – Dec 12-13, Polis, $595.
                   13.   Intro ArcGIS ii – Dec 14-16, Polis, $795.

     C.     Other Comments / Miscellaneous
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:40 AM. The next meeting
will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2005 at 8:15 AM at the Polis Center, 1200 Waterway Boulevard,
First Floor Conference Room.


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