Before the Board of Supervisors in and for the by Z9s2NXTJ


									                        Before the Board of Supervisors in and for the
                           County of Monterey, State of California

Resolution No.
A Resolution honoring the accomplishments                         )
of Filipino contractors and field workers of the past for their   )
role in the rich agricultural history of Monterey County………………….. )

WHEREAS, in the 1920s, the Salinas Valley faced a farm labor shortage. Farmers seeking low-
cost labor sources looked towards bringing in Filipino laborers. The United States was a
protectorate of the Philippines and Filipinos were allowed into this country with the special
status of Philippine Nationals. The importation of laborers began about 1920 and consisted
almost entirely of single men. Because intermarriage was not allowed, the shortage of Filipino
women caused many cultural and social problems, which coupled with discrimination against
the Filipino workers themselves, made life very difficult for the young men; and,

WHEREAS, by 1930 there were 34,000 Filipino farm laborers in California. Like many of the
immigrants who came to this great country they were seeking a better way of life. The first wave
of Filipino workers found working conditions less than desirable. They worked longs hours for
low wages and felt discrimination. Seeking better wages, they started organizing the Filipino
Labor Union in August 1934. The Filipinos were the first to seriously attempt to organize farm
labor in the Salinas Valley. An attempt was made to combine this Union with the Vegetable
Packers Union, which did not have Filipino members. The Vegetable Packers Union was not
willing to represent farm workers; unfortunately this rejection did not give Filipino laborers any
power and soon the attempt to organize failed; and,

WHEREAS, Living conditions were even less desirable. Most of the buildings were composed of
wooden/tar paper shacks. Even with the discrimination the Filipino farm laborer faced, poor
wages and living conditions, they worked hard taking pride in the art of harvesting crops,
encouraging their children to better themselves with education, and saving their meager wages
so that their children could go on to college and find a better life for themselves; and,

WHEREAS, in 2004, a historic Filipino labor camp complex located on the Balestra Ranch, 15
McFadden Road in Salinas, was scheduled for demolition. The Monterey County Historic
Resources Board approached the owners the Bunn & Yuki ranch requesting that at least one of
the buildings be saved. The families agreed and the Monterey County Historical Society agreed
that one of the small buildings would be relocated to the Boronda Adobe History Center as part
of the Society's agricultural complex; and,

WHEREAS, Hartnell College’s construction class laid the foundation at no cost. Once the
foundation was laid, the Bunn and Yuki families dismantled one of the small buildings,
transported it at their own expense and reconstructed the building on the new site. The
Monterey County Historical Society approached the Filipino American National Historical
Society (Monterey Bay Chapter) to partner with them to furnish the building as a typical labor
camp bunkhouse, to display their history, depicting not only the living conditions of the Filipino
farm laborer, but also the contributions they gave to our great county. The building was
dedicated September 14, 2008.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Monterey County Board of Supervisors does
hereby recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of the Filipino contractors and field
workers of the past for their role in the rich agricultural history of Monterey County an thanks
them for their part in shaping our great County.
PASSED AND ADOPTED on this 2nd day of June 2009, upon motion of Supervisor
__________________________, seconded by Supervisor ____________________________ by the following
vote, to-wit:


I, Gail T. Borkowski, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Monterey, State of
California, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of an original order of said Board of
Supervisors duly made and entered in the minutes thereof of Minute Book ___ for the meeting on

Gail T. Borkowski Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, County of Monterey, State of California.


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