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14-19 Task Group Meeting - DOC by Z9s2NXTJ


									                         14-19 Task Group Meeting

              Minutes of the Meeting of Thursday 19th May 2005

                                 11am – 1pm

   Barbara Prior                          John Ruskin College
   Don King                               Learning and Skills Council
   Gill Cumberland                        Richmond Upon Thames College
   Helen Robinson                         Prospects Services Ltd
   Jennifer Sims                          John Ruskin College
   John Stopani                           Croydon College
   Kate Ambrosi                           Croydon, London Borough
   Kay Trotter                            Kingston Upon Thames
   Lillian Magero                         Rathbone Training
   Michael Larbalstier                    Prospects Services Ltd.
   Richard Beales                         Merton College
   Richard Latham                         Croydon 14-19
   Paula Dunkley                          SLLP
   Sue Overy                              Connexions
   Tony Dowling                           Representing Sutton

  Dillwyn Rosser                          Way To Work
  Hilary Moore`                           Department for Education & Skills
  Keith Hunter                            Government Office for London
  Lianne McCarthy                         Bromley College
  Peter Latham                            Kingston Upon Thames
  Richard Stanley                         Merton, London Borough

1. Apologies
Apologies were read to the forum.

2. Previous Minutes and Matters Arising
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

i) Matters arising were as follows:

ii) A demonstration of Fast Tomato was on the agenda.

iii) The recommendations of the 14-19 Strategy Group were referred to the
Board. Discussions were still underway with the LSC about the group

ACTION: iv) Information on EMA would be put on the website.

v) Teaching Creativity – a workshop would be organised.

vi) Discussion on an event on the White paper was on the agenda.

3. LSC Update

Don King Head of Young People’s Learning LSLSC.

i) The LSC would be putting aside funding for an employability/WRL
framework post 16.

ii) There had been a strong response to StAR options to work with borough
partnerships to develop capacity. Approval had been given to provide some
funding for boroughs not in receipt of AWI funds, (i.e Richmond, Kingston,
Merton and Sutton).

iii) Don outlined the format of the PAN London 14-19 Forum which is chaired
by Joy Mercer and has membership across key areas for 14-19 work. The
group had worked with London Challenge to produce the Pan London Learner
Offer, which had been consulted on.

The LSCs in London are producing a joint 14-19 strategy, which will be
available soon.

The LSC had approached the SLLP to use its expertise in helping the London
Forum disseminate its work across London.

ESF Bidding Round
The final round of ESF was out for consultation, closing 20th May. The main
item links to the September Guarantee, for the two years of summer activity.

There are other proposals for Young People around E2E and pre E2E
provision, and a particular reference to Richmond.

4. Work Related Learning Post 16

Kay Trotter reported on the group which had met to consider WRL Post 16,
and asked for comment on the draft document which had been sent with the

The focus was to explore the possibilities for post 16, building on KS4, for all
young people and all career pathways.

The process the group had used, including looking at any work by QCA and
Tomlinson, was described.

The group had discussed impact on KS5, identifying which elements have
employment opportunities and the types of employment available. It had
exchanged ideas about current activities and focused on individual student

Skills were identified at Level 3 and Level 2, with differentiation according to

There was discussion about using the document as an auditing tool and
identifying support available for activities.

Don King supported the approach and asked that it support the learner
entitlement being developed.

ACTION: Meeting with LSC to be organised with Project Group FE and
6th Form Colleges, forming a core-working group to take it forward.

5. Fast Tomato Demonstration

Michael Larbalstier, Prospects Services Ltd.

Michael described the tool, which had been developed by the Morrisby
Organisation. It was being used in 1 in 5 school with 125,000 users.

A demonstration of the product was given to the group with opportunity for

A discussion on the use of the product covered its use for careers guidance
and use to publicise courses in each institution. It is currently used in
Bromley, Sutton and Kingston.

ACTION: Recommend to borough partnerships that information on
courses available post-16 are shared.

6. SLLP Activity 05/06

i) Event on ‘After Tomlinson’

The key issue was implementation of the DFES proposals in the 14-19 White
Paper - How do we develop capacity and expertise to deliver vocational
courses across the curriculum?

It was likely to include expansion of vocational provision in schools. The
group would like to hear from others about their experience of ensuring
access to the vocational offer.

The event should focus on;

      A clear picture of the way forward.
      A clear sense of direction.
      Raising confidence.

It was suggested that 16-19 does not get enough focus, including embedding
of good practice.

ACTION: Janice Pigott to put proposal together for the next meeting.

ii) NEET Project

The response to the questionnaire had been low. It was decided to carry on
investigating the factors involved in engaging NEET or more of NEET young

iii) Support for Value Added

The LSC Value Added project has a conference on 30th June, with a focus on
science, maths and psychology. The SLLP had been continuing the support
for the Vocational Value Added project led by Carshalton, and that would
have a workshop at the conference.

iv) Curriculum Network

The SLLP had issued information on Health and Social Care and Leisure and
Tourism. The other groups were in the process of developing information.
This work would be continued and linked to Curriculum groups through the
Value Added project.

7. Any Other Business

Future Agenda items;

      Skills academics
      Demonstration of electronic registration.

8. Date of Next Meeting

It was pointed out that the 28th June clashed with the Sutton 14-19

It was agreed to hold the meeting on July 7th from 2-4pm. Venue to be


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