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									College for Adults
with Special Education Needs
(CASEN)                       智齡專上學院

                                     Operated by
          The Neighbourhood Active-Advice Council
           Background 智齡的背景

   Since 2004 2004年成立
   Self-financing basis 自負盈虧
   Develop their potential and contribute to
    the society 為弱能人士爭取不同的一個『機會』
   1st higher education institute for disabled

   Nine Faculties   九個學院
  Faculties & Departments 學院及部門

                                          Faculty of Performing Art
Faculty of “A-Tech” Health Science 康正醫療保健學院

                                            Faculty of Human Science 人文學院
                                              Faculty of Sport 體育學院

                                            Faculty of Visual Art 視覺藝術學院

                                         Faculty of Culinary Art 廚藝學院

                                   Faculty of Extension Education 延伸教育學院

                        Faculty of Business and Administration 商業學院

Faculty of Beauty & Image Design 形像設計及美容學院
      Faculty of Visual Arts 演藝學院

   CASEN Band 智齡樂隊
   Musical instruments 音樂、樂器
   Dance and Drama 舞蹈、戲劇
      Music Training 音樂培訓

Coaching by professional: 專人培訓課程
1. Piano 鋼琴

2. Violin 小提琴

3. Guitar 結他

4. African Drum 非洲鼓

5. Technique in singing 歌唱技巧

6. Training as a band 樂隊培訓
      CASEN BAND 智齡樂隊

BAND members
       Missions 「智齡樂隊」成立目的

   A platform to perform 一個演藝『機會』
   Achieve self-reliance 發展智障與自閉人士的音樂潛能
   Transition to the community 得到社會各界認同
   Brand new alternative for special
    education 提升學員音樂上的才能
              Trainings 訓練內容

   Music theory 樂理和音樂知識
   Performance skills 樂隊演奏技巧
   International opportunities   提供出外演出機會

   Team work training 團隊精神
     Our Experiences 智齡樂隊演出經驗
   PolyU “Youreable” Fashion Design 2009 performance
   3rd CASEN graduation ceremony
    智齡社區大學(現改為: 智齡專上學院)第三屆畢業典禮
       Perform with Ekin Cheng 與鄭伊健一同表演
   NAAC Charity dinner 2009 performance
       Perform with Ekin Cheng & Fiona Fung 與鄭伊健及馮曦妤一同表演
   Final 8 of singing contest hosted by Labour and Welfare
   Channel 919 – Charity concert of Autism Services
       Perform with Wilfred Lau 與劉浩龍一同表演
   ATV performance 亞洲電視『屯結一心迎殘奧』節目表演
   RTHK interview 香港電台升斗之歌節目訪問
         Visions 智齡樂隊的心聲

From the community           《期望社區人士》

 Chances    機會

 Acceptance      認同

 Supports   鼓勵

 Equality   平等

 Non-distinctive      無區別
             Visions 智齡樂隊的心聲

We had a dream that could buy our way
to heaven. 夢想有一天我們的歌聲能傳到天堂
Chance to publishing our first CDs.
Support us with donation.
Many kind of instruments and choir.
Our Band ready, now it’s your turn.
This is our life and you decide yours.
            Visions 智齡樂隊的心聲
With your supports, We could 有你的支持

   Record our first MV and publish our first CDs.
   All funding would rise in the charity bazaar.
   Support musical events musician with disabilities.
   Promote on TV, radio and other media
         Visions 智齡樂隊的心聲

A hundred Thousand dollar could exchange for a
  dream from thousand of minority groups in
  Hong Kong. 一百萬就能實現許多少數族群的一個
          Our Goal 智齡樂隊的夢想

   We wish our voice can reach as much
    people as we could. 希望讓我們的音樂打動所有人
   In the form of music to touch the deepest
    part of your heart. 藉此讓各界人士感受我們背後的努力。
Our show 我們的表演
         Special thanks 特別鳴謝

   Co-organisers 合辦機構
                   Contact US 聯絡我們
   Web Site 網址

   H.K. Island Head Office: 1/F Winbase Centre 208 Queen's Road Central,
    Central, Hong Kong
    港島總校: 香港上環皇后大道中208號勝基中心一樓全層
      Tel:2543 3450 / 2543 3580            Fax:2543 3587

   H.K. Island Campus: 2/F, Tung Sun Commercial Centre, 194 Lockhart Road,
    Wanchai, Hong Kong
    港島分校: 香港灣仔駱克道194號東新商業大廈2樓
    Tel:2802 1322 / 2802 1538             Fax:2802 1718

   Kowloon Campus: Room 101-105, Wong Tai Sin Community Centre, 104 Ching
    Tak Street, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon
    九龍分校: 九龍黃大仙正德街黃大仙社區中心一樓101至105室
      Tel:2321 2623                   Fax:2320 9926

   E-mail 電郵

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