August 11, 2005 Special Session of the County Commissioners

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              August 17, 200 Regular Session of the County Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners, in and for Beaverhead County, Montana, met in session
on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. Present: Chairman Tom Rice, Commissioner
Garth Haugland, Commissioner Mike McGinley, and Secretary Patti Odasz.


The minutes of the August 10, 2009 meeting were read and the following motion was

       MOTION: Commissioner Haugland moved and Commissioner
               McGinley seconded that the minutes of the August 10,
               2009 meeting be approved. A verbal vote was taken and
               the motion carried unanimously.

Report on County Projects:

Road Supervisor Mike Shafer, County Engineer Jim Carpita, and Road Department
Secretary Jamie Hoklin joined the meeting.

The Lower North Fork Road pipe has been installed and the wing walls have been
ripped rapped. There is one small overflow pipe left to install. This entire project should
be completed by the end of August.

The 16 foot bridge over a slough on the Corinne Trail has been replaced with a used 16
foot round pipe. The crossing is now 23 feet wide. A lot of gravel was hauled for this
project. The decks on the next two bridges over the Horse Prairie Creek past this one
just mentioned are substandard and the crews will reinforce them with metal running
deck material. Mike feels that these bridges should be candidates for the next TSEP
round of bridge funding.

Mike as secured the Kajin and James gravel pits in the Horse Prairie/Medicine Lodge
area and the gravel pit from Peter Frick on Upper Big Hole LLC. Most of the material
from the Frick Pit will be pushed on the road and the bad stretched on Davis Lane will
be fixed. Mike has ordered the pipe for this road at a cost of $12,414.40. Mike would
also like to replace the pipes on Bloody Dick Road and Medicine Lodge Road. The cost
estimate for pipes for Bloody Dick Road is $6,750 and the cost estimate for pipes for
Medicine Lodge Road is $9,217. There will be some pipes that will just need ends
August 17, 2009                                                     Book “V”       33
added. Mike will order a truckload of 18 inch and 24 inch pipes. Mike will purchase the
pipe from Roscoe Steel because the County gets a government discount.
A breakdown of the costs for road projects will be kept.

Mike will have gravel placed in the pipe west of Dyce Creek on Taylor Creek Road

The 3rd Avenue Bridge was removed on Friday, August 14, 2009 by 3:00 p.m.

Mike will be on vacation from September 18 until November 1, during the construction
of the Nissen Lane, Frying Pan Road, and Carrigan Lane bridges. Mike will review
these projects with Scott Jones and Bob Ferris and will be available by cell phone. Mike
will leave a list of projects for the crews, but asked if one of the Commissioners or Jim
could check in at the shop while he is gone.

Jamie will email engineer Bill Lloyd to see when the design plans for the three bridges
will be available. The engineers are core drilling these bridges this week. There was
discussion regarding the process of dewatering the Creeks for these projects.

Because school buses will be running soon, the blading of roads will be started this

Kelly Rowe will give Mike an estimate to set the Corinne Trail Bridge after Jim and Mike
meet with him onsite.

The Road Department Report for August 9-15, 2009 was submitted:

         Bladed on the Ten Mile Road and Corinne Trail.
         Sign installation on Corinne Trail and Highway 324.
         Replaced a sign on Gosman and Red Rock Road due to vandalism.
         Sprayed willows on South Valley Road.
         Pit reclamation at the Grant gravel pit.
         Measured all culverts on Bloody Dick and Medicine Lodge Roads for new
          culverts and extensions.
         Did paperwork to secure gravel pits on Skinner Meadows and Bloody Dick
         Hauled gravel and culvert installation on the Lower North Fork Road.
         Hauled gravel and culvert installation on Corinne Trail.
         Installed culvert extensions on Bannack Bench Road.
         Culvert installation on Bannack Bench Road.
         Removed the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Lima.
         Road checked Dillon, Glen, Elkhorn, Medicine Lodge, Horse Prairie area
         Equipment service and repair.

         Bladed on the following roads: Meadow-Nicholia Cut Across, Meadow
          Creek, Medicine Lodge and Lima Dam.
         Hauled gravel on Corinne Trail.
         Sprayed willows on the South Valley Road.
         Removed the 3rd Avenue Bridge.
         Road checked Lima, Dell and South Valley area roads.
         Equipment service and repair.

        Hauled equipment and a culvert to the Lower North Fork Road for
        Hauled gravel and installed a culvert on the Lower North Fork Road.
        Built wing walls on the culvert.
        Hauled gravel on Lower North Fork for washouts from spring.
        Road checked Jackson and Wisdom.
        Equipment service and repair.
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Old Business / Other Topics of Discussion:

Commissioner Haugland informed the Board that he received a letter from
NorthWestern Energy asking him to be part of the Infrastructure Stakeholder Group
(ISG). This group is a representative organization of stakeholders with an interest in the
current and future state of NorthWestern’s state-regulated electric gas utility. After brief
discussion it was decided that Commissioner Haugland would represent Beaverhead
County on the ISG. A letter of acceptance will be sent to NorthWestern Energy.

Commissioner McGinley gave the Board an update of the work that volunteers did on
the Laknar Lane Pedestrian Path project on Saturday.

Monte Weeks from Lima briefly joined the meeting to inquire about becoming an
independent commercial week sprayer for the Lima area. Monte was referred to the
Weed Department.

Lunch Recess:

Chairman Rice recessed the meeting at 11:45 a.m. for the lunch break and at 1:30 p.m.
he reconvened the meeting with all Commissioners and Secretary Patti Odasz present.

Deputy County Attorney Jayne Mitchell:              Present Petitions and Settlement
Agreement for Miller Road:

Deputy County Attorney Jayne Mitchell, Attorney Patti Rowland, Ron and Marilyn
Benson, and GIS Coordinator Scott Marsh joined the meeting.

Jayne informed the Commissioners that the Petitions for abandonment of Kerr,
Brimrose, and Sewell Roads and the creation of Miller Road are on file in the Clerk and
Recorder’s Office. Jayne submitted the Viewers’ Report for the proposed Miller Road.
The Commissioners reviewed the report. Jayne recommended that the Commissioners
set a hearing date for the abandonment and the creation of the aforementioned roads.

       MOTION: Commissioner Haugland moved and Commissioner McGinley
               seconded that the Viewers’ Report for Miller Road be
               accepted. A verbal vote was taken and the motion carried

       MOTION: Commissioner McGinley moved and Commissioner Haugland
               seconded that both petitions be accepted. A verbal vote was
               taken and the motion carried unanimously.

The hearing for both petitions was set for Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 1:30 p.m.

County Attorney Office Update:

County Attorney Jed Fitch and Planner Rick Hartz joined the meeting. Rick gave the
Commissioners background information about a pending variance that will be part of the
Ingram Subdivision.

Jed has talked to Road Supervisor Mike Shafer regarding a contract with Peter Frick.
Jed has two sentencings tomorrow in District Court. The Quiet Title process for the
Wisdom shop is still progressing, but Jed is not sure on how to solve the problem in
Grant, Montana.

Commissioner McGinley informed the Board and Jed that he has received several
complaints about the smokers’ smoke coming in the windows and doors of the
Courthouse. The option of building a smoker’s area away from the Courthouse was
discussed. Jed will write a resolution not allowing smoking within so many feet of the
Courthouse. The Commissioners will talk to Facility Administrator Chris Kraft about a
location of a smoking area.

August 17, 2009                                                   Book “V”      35
News Media:

Chairman Rice went over the day’s business with the news media.

Recess to Search and Rescue Building:

Commissioner Rice recessed the meeting at 2:30 p.m.

Update on the Interoperability Montana Project:

The meeting was reconvened at the Search and Rescue Building. Commissioner
McGinley introduced Interoperability Montana Project (IMP) Public Affairs and Outreach
Officer Ian Marquand. Ian introduced IMP Executive Director Kevin Bruski. Everyone
introduced his or her self. The following is a list of attendees:

August 17, 2009                                                         Book “V”     36
The IMP is holding meetings throughout the state in preparation for the 2011
Legislature. Input is needed for the sustainability of this project. Ian gave a power point
presentation on how the IMP started, what it consists of, and its goals.

After the presentation, numerous questions were asked and answered. It was stressed
that ideas are needed from all entities involved in this project as to how this project
could be sustained.

Payment of Invoices:

The Commissioners reviewed and approved the August 9-15, 2009 invoices for a total
of $654,163.50. The Invoice Payment Schedule is located in the Financial
Administrator’s Office.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned
at 5:00 p.m.

Attest:                                     Approved:
             Clerk of the Board                              Chairman of the Board


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