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   Tarapoto - San Martín – PERU

          Agustín Guzmán
             "To be well-educated is the only way to be free “
                                                   José Martí.

More than 500 years ago in this part of the world, nowadays named
America and known before as Abya Yala, the inhabitants lived in
Paradise.In the case of the Tawantinsuyu, the heirs of Manko Capac and
Mama Ocllo were expelled from Paradise upon the arrival of Europeans
and with them the arrival of sugar cane, grapevine, barley, rice and other
bad habits.

The Inkas drank “Chicha”, a non-alcoholic drink made of corn.
Tawantinsuyu was the name of the territory of the Inkas and its meaning
is “the place illuminatetd by the sun in the 4 directions”. For our North
American native brothers, this symbolizes the Medicine Wheel.
Therefore, the Inkas lived in a place where Medicine was practiced. There
is testimony that the average age of the inhabitants in Tawantinsuyu was
around 150 years old. Of course, they lived in paradise, they practiced
their medicine, they were vegetarians, they did not use drugs because
they did not know them, and they had a good diet based on what we call
today native food.

Wachuma, wrongly named San Pedro by Catholics because they say San Pedro
opens the doors to Heaven, also known as Achuma, Aguacolla and Gigantón, its
scientific name is "Echinopsis Pachanoi" or "Trichocereus Pachanoi". This cactus
naturally grows in the Andes, South of Ecuador, in Peru and Bolivia and belongs
to the same family as the Peyote. Its chemical component is mescaline.

In Peru,we find the Chavin culture with more than 2,000 years BC. I would say
that this sacred space, located in the Andes at 3,180 meters over sea level, is the
origin of what we know as Shamanism. There are underground chambers with
ventilation and hydraulic channels, and in one of the “patios” there is a block of
Stone with an important figure holding the cactus known as WACHUMA, carved
on high-relief. Therefore, we can say that the people who inhabited Chavin,
drank Wachuma in the dark underground chambers accompanied by the sound
of water in the channels. This is similar to the people that go to Huautla de
Jiménez in Mexico to eat mushrooms, and they do it in the underground
darkness of the houses, because if they do it in the open air, the light would
interfere in their dreams and visions. The Medicine Plant Wachuma also
naturally grows in this area.
  Priest holding Wachuma in his hand
high-relief design at Temple in Chavin de

There are two ways:
The most known is to take a 250 ml glass with the
Medicine Wachuma. With high amounts of mescaline,
in this case will carry the person into trance for
approximately 12 hours or more. After ingesting the
Medicine, the person starts to feel chills and/or lower
temperatures in his/her body, that makes him/her
uncomfortable. In order to provide “comfort” to this
person and avoid feeling cold, he/she goes into a pool
with thermo-medicinal waters at a temperature of 35
degrees centigrade, for enough time to work on the
physical body of the person, which may cause him/her
to start crying, even the most courageous men cry.
We must also help the person to make regression to a fetal
position. As the water is hot, it feels as being in the womb
of our mother. When I talk about making regression I
refer to the Wachuma as a plant that always helps us go
into the past, to moments or lives when a trauma was
created, a sensations, something that blocked us. I have
heard people say they take Wachuma to see the future.

For me, future does not exist, only the past and present
exist, that present right now in this moment and the
philosophy of Wachuma is that we are happy here and now.
This treatment must be done in areas over 3,000 meters
high, because altitude helps to move emotions within
people. This is why Tibetans and Inkas established in high
places. Altitude sickness or “soroche” is in the minds of
people, they become sick by suggestion.
For me, future does not exist, only the past and
present exist, that present right now in this moment
and the philosophy of Wachuma is that we are happy
here and now. This treatment must be done in areas
over 3,000 meters high, because altitude helps to
move emotions within people. This is why Tibetans
and Inkas established in high places. Altitude sickness
or “soroche” is in the minds of people, they become
sick by suggestion.
The hot springs also help move emotions, we can confirm
this going to these places with thermal springs. They say
people should not remain in the water for more than 15
minutes, because after that they start feeling deeziness
and are fearful of fainting. This is a good sign for me and
if the person faints, it can make it easier to guide him/her
into regression. Fainting is going into a state of trance as
well. While the person is inside the hot baths, he/she
must eat a lot of honey (it does not matter if the person
has diabetes) and drink a lot of water, this will help to
expand the trance state and not to feel hungry. After
several sessions with Wachuma, we carry out a ceremony
in the Sacred Sweatlodge to continue detoxifying and
purifying, in this case healing takes place specifically
working with the elements water and fire. This therapy
takes around one month.
The other way to administer Wachuma is taking one tablespoon of
the Medicine, each night before going to sleep. This process is
slow and can be done with the patient in his own home. After one
week with the treatment, some changes can be observed, the
persona starts to dream and dreams with his/her past, maybe that
past he/she never remembered and which may have been a bad
experience. The person also starts to sleep better, sometimes
more than usual. In this sense, Wachuma is a good Medicine to
fight against stress and for those people that cannot sleep well
and take pills. With this treatment, people become more sensitive,
they start crying and tell what they are feeling, when tears start
pouring is when we can say that we have won the battle. It is
obvious that Wachuma helps people modify their habits. I have
known of cases in which people liked eating a lot of meat and
after beginning the treatment, they started rejecting meat and
finally became vegetarians. This treatment in microdose can be
done at the patient’s home and it is the family that helps with the
treatment, of course it is a slow treatment but effective.
•   People with pain to bones, arthrosis, rheumatism, improve

•   People with HIV, improve while taking Wachuma in microdose and also
eating Coca flour, and they leave the medicine given at the hospital, for a
•    People with terminal illnesses like cancer, if they ingest Wachuma in
microdose within a reasonable time previous to their “death”, this Medicine
will help them understand the reasons for their sickness and will receive the
message and will then leave in peace and without any sense of guilt

•   In the case of alcoholism, drug-addiction to cocaine and other
addictions, Wachuma is most effective because the person will understand
the reasons of his addiction, that means he will discover what makes him
unhappy and will discover his spiritual side, it will help him understand
about duality in evil and good

•   The only addiction with which I have had no results with Wachuma is
nicotine poisoning or “smoking cigarettes”
•   Alzheimer disease

•   Mental Illness

•   Epilepsy
•  Wachuma, being a Medicine that modifies the mood
changes in people, can be good against cases of violence
due to alcoholism

•   In jails, to fight violence

•   In the big cities, to fight gang violence

•   Natural birth labor in the water, previous ingestion of

Unhappily, there are no scientific studies on this plant, in
comparison to all the existing information about the
Ayahuasca. I make a call to SCIENCE, to carry out a
complete scientific research on Wachuma, from all angles
or aspects: medicinal, chemical, pharmacological and
other areas of interest.

Based on my personal experience with this Medicine, I am
sure that all this will be positive and in that way we can
open the door to its legalization. Then I will have complied
with my mission on Earth and medical science will have
given a great leap and millions of people in the world will
stop suffering physically and financially because they will
have attained their freedom.

I am convinced that the priest at Chavin,
holding Wachuma in his hand, received the
vision from the plant in order to carve on
stone this BEING OF LIGHT, which is now
called the “Estela Raymondi”, honoring
Raymondi, who discovered it. At present you
can see it at the Anthropological and
Archaeological Museum in Pueblo Libre, in
the city of Lima.
Enlightened Being
high-relief design
   at Temple in
Chavin de Huantar
   1.98 meters
 74 centimeters

To finish let’s remember the words of this
wise man, Antonio Raymondi, who said that
Peru “is a beggar sitting on a gold bank” and
there is this anonymous saying that Peru “is
an ill and starving being sitting on a bank of
medicinal plants and native food, begging for
a pill and a hamburger”.
All I have expressed previously is my work of 20 years
of research,is not the copy of any other work, which by
the way, does not exist. I also put forward that the
traditional use of this Medicine was lost and that this
humble and simple contribution is my commitment to
my roots and my gratitude to this land that gave me
birth and from which I have received so much.

I am very happy to be able to make my small
contribution to society and let’s hope that in the near
future the official medicine opens to us the doors of
universities, hospitals, clinics, emergency centers, to
share our medicine with those who are in great need
of it.
I am open to share my experiences with science, as
long as there is mutual respect. I am sure that dream
will come true and I trust it will be not too long before
we are able to alleviate pain and sadness in our
siblings that fell in drugs, something I know well
because I am one of the rehabs healed with Wachuma,
I have no shame in publicly saying it, even more, I feel
proud to say I won the battle and that Wachuma DOES
HEAL, I have no doubt about this.

Thank you all.
To the memory of my dear parents Agustín and
Joba, who educated me with humbleness and
wisdom to walk in life with beauty.

To the memory of healers, “curanderos” and
“curanderas” and Amautas Inkas, who were killed
because of the simple fact of being in communion
with Wiracocha and Pachamama.

I will be eternally grateful to all of them.


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