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									Chapter 12 Key Issue 4 Homework

1. What types of business services are found in world cities?
2. What transportation and communication innovations impacted services around the world?
3. How have modern transportation and communications reinforced the primacy of world cities?
4. What is the clustering of business services in the modern world city a product of?
5. Why are luxury and highly specialized products likely to be sold in world cities?
6. How many more plays and theaters do London and NYC have than the rest of the UK and U.S.?
7. What role do world cities play in politics? How is NYC unique to this situation?
8. Why is Brussels a world city?
9. What are the three dominant world cities?
10. What are the major world cities?
11. What are the secondary world cities?
12. What do Command and Control centers contain?
13. What do Specialized Consumer-Service centers contain?
14. What do dependent centers contain?
15. What two business services do LDC’s specialize in the global economy?
16. Describe how offshore financial service centers offer generous tax breaks and privacy to individuals and countries.
17. How does the Cayman Islands maintain strict secrecy of its banks?
18. What are the four categories of states that offshore financial centers include? Give 3 examples of each.
19. Give four examples of typical back-office functions.
20. What are the two main reasons LDC’s have attracted back office services? Explain each in detail.
21. Why do India, Malaysia, and the Philippines have an advantage over other Asian countries in obtaining back-office
       service jobs?
22. What are basic industries? What are non-basic industries? Which type brings more jobs and services to a
23. How do you compute whether an industry is a basic or non-basic industry?

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