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									Cultural Competency

An important aspect of the delivery of high quality behavioral health services is the
acceptance and respect that members of our provider network demonstrate toward
individuals served with regard to their cultural values, beliefs and practices. Equally
important is the demonstrated ability to apply acquired understanding of cultural values,
beliefs and practices to the service setting and the care delivered to consumers.

The Access Alliance of Michigan, the managed care division of Bay-Arenac Behavioral
Health, is committed to supporting our provider network in the acquisition of appropriate
knowledge relating to culturally competent care, and to ensuring the cultural competency
of our network of providers. Assuring cultural competency and access to services for
individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and/or limited English proficiency is a
national effort, required in our Application for Participation as a Pre-Paid Health Plan and
the resulting contract with the Michigan Department of Community Health, as well as the
federal Balanced Budget Act of 1997.

Far beyond being just a set of contractual requirements, the delivery of culturally
competent care is associated with better outcomes for persons with mental illnesses,
severe emotional disturbances, substance abuse disorders and developmental

To assist you in acquiring appropriate knowledge about culturally competent practice,
and to provide support for your efforts to document the degree of cultural competence
among your staff, we have identified several reference documents for your use. These
reference materials are internet based resources that can be accessed by following the
links below:

                 United States Department of Health and Human
                 Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health
                       Services Administration (SAMSHA)


               This website has many cultural/ethnicity topics. If you want to see
               the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health go to “Features”
               and then the Surgeon General’s Report. The supplement on
               Culture Race and Ethnicity is available on-line. Hard copies of
               written materials (the Surgeon General’s Report as well as other
               informational books, booklets, brochures and posters) can be
               ordered on line at no charge.


               This page of the SAMSHA website is dedicated to information on
               drug and alcohol abuse: culture and prevention issues
       Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice




       National Center for Cultural Competence


               Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development
               and the University Center for Excellence in Developmental

       The Infinite Mind


               This website features PBS radio broadcasts on a variety of topics,
               many of which are related to Cultural Competence. They can be
               heard over the Internet or for a small fee; transcripts or recording
               (both cassette tapes or CD’s) of broadcasts can be ordered.
               Check out the LCM bookstore at the website for past titles.
               Unfortunately this program does not air on any local PBS radio

In addition, the Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health Staff Development Office offers cultural
competence training. If you would like more information, please contact the Staff
Development Center at 989-895-2397.

If the Access Alliance of Michigan or Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health can be of service to
you in the important effort to develop your resources and expertise in this critical area,
please contact me at 989-497-1304.

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