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									                            Questionnaire for visa applicants
                 (To be filled in by the applicant in Ukrainian or Russian or English)
                             Анкета G / Questionnaire G
                               Culture/Sports events
Type of sport/ cultural activity                      Group leader / Person responsible for
                                                      preparation of application

Number of participants

Number of accompanying persons

Year the Ukrainian organization/           Contact telephones
club was established

List of international competitions/ cultural events attended over the past 2 years. For
clubs/organizations actively participating in international competitions/ cultural events – list
your attendance over the last 6 months/ 1 year.

Country                            Event                                   Dates
The following supporting documents have to be submitted together with the application:

 Invitation in original or by fax. The invitation should have the following information: list of
     participants, hosting party’s contact information, information about the purpose and duration of the
     event. The host must declare expenses.

 A letter in English from the Ukrainian side (organisation/ club/ federation) with the following in

     1.    List of participants (Full name, DOB, type of activity during the trip)
     2.    Purpose and period of the trip.
     3.    Expenses borne by the Ukrainian side.

 Documented proof of availability of means (proof of funds allocation by public or private
     institutions, bank reference).

 For sports with increased risk of injury it is mandatory to produce an insurance policy providing
     for indemnity in the event of an injury.

 Hotel booking confirmation.

 Bus groups must provide the following documents:

     1.    A copy of passenger carriage agreement
     2.    A copy of bus registration, transport license, Green Card, a copy of driver’s license.

The applicants without travel history must submit documents confirming their qualification.

The Embassy may set limits regarding the number of accompanying personnel (doctors, massage
therapists, coaches, assistants, sponsors). The said personnel must submit documents testifying their
professional activity (labour record, education certificate) or sponsor activity.

In some cases additional documents must be submitted.

To be signed by a group leader
I hereby confirme that I personally have submitted this application for a visa and that all information stated in this application
and the supporting documentation is true.I am aware that providing incorrect information or falsified documents deliberately are
punishable acts by both Ukrainian and Norwegian law, and that falsified documents will be forwarded to the police.
Date:             Place:                           Signature

I hereby confirm that the information provided is true and commmplete.

Date:             Place:                           Signature

                                                                                                                  Версія 07-01

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