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					Element Cube Project: Science 9
Directions: Sign up for an element of your choice. Collect data about your element using reference
materials and internet sites. Trace the cube template and place the data collected neatly on the 6 sides of
the cube following instructions. You will have 2 full days of class time to finish it.

Grading: 22 points
   - 16 points for the information on the cube, 3 points for the completion of the cube and 3 points for
      the class presentation of it.
   - The cube must be constructed properly, data must be correct and on the right side, and the cube
      must be neat and easy to read.

Side #1 – Symbol and Name: (4 points)
1.    Symbol of your element (make this large on your cube).
2.    Element Name
3.    Atomic Number
4.    Mass number

Side #2 – Images: (2 points)
You must have at least two pictures of your element. Pictures may be printed out from the Internet or
photocopied (you should make them small so they fit on the cube).

Side #3 –Physical & Chemical Properties: (4 points)
 Include (at least 4 of the following):
-      Color
-      Odor
-      State of matter at room temperature
-      Density
-      Melting Point
-      Boiling Point
-      Flammability
-      Is it reactive with other elements?

Side #4 – Periodic Table Information: (4 points)
-     Type of Element (Metal? Nobel gas?)
-     Period (horizontal row)
-     Group Number (vertical row)
-     Family that your element belongs to

Side #5 – About (2 points)
How and where is your element used? Where do you find your element? Can it be found in everyday life?
Any interesting facts about your element? (either in its pure form, in compound form, or in mixture form)

Side #6: Name and Class
   - Your name and Class (9A or 9B)

Cube Construction:
Use the template to make your cube on thick paper. Write all your information 1st and construct the cube

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