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									      Community Festival Fund
        Guidance Notes

Closing date for applications is Monday
       2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
Purpose of the Fund

The Community Festivals Fund (CFF) was established in 2006 in recognition of the potential
contribution that festivals could make to communities, to the local economy and wider
Government policy priorities. The primary purpose of the CFF is to improve the capacity of
community festivals and make them less reliant on public funding by providing support and
training in addition to funding towards the cost of events. The Fund enables Community
Organisations to celebrate their cultural identity and to strengthen community relations.

Definition of a Festival

A community festival is defined as a series of events with a common theme and delivered within a
defined time period. It is developed from within a community and should celebrate and positively
promote what the community represents. Community festivals are about participation,
involvement, and the creation of a sense of identity and are important in contributing to the social
well being of a community.

Definition of a community

There are two types of communities that may apply to CFF:

 geographical communities - a town, village, neighbourhood, rural area;
 communities of interest - a group of people who have a common interest, concern or

Who can apply?

This fund is for festivals that are developed by and for a community. They must be initiated and
led by a community organisation or a community-led partnership. It is not enough to run a festival
on behalf of a community - the community must play a strong part in the development and
delivery of the festival and have ownership of it.

The organisation must have a governing document (Constitution or Articles and Memorandum of
Association) that has been properly adopted.

Membership of the organisation must be open to all regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual
orientation, nationality, ethnic identity, religious belief, political opinion, marital status and with or
without dependents.

Festivals developed by public bodies or private sector companies cannot apply to CFF.


Council will not normally fund the following:-
 Festivals taking place outside of Larne Borough Council area
 Festivals of a commercial nature, organised to make a profit
 Trade or professional conferences/conventions
 Core costs for festival organisers or organisations (staffing, annual overheads)
 Festivals that are primarily fundraising events, are heavily branded with charity branding

       Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
 or deploy potential sources of income from a festival to a charity
 Awards ceremonies or industry events
 Residential courses and associated events
 Festivals that are social events for an organisation
  Events developed and delivered by public bodies
  Events initiated and led by private sector organisations
  Festivals that are primarily competitive events.

General Principles Applying to the CFF

The following general principles will apply to Larne Borough Council's administration of the fund.
This is a competitive scheme and applications will be determined on the basis of merit

        Applications to this scheme will be open to all festivals that can meet the core criteria of
         the scheme irrespective of whether the proposal is for an established or emerging event

        Festival organisers will continue to be able to apply to other sources of public funding
         support, however will not be eligible to apply to other Council grant schemes to support
         the proposed festival

        All festivals must demonstrate their commitment to promoting social cohesion, social
         inclusion, equality of opportunity, and good relations

        Festivals should contribute to the promotion of a positive image of Northern Ireland and
         organisers must take steps to avert anti-social behaviour

        Organisations in receipt of public funding must comply with all statutory obligations
         regarding the delivery of and access to their events

        Festival Organisers will make every effort to increase capacity within the community
         through e.g. skills training and volunteering

        Festival Organisers will be expected to make efforts to maximise income through ticket
         sales and sponsorship. They should develop a plan to improve their sustainability and
         reduce reliance on public funding

         It is a prime responsibility of Government to ensure the proper and efficient use of and
         the accountability of public monies. To this end, festival organisers will be required to
         provide relevant supporting information when applying for funding

        Festival Organisers will be required to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of their
         festival and that public funding is put to good use and shows a positive and measurable
         impact on the local community or economy; a method of formal evaluation is therefore
         required in all applications.

 Application Process
 Applications will be considered for festivals operating within the current financial year (namely 01
 April 2012 – 31 March 2013). Applications will be invited once annually following public
 advertisement of the scheme through a combination of the Council's Website and local press.
 The Application period will be limited to three weeks. An assessment group including officers

        Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
 and Council members will administer the Community Festivals Fund. Recommendations will be
 made to the Councils Development Committee for consideration.

Criteria and Scoring

In order to meet the aims and objectives of the C fund’s aims and objectives, festival organisers
will need to demonstrate how their festival meets the criteria shown below.

The event must meet ALL of the following eight measurable criteria; applicants who fail to
demonstrate how their proposal meets any one of these will have their application rejected; the
responsibility to provide sufficient detail in any application for Council's consideration
rests with the applicant:

1. Demonstration of need, and level of demand - has the applicant conducted the research
   (effective) to demonstrate that there is a need for such a festival, and if so what is the level of
   demand likely to be?

2. Have strong community participation – defined in the range and scale of community

3. Provide opportunities for people to improve skills or receive training - defined in the range of
   skills or training, and the inherent benefits to participants and communities.

4. Promote social inclusion and improve community relations - to what extent does the festival
   proposal promote social inclusion and improve community relations?

5. Contribute to community regeneration - defined in the extent, nature and legacy of the

6. Attract visitors to the area - higher numbers will attract a higher score relevant to any
   particular year's applications.

7. Provide opportunities for development; this includes capacity building, links with other
   organisations and diversity of activities - defined in the range and quality of development
   opportunities, and the numbers of people who will benefit from these opportunities.

8. Financial viability and organisational governance - defined as the extent to which an applicant
   has demonstrated that they have secure financial backing, particularly from non public
   sources of income and the experience/skills to ensure effective delivery of the festival.

Applicants must also demonstrate a plan for long-term sustainability (financial, community
capacity, festival appeal) - the maximum level of public funding allowable is around 75%.
Examples of sustainability could include:

 Financial - reducing the level of public funding on an annual basis

 Community capacity - increasing the skills of committee members, providing volunteers with
opportunities to gain training.

 Festival appeal - adding new activities to the festival programme, increasing the professionalism of
the festival.

       Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
 Have opportunities for development - this includes capacity-building, links with other
organisations and diversity of activities. Festivals or groups which have previously been funded
through Community Festivals Fund will be required to demonstrate clear progression from
previous applications.

 Maximise non-public sources of income (e.g. through commercial sponsorship, donations, ticket
sales, advertising revenue etc).

 Demonstrate value for money.

 Marketing costs should be reasonable

An assessment of each application will be made using a system that measures and scores each
of the criteria 1-8 out of a total five points with an overall total per application not exceeding 40
points (8 criteria x 5 points). Weighting will not apply. In additions to the above criteria applicants
must also comply with the conditions stated below.

Although a festival is eligible for funding against these criteria and assessment characteristics, it does
not necessarily mean that an application for funding will be successful. This is a competitive fund
with definite closing dates. Larne Borough Council assesses each individual application on its merits
based on the information provided within the application form

Eligible and Ineligible Costs and Projects

Applications may be made for financial assistance towards events which may include
performing arts, visual arts, cultural, recreational and sporting activities including workshops,
displays, exhibitions, lectures, performances, competitions and other activities. A draft
festival programme should be included with the application for funding.

Eligible costs may include:

Event insurance, venue hire, performance fees, transport, equipment hire/ purchase, signage,
advertising, marketing and media costs, printing, administration (stationery, postage etc).

Ineligible Costs

Further, within selected projects there will be non-eligible items. The following items are
ineligible for funding and cannot be included within eligible costs:
 Festival management fees - a management fee may be allowed with agreement of Council
before submission of an application. This must be offset against specific objectives and
targets, which must be reached before the management fee is deemed an eligible expense.

 Staff salaries - however, where staffs are specifically festival-related, Council may consider
allowing a proportion basic salary costs. This must be discussed with Council staff before
submission of an application and only applies to festivals with total costs in excess of £50,000.
Staff costs may amount to no more than 10% of total costs and may be capped at the discretion of
the assessment panel.

 Core running costs including overheads such as electricity, rent, rates, membership fees and
annual premises and organisation's insurance. Electricity may be eligible where the supply is

       Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
specifically for the festival on site. Phone bills will be capped as a percentage of festival costs.
All bills must be itemised and the line rental will generally not be considered.

 Hospitality costs, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Council in advance of submission of an
 Prize money
 Interest charges and repayments of capital in respect of borrowings.
 Professional fees, consultants' fees, bank charges and accountancy or audit fees
 Provision for depreciation of assets used in the festival.
 Corporation taxation.
 Capital expenditure e.g. computers, digital cameras, unless otherwise agreed in writing by
Council before submission of an application.
 Charitable donations.
 VAT payments, where the applicant is VAT registered and reclaiming VAT.
 Any costs not approved by the assessment panel.

Costs incurred prior to the signing of the Funding Agreement or Letter of Offer will be incurred at
the applicant's own risk. It will be at the discretion of Larne Borough Council as to whether any such
costs will be considered eligible.


It is not anticipated that any single grant for a festival would be lower than £500 or would exceed
£5000, but Council reserves the right to increase the amount if deemed appropriate.

The level of grant awarded will depend on how the project meets the assessment criteria detailed
above and there is no guarantee that successful applicants will receive the amount applied for.

Applications are restricted to no more than one per organisation in any financial year.

Appeals Procedure

Unsuccessful applicants will be entitled to submit an appeal in writing for the consideration by
a panel made up of officers and members. The Director of Development must receive an
appeal within fourteen days from the date the applicant is notified that their application was
unsuccessful. The recommendation of the appeals panel will be considered at a
Development Committee. The applicant will then be informed in writing of the Councils
decision. The decision of council will be final and conclusive and any further correspondence
or representation will not be considered.

General Conditions

 All applications must be completed in full and received by the closing date set out in the
 advertisement otherwise they will not be considered
 An application must meet the criteria to be considered, and the applicant must meet the criteria
  in order to be considered
 Payments will only be made payable to an organisation and not to an individual
 Grants will normally be released in two installments. 50% of the grant will be paid in advance of
  the festival's start date subject to the Council's formal letter of offer; the remaining 50% will be
  paid after the festival has been carried out and following submission by the organiser of Council's
  monitoring and evaluation information (this will be provided with the formal letter of offer). A letter

       Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
 of acceptance must be received in order for the first installment to be paid.
 Retrospective applications will not be considered. A minimum lead in time of at least two
  months from the date of closing must be allowed for Council to consider applications and
 Demonstrate a fair and equitable ethos through their established aims and objectives in
  accordance with section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act (1998).
 It is a stipulation of all successful grant applications that the Council's logo appears on all publicity
  material during the duration of the grant and that Larne Borough Council's involvement is
  acknowledged. If requested, applicants must attend press opportunities
 Post event the applicant will be required to complete the Council's monitoring and evaluation
  form, and to provide information detailed, in order to demonstrate how the organisation met the
  criteria detailed in the application form.
 No organisation will ordinarily receive more than one grant in any financial year i.e. 1st April
  to 31st March under this Scheme.
 Any assistance we offer you must only be used for the purpose stated on the application. If
  not, we have the right to ask you to repay the grant. You may be asked to repay any grant if
  there is a failure to deliver the festival for which funds are allocated.
 Previous funding does not guarantee further funding.
 Demonstrate that proposed festivals are not a duplication of other activities.

All applications should be accompanied by:

 Constitution
 Copy of most recent annual accounts or an estimate of income and expenditure for the first year.
 Original bank statement and Bank Account Details.
 Appropriate Insurance Policies(Public Liability insurance of £5000,000)
 Accounts of previous festival (if applicable)
 Minutes of the last AGM / Inaugural Public Meeting
 A list of members of the Committee including details of Office Bearers
 A copy of the programme pertaining to the festival being organized.
 Child Protection Policy (if required).
 A detailed risk assessment.
 Details of how expenditure and income have been calculated.
 Previous year's media clippings (if applicable)

If approved, applicants may be required to conduct spectator surveys during the festival.

How to apply
1. Before completing an application form applicants should make sure that they are eligible to
apply and have read this Guide.
2. Please ensure that you have completed the application form in full and remember to enclose
information as indicated in the checklist at the back of the application form.
3. The application form should be returned to:

                                       Arts and Events Officer,
                                    Larne Museum and Arts Centre
                                           2 Victoria Road
                                              BT40 1RN
                                          Tel: 028 28279482
                                    Email mcmasterr@larne.gov.uk

       Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
Please note the following:
              The Council may defer applications if further information is needed.
              The Council will not consider a claim that your application was lost or delayed in
                 the post, unless you have proof of posting.
              It may not be possible to support all applications even if they are eligible to

What happens next?

 Council staff will acknowledge applications within one week of the closing date for applications.

 Larne Borough Council Officers and Members will review applications using a scoring system
based on the stated criteria. They will then make recommendations for Council’s consideration.

 If the applicant has been successful, the group will be notified of the amount offered and the
terms and conditions of grant assistance which must be complied with. A letter of acceptance
must be returned from the group.

 If the applicant is unsuccessful, the group will be notified.

       Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12 noon.
Closing date for applications is Monday 2nd April 2012 at 12

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