If MCC were a person, he/she would be a by 9BM6wzi5


									         If MCC were a person, he/she would be a . . .

Come and find out the rest of this statement at a

   Support Staff Professional Development Session
          December 13 - 10:00-11:00 a.m.
                    Empire Room

  Presenters: Lisa Moose and Kristy Mooney Graves

The top statement is part of MCC’s personality as it relates to the
marketing brand. Brand, as you will learn, is more than just fonts
and logos. While they are important in how materials are designed
– and in keeping a unified College image – brand also represents
the organization and how we relate with students and each
other. That is part of the “promise” of a brand.

This presentation will cover what a brand means to an organization,
what MCC’s spirit and personality are, its history here at MCC, how
it gets rolled out, and how that becomes integral to your daily work

                    We hope you will join us.

                   To make a reservation please contact
        Carol Wilkinson via cwilkinson@monroecc.edu or Ext. 3019

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