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					                                               TAFE NSW MANAGERS ASSOCIATION
                            ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2008 SPEAKERS

        Speakers                                  Morning Session
     Dr Grant Jones                            TAFE as a High Performing
     Dr Grant Jones is currently a senior      Some critical questions to be examined include:
     lecturer at the Macquarie Graduate        Can we define our performance purely in results
     School of Management. Prior to his        terms, when the world wants sustainability?
     current appointment, he lectured in       Is TAFE a learning organisation or merely a
     Strategic Management and                  teaching organisation?
     Organisational Behaviour at the           Can TAFE be entrepreneurial or is it enough to
     University of Canberra. Dr Jones is       be client focused?
     author of three books, one in the area
     of environmental management and two       To be truly inventive organisations need to
     in the area of organisational dynamics.   attack the single mindset. One way to do this
                                               is to continuously invent metaphors for the
     He has also had a business career and     organisation that seem to conflict with
     operates as a management consultant.      established ways of seeing. Examples include
     Clients have included the Australian      the organisation as – machine, culture, asylum
     Defence Forces and the NSW Police as      and arena. TAFE is currently experimenting
     well as a range of private sector         with the metaphor of the inverted pyramid, a
     clients.                                  metaphor which offers the prospect of
                                               enhanced sustainability. So what does
                                               leadership for sustainability look like within the
                                               inverted pyramid?

     Mike Doyle                                The Journey to being a Hewitt Best
                                               Employer – Sydney Harbour Foreshore
     Mike Doyle is the Manager, Culture &      Authority
     Performance at the Sydney Harbour         Four years ago the Sydney Harbour Foreshore
     Foreshore Authority, a role he has        Authority embarked on a dramatic
     held for two years. He was previously     transformation of its workforce. The Authority
     the Authority’s Human Resources           developed an organisational development
     Manager.                                  strategy that acutely focused on growing its
                                               employees into leaders, created new two-way
     Mike is responsible for driving the       communication models, and acknowledged the
     Authority's cultural change agenda,       interests and priorities of it’s largely Gen X and
     including the on-going development of     Gen Y employees.
     staff and improvement of business
     processes. The cultural change            This session will explore the Authority’s
     journey, which started in 2003,           journey to reform its culture. Learn how their
     culminated in the Authority being         approach dramatically reduced turnover,
     recognised as a Hewitt & Associates       improved engagement levels, and earned Hewitt
     Best Employer and Best Public Sector      Associates “Best Employer in the Public Sector”
     Employer in 2007.                         award in 2007.
     Speakers                                        Morning Session
Patrick Cremen                                 Commonwealth Policy and Initiatives relevant
                                               to VET sector and its interface with
Patrick Cremen is Branch Manager, Workforce    industry.
Development Branch, Department of Education,   The demand for skills, in Australia and
Employment and Workplace Relations             internationally, is setting great expectations on
                                               education and training systems. The right workforce
                                               is important to ensure greater productivity and the
                                               social and economic security of Australia. The
                                               presentation will give an overview of some of the
                                               initiatives and thinking taking place in the
                                               Commonwealth Department of Education,
                                               Employment and Workplace Relations with particular
                                               emphasis on the Australian government’s Skilling
                                               Australia for the Future Policy.

Marie Persson                                  TAFE and 21st Century
Deputy Director-General TAFE and Community     The opening address will set the scene for TAFE in
Education                                      21st Century with particular reference to workforce
                                               development within our organisation and as a vital
                                               player with industry to assist them achieve “high
                                               performance” through workforce capability
                                               strategies and interventions.
Afternoon Session
Presenters                                         Workshop Outline
John Turnbull                                      Customer Relationship Management
                                                   Over the last decade, the world's leading
John Turnbull is the founder and Managing          organisations have realised that it is no longer
Director of Customer Connect Australia Pty Ltd.    enough to have great products and services. To
He has gained extensive expertise in Customer      paraphrase the words of Ted Levitt, "a product
and Relationship Management over his twenty-       without customers... is just an artefact". Customers
five year career.                                  are our source of funds, and more importantly
                                                   provide an organisation's reason for being - this is
His experience also includes managing the sales    true for commercial as well as not-for-profit
consulting organisations in Australia and New      organisations.
Zealand for two major Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) vendors, PeopleSoft and           In this workshop, we will explore the customer
Siebel (now Oracle). More recently, as principal   relationships that are important to NSW TAFE. We
of Customer Connect Australia, John has helped     will use a creative approach to develop a view of the
organisations in a wide range of industries to     "customer lifecycle" - this will provide a perspective
succeed with their customer-centricity /           on TAFE's most valuable customers. Finally, we will
relationship management programs. His work         expand on the customer lifecycle model to develop
includes business consulting, strategy,            ideas for improving customer value, retention and
education, managing business transition and        loyalty.
customer management (CMAT™) assessment.

Dr Grant Jones                                      Leadership for Sustainability
                                                   The workshop will start from the proposition that
Senior lecturer at the Macquarie Graduate          leadership is better thought of as a quality of the
School of Management                               organisation than as a quality of the individual. We
                                                   will survey a number of qualities that can be
                                                   developed into the collective operation of people.
                                                   We will then examine a brief case study of a manager
                                                   in an apparently impossible position and show how
                                                   these qualities can find a way through seemingly
                                                   irreconcilable conflicts. From there, the workshop
                                                   will develop a process for developing leadership for
                                                   sustainability within the organisation.

Steven Drew                                        Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Case
NSW Branch Director, Pharmaceutical Society        Study
of Australia
                                                   This workshop will explore the concept of workforce
                                                   development in the context of the partnership
Rodney Leane                                       between the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Client Account Manager, TAFE NSW - North           (PSA) and North Coast TAFE. The workshop will
                                                   outline the challenges facing the Community
Coast Institute
                                                   Pharmacy industry through the eyes of the PSA CEO
                                                   Steven Drew. A unique aspect of this model is that it
Michael Callaghan
                                                   reaches small business. A brief history of the
Faculty Manager, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail      partnership between the PSA and North Coast TAFE
and Personal Services, TAFE NSW - North            will be outlined together with plans for the future.
                                                   The benefits and challenges of forming and
Coast Institute
                                                   maintaining partnerships between an RTO and
                                                   industry body such as the PSA will be explored.
Mike Doyle                                     Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
                                               The workshop will unlock the 8 keys to success that
Manager, Culture & Performance at the Sydney   the Foreshore Authority has identified in helping
Harbour Foreshore Authority                    them transform the business and be recognised in
                                               2007 as a Hewitt Best Employer. The workshop will
                                               discuss key issues that made transformation
                                               possible, including leadership, performance
                                               measurement, staff engagement, guiding principles of
                                               behaviour and employee recognition and reward.

Kevin McNamara                                 Manildra Flour Mill & Western Institute – A
Human Resources Coordinator, Manildra Flour    True Partnership
                                               The workshop will outline Manildra Flour Mills and
                                               Western Institute’s longstanding partnership which
Neil Milton                                    showcases workforce learning as a business strategy.
                                               Manildra Flour Mills (MFM) is part of the Manildra
Teacher in Charge Manufacturing, Orange
                                               Group and operates the largest flour mill in Australia,
Campus Western Institute                       processing more than 1 million tons of wheat per
                                               year. It is a sophisticated multi faceted processing
                                               site. The complex operates 24/7 and employs
                                               approximately 220 people at its Manildra site.
                                               MFM and TAFE NSW - Western Institute entered
                                               into a Training Partnership Manager (TPM)
                                               agreement in 1999. The TPM coordinates and
                                               assesses training needs in conjunction with HR staff.
                                               This arrangement allows MFM to concentrate on its
                                               core business that of producing high grade flour and
                                               flour products. TAFE concentrates on its core
                                               business of training.

Keven Donnelly                                 Distance is No Barrier – Mining Industry
Training Superintendent, Perilya               Case Study

                                               Bemax Resources Limited is located approximately
David Chapman
                                               250 kms south-east of Broken Hill. Its 24-hour-a-
Program Leader, Primary Industry & Natural     day operations consist of Ginkgo Mine and the
Resource, Natural Resource Management          Minerals Separation Plant at Broken Hill. A major
                                               challenge for Bemax is gaining access to nationally
Section, Orange Campus Western Institute
                                               recognised workplace training and assessment.
                                               Bemax’s partnership with TAFE NSW – Western
                                               Institute provides a comprehensive solution to that
                                               need, it is an RTO who could provide a ‘one stop shop’
                                               for current and future training needs.

                                               Bemax engaged Western Institute because we
                                               demonstrated a strong “can do attitude”, not letting
                                               distance, a delivery pattern well outside core hours
                                               or other training challenges interfere with a
                                               successful outcome for employees and management.
                                               This workshop will explore how the partnership
                                               delivered the goods for Bemax who was recognised as
                                               2007 Employer of the Year in NSW.
Closing Address
Pam Christie                  Leadership in TAFE in 21st Century
Institute Director            The closing address will outline the challenges,
                              achievements and further actions for TAFE NSW to
TAFE NSW Sydney Institute
                              become a High Performing Organisation.

TAFE NSW Managers Association Leadership Awards will be
presented by Pam Christie at the Cocktail Event
immediately following the conference closing address.

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