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									                     ECONOMICS: Syllabus Fall 2012
Mr. Dave Geoffrion:
Room: N35 (Periods 3 & 6); Room 14 (Period 7)
Website: – Student tab: Faculty List: find me – Dave Geoffrion

                     What is the purpose of Economics?

Economics plays a central role in each person’s life. From how to pay for college to the
issues that are central to the 2012 elections, the understanding of economics equips you
to be able to manage your affairs efficiently and effectively. This course is a life skills
class as well as a requirement for graduation and to being an informed citizen.
        The course involves three main components:
        1. Content: The specific theories and ideas that are discussed and read about in
            the text and other supplemental documents (such as online sources).
        2. Process: The participation in the course by way of discussion, group work,
            and your notebook.
        3. Product: The application of the knowledge acquired through your course
            work. This would include unit assessments, quizzes, homework, and your
            overall project: Christmas Bazaar.

Main Course Objectives:
Students will be able to do the following by the end of the class:

       1. Discuss the basic economic problems faced by consumers in American society.
       2. Discuss how businesses make economic decisions.
       3. Discuss ways people invest money to save for the future.
       4. Discuss how economic policy affects the individual, state, nation and world.

Unit Breakdown:

Unit 1: Making Decisions/Introduction to Economics                   Week 1-2 (Aug 15-24)

1. Why is it important to Understand Economics?
2. US Presidential election issues:
3. Chapters 1-2 from the text
    1. Unit Test Th/Fri Aug 23-24
Unit 2: Supply/Demand/Market Price                             Week 3-4 (Aug 27-Sept 7)

1. Chapters 3-5 from the text
1. Unit Test Th/Fri Sept 6-7

Unit 3: Personal Finances                                     Week 5-7 (Sept 10-28)

1. Chapter 6 from the text
1. Unit Cumulative Assessment: Personal Finance Project

Unit 4: Starting Your Own Business                             Week 7-9 (Oct 1-12)

1. Chapters 7-8 from the text
1. Unit Test Th/Fri Oct 11-12
2. Stock Market Research
3. Interview Business Owner
                                  End of 1st Quarter
Unit 5: Productivity                                           Week 10-11 (Oct 15-26)

1. Chapters 9-10 from the text
1. Unit Test Th/Fri Oct 25-26

Unit 6: Marketing                                               Week 12 (Oct 29-Nov 2)

1. Chapter 11 from the text
1. Unit Test Th/Fri Nov 1 & 2
2. Marketing Campaign – Create a concept for an existing company.

Unit 7: What are we going to do about the debt?                 Week 13-15 (Nov 5-20)

1. Chapters 12-14 in the Text
1. Unit Test Mon/Tues Nov 19-20
2. Your solution to the debt crisis – Debt crisis articles.
Unit 8: The Global Economy                                 Week 16-17 (Nov 26- Dec 7)

1. Chapters 15-16 in the Text
1. Unit Assessment – to be included on the final.

      1. A notebook/binder specifically for this class. In your possession each day we
         meet. PEN or PENCIL and PAPER would be great as well.
             -You will receive credit for your notes and other items in the notebook.
      2. Readings to be done by the assigned times. Assessments of the readings will
         be quizzes.
      3. Research ongoing and related to your various projects and Christmas Bazaar.
      4. Assessments of your ability to apply knowledge of content at the end of each
         unit. Assessment dates will occur on the last day of the unit.
      5. Your participation in the class. You will get back exactly what you put in, in
         terms of effort on your part.
      6. Report from a news source relating to the topic being covered.

       1. Christmas Bazaar
       2. Small projects:
             -Personal finance project
             -Business owner interview
             -Marketing campaign
             -Debt Crisis
       1. Running Grade-book
             -Drop 2 quiz scores
       2. Based on points

Classroom rules to discuss:
       1. Cell phones
       2. Tutorials
       3. Bathrooms

Final Exam Schedule:
The final will be a full course comprehensive assessment of your knowledge of the
course from Unit 1 - Unit 8.
Period 1 – Tuesday, December 11                  Period 5 – Thursday, December 13
Period 2 – Wednesday, December 12                Period 7 – Thursday, December 13
Period 4 – Wednesday, December 12

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