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									                                   Parent Information
                           Please sign and return attached signature page
                                     Thoroughly Modern Millie
                                To be performed Nov. 1, 2, 3 and 5

   1 Parents must read and sign this information sheet as well as a parent help sheet before
       students can be considered for participation in Cedar High’s fall musical
   2 Students should sign up for an audition time on the sheets near the drama room door.
   3 Auditions are August. 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. or August 29 from 7:30 to 8:30.
   4 Please have a one-minute song and monologue prepared. Show tunes and monologues
       from musicals are preferred. Please bring a CD with no vocals or sheet music (we will
       provide an accompanist). Students will be taught a short tap dance combination to
       perform during auditions as well.
   5 If you are unable to provide accompaniment for yourself, you may still audition, but
       please understand that you lessen your chances by not being fully prepared.
   6 Family members may watch the auditions for their family member only. Others will be
       asked to leave.

Casting Decisions
The cast will be chosen for not only their acting talents and skills, but also their abilities to
contribute in a consistent, positive manner and take direction from the director. I will rely on
school attendance records as well as teacher recommendations to help make decisions.

Rehearsals are Mandatory
   1 We will rehearse most evenings and some Saturdays.
   2 You may see the rehearsal schedule at
   3 Students may miss only three rehearsals and still remain in the show. If more than three
      are missed, then the student will be recast. If a student is more than twenty minutes late
      for rehearsal, that will count as being absent.
   4 Students will need to practice music for at least an hour a day outside of rehearsal. We
      will provide rehearsal CD’s and sheet music to help students do this.

Parent Help
Each parent is asked to donate at least two hours. Please review the attached list to see how you
may help. This sheet needs to accompany your student to auditions.

                Girls need a white leotard or tight tank top and short shorts, panty hose and tap
                 shoes or black shoes
                Girls are asked to either cut their hair or wear a wig (I will have some wigs to
                 choose from)
                Boys need a suit, tie and white shirt and dress shoes
                Students will need to pay for lost music (the first copy is free, after that, there is a
                Students may be asked to purchase other items such as props or costumes. This
                 will be kept under $15.
                 Each student is asked to sell four tickets to the Gala, a dinner party honoring our
                  benefactors on closing night (tickets are $15 per person and include admission to
                  the show).
   1 Each student is required to maintain a 2.5 grade point average during the show and
       cannot earn any F’s. I will check grades regularly. The end of 1st Quarter is October 17.
   2 All students must attend school the entire day of a show in order to perform.

Make sure that your student puts your Email address on his audition sheet. I will send out regular
Emails informing you of what is going on, any changes that are being made and how you can
help. You may also check the website for frequent updates.

Technical Responsibilities
All students need to plan on attending two of the three the Tech Saturday workdays. Students
who are not able to help on at least two of those days will not be allowed to perform. Parents are
also encouraged to come. The responsibilities range from bringing food for actors, to sewing, to
painting, to set construction.

All students will need to strike (put away) the show on the evening of the last performance. Since
this is a school night, students will know of their assignment in advance so we can finish as early
as possible.

Since flash photography can be distracting to audience and actors, I request that you take all flash
photos at dress rehearsal and not during the performance.

Thank you for considering being a part of this show. I am looking forward to working with you
and with your student(s). Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

Mrs. Durfee

I have read the Thoroughly Modern Millie parent information document and understand what is
expected of my student and me.

Please print student name

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            If you wish to refer to this document after you turn in this sheet, you may find it at

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