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					                    Room 20 Weekly News
         Newsletter #3
         September 24, 2012
UPCOMING EVENTS                                  Letters and Words
      September 25 - Open House 6:00 pm         This week we are reviewing the
      September 28 - Life Touch Pictures        following letter names and
      October 12 – In-service Day - No School   sounds: e, g, w, v, j, x, u, qu,
      October 15-18 – Book Fair                 y, z
      October 17 & 18 – Conferences
      October 19 – No School
                                                 We are learning how to read and
      October 31 – Halloween Serpentine
                                                 write the following sight words:
                                                   1. what                                      6. my
Math                                                  11. me
This week we are continuing to count, compare,     2. for                                         7. look
and order numbers.                                 3. here                                       8. has
                                                   4. little                                        9. where
Math vocabulary this week includes:
more, fewer, sum, plus, equal, add, equation,
                                                   5. was                                       10. with
counting all, counting on

Back to School Night Info                        Life Touch School
Please come on Tuesday night to Bohemia’s Back
to School Night:
                                                 are this Friday, September 28th!
5:45–6:00 Ice Cream Social and PTC Sign Up in
the Arcade
6:00-6:15          Message from Principal,
Jackie Lester in the Gym
6:20-6:40   Session #1 in classrooms
6:45-7:05          Session #2 in classrooms.                          QuickTime™ an d a
                                                                         decompres sor
                                                               ar e need ed to s ee this p icture .

7:05       Closing

Homework due Friday                              Odds and Ends
Investigations Math – Game Double Compare &           You may send a leak-proof
Story                                                  water bottle for your child to
                                      Problems         keep on his/her table. Please
coming home
Math page #3
                                                       put your child’s name on it.
Fluency 5x5 Dash (practice reading several            Please bring in both Box Tops
times daily)                                           for Education and Campbell’s
Handwriting/Spelling                                   Soup labels and help us raise
Please ensure that your child is forming               money for Bohemia!
his/her letters and numbers correctly as these        Please continue to practice
pages are completed.
Please read with your child daily and
                                                       shoe tying at home
initial/write the minutes on the Reading Log.         Please check your child’s
Reading Logs will be collected on October 1st          homework folder daily and
and children who read everyday earn prizes!            remove items (except weekly
                                                       homework and monthly
Contact Info                                           reading calendar)
541-767-3420 (Room 20)
                                                      Ask your child three things
http://blogs.slane.k12.or.us/jillmiddleton             they have learned about
                                                       darkling beetles

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