Prehistoric Lee Times by 65Y2XA4


									             The Sweet Lee Times!
            September 17-21, 2012!

Language Arts: We will continue to learn how to
become better readers and writers during center time.
We will work on learning how to read with a partner
and how to listen to a book on tape. We are gaining
stamina in reading and writing for longer periods of
time. Centers will last for about 15 minutes at this
time of the year. We will continue to read Froggy
books while working on internal and external
character traits. We will be writing daily in writing
workshop. We will be working on writing complete
sentences with proper punctuation marks. We are
going to learn the 5 day routine for Buddy
Spelling/Word Study. (see note in this folder) Words
this week are: girl, they, was, put, and are.

Math: We will be working on addition combinations
with strategies for finding ten. Be sure to practice the
math games as they are sent home.

Social Studies: We are learning about different kinds
of communities: urban, rural, and suburban. Today is
Constitution Day!
                 This and That!
Thanks for all the help with the Writer’s Notebook.

Parent homework (Superstar paper) is due on
Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012.

Remember to have your child return library books on
Friday. Be sure your child has on gym type shoes on

Open House is on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012.

Be sure to put account lunch money in an envelope
with proper identification – name of child and
account number.

Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes

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