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									                               Academic Year 2012-13 Courses

1. Make your own beer (gr) Duration: 28 h
Would you like to get an insight of the home made beer production, beer recipes, attend
courses of beer tasting or even produce your own beer with your own mixtures? Then you are
very welcome to apply for the seminar.

2. Cheese making (gr) Duration: 28 h

The program addresses to those who are interested in learning the proper hygiene practices
in making and preserving cheese from cow, ship and goat milk. Examples of cheeses are
white cheese such as feta, kasseri and kefaloturi etc. The seminar takes place in facilities of
the Research Center for milk and dairy products of American Farm School.

3. Apiculture (gr) Duration: 56 h

Be enchanted by the world of bees. Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, in order
to be able after the completion of this course to exercise apiculture professionally or as an
amateur. The participants will get to know in depth the actions that are required in every
time period during the year.

Indicative sections

       Biology of the bee

       Beekeeping equipment

       Transportation-feeding

       Illnesses and treatment

       Bee products

       Vasilotrofia

       Swarm of bees

4. Viticulture (gr) Duration: 28 h

Acquire knowledge and skills on how to create a vineyard and to care for the vines
through pruning, fertilizing and disease prevention and control.

Indicative sections

       Shaping of the crown of vines

       Winter pruning
       Installing a vineyard

       Summer pruning

       Cultivation and fertilization of the soil

       Irrigation

       Ripeness of grapes

       Harvest of grapes

The practice is made in the American Farm School’s vineyard.

5. Wine tasting and wine-making gatherings… (gr) Duration: 28 h

Explore the wonderful world of wine. Learn of basic varieties of vine but also how the
wines are produced. Moreover, learn the conditions that must be kept, how they are served
and what dishes accompanied harmoniously.

Indicative sections

       Historical overview of the vineyards and its products in Greece and worldwide

       Labeling

       Varieties of wine

       Get familiarized with the most well-know areas were vineyards flourish, the
        varieties and the wines in Greece and all over the world.

       Winetasting

       Structuring a cellar

       Serving a wine

       Accompanied dishes

       Wine maturation

6. Organic Farming (gr) Duration: 28 h

Learn to cultivate your own fruits and vegetables in a healthy way without fertilizers and

Indicative sections

       Principles for organic farming

       Soil-organic substances- importance of nourishment in organic farming
       Compost-green fertilization

       Weeding

       Seeds-water for irrigation

       Crop rotation

       Plant protection

       Protection from illnesses and enemies

       Organic cultivation of annual plants

       Preservation-storage-trade-modification of biological products

       Control and certification of biological products

The practice takes place in the American Farm School

7. Horse breeding and care Duration: 28 h

The program addresses to people that love horses and want to learn about the horse
breeding and care.

Indicative sections

       Anatomy of the horse

       Feeding

       Health and prevention

       Dealing with the horses

       Horse equipment and its use

       Stalls

       Horse riding

8. Mushroom Cultivation (en/gr) Duration: 28 h

    Growing truffles and mushrooms on a business and a family level

Indicative sections

           Overview of mushrooms

           The role of mushrooms in the traditional and contemporary medicine

           Trade

           Dangers from poisonous mushrooms
             Protecting indigenous mushrooms

             Cultivation of fungus as a family business

             Quality control

             Growing truffles

9. Snail Farming (gr) Duration: 28 h

This seminar addresses to people who would like to acquire knowledge and qualifications on
snail breeding.

Indicative sections

       Snails’ anatomy-enemies and illnesses

       Characteristic of an open and close snail farm

       Establishment of a snail farm (selection of the right position, soil, fencing)

       Snail feeding and breeding

       Trade

       Snail & cuisine

The American Farm School contains a snail farm accessible to the students for their

10. Cultivation of endemic plants with floral and aromatic use (gr) Duration: 28 h

Explore the origins, the geographical distribution, the characteristics and the uses of
endemic plants. Learn the methods of collecting, propagating, cultivating, harvesting and

Indicative sections

       Gardens

       Distillation

       Creating lotions and soaps and creams

       Ecological products for the house and the garden

       Creating candles

11. Using endemic aromatics (gr) Duration: 28 h

Learn ways to utilize aromatic plants by making your own herbal teas, remedies, culinary
creations and cosmetics.
12. Creation and care of small gardens (gr) Duration: 28 h

Expand your knowledge on small garden design and discover new palettes of plant
materials. Get to know the world of plants and how they can be used in a balcony, patio or

Indicative sections

              Plant categories

              Maintenance of balconies and patios

              Design

              Selecting and preparing the right space

              Making the right choice for the selection of plants

              Materials and equipment

13. Mediterranean cellar (gr) Duration: 28 h

Learn how to prepare traditional products, which used to be stored in the cellars of our
grandmothers: sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, “spoon sweets”, marmalades and jams, as well
as how to use these products in order to create simple but special dishes.

14. Pottery workshop (gr/en) Duration: 28 h

Create unique objects by using the wheel or by hand, such as decorative plates, boxes,
candlesticks etc. Your creations can be presented in a group exhibition that will take place at
the end of the year.

Trainer: Christine Willis, Ceramist

15. Digital Photography (gr/en) Duration: 28 h

At this workshop you will learn the basic techniques and aesthetic principles used by
trained photographers and you will radically change how you compose photography and
understand the light and its characteristics. You will also learn how to use effectively even
the most simple and basic camera! Your creations can be presented in a group exhibition
that will take place at the end of the year.

16. Woodcraft Workshop (gr) Duration: 28 h

The aim of the course is the student to learn about the wood, its properties and its history,
while creating original works of art using as models drawings from the Greek tradition. Your
creations can be presented in a group exhibition that will take place at the end of the year.
17. Basic IT skills for beginners (gr) Duration: 28 h

Make your first steps in Computers world. Learn what are computers and its parts. Learn to
manage it without asking someone else to help you. Create your first e-texts and learn how to
edit. Make your first contact with the unknown Internet and start navigates through this in
order to find information of personal interest. Learn how to contact with friends, family and
colleagues via messages or video.

18. Certification skills in computer use by ECDL (gr)

Learn how to create documents, spreadsheets and professional presentations, as well as
how to use the Internet and e-mail effectively. European Computer Driving License
(ECDL) certification will be available to obtain after examination procedures. Individual
courses will take place in different subjects and at different levels.

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