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					                                   Denny Gresham
                                   Cellular: 202-340-2755


Talented and accomplished IT Executive and CTO with proven ability to proactively direct
information technology. Highly experienced in overseeing technology improvement initiatives
and aligning technology services with business goals. Experience with leading enterprise-wide
implementations. Previous background includes: consulting, program and project management,
and business development. Excellent problem solving and leadership skills.

     IT Operations ٠ Strategic Planning ٠ E-Commerce Business Development ٠ Solution
 Development ٠ P & L ٠ Program Management ٠Data Warehousing ٠ System Development ٠
Leadership ٠ Long-term Planning ٠ IT Security ٠ Secure Wireless Communications ٠ Biometric
       Solutions ٠ Internet Technologies ٠ System Integration ٠ Data Center Operations

                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

ONEFI TECHNOLOGY, INC.                                                      Orange, CA
Chief Technology Officer ~ U.S. & Caribbean (2009-2012)
Oversee all IT operations for nearly $50 million Technology Company with 15
partnerships in multiple domestic and international locations. Administered $12 million
operations and technology budget. Supervise support staff, including offshore contract
personnel. Develop and implement corporate strategies and manage program
management expectations. Initiate and maintain partnership relations. Supported sales
and marketing with e-business strategies and new technology initiatives.
     Play active role in corporate operations management and development of new
       wireless products and services (Internet Protocol Television-IPTV). Member of
       company’s Steering and Strategy Committees.
     Contributed to and secured nearly $60 million in Business Development efforts.
     Established new sales and business development facility in San Jose Costa Rica.
     Initiated deployment of Help Desk Call Center in Costa Rica, improving customer
       service answer queues by 25%.
     Spearheaded development of best-in-class wireless hybrid Broadband over Power
       lines (BPL) network for Internet T.V. and VoIP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
     Partnered with CFO to manage technology asset investments and amortization.
     Established new regional sales and marketing office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
     Collaborated with engineering and sales teams on end-to-end system design,
       planning, and solutions.
     Promoted vendor liaison support for hardware and technical support personnel for
       domestic and international deployments.
WORLDWIDE WIRELESS SOLUTIONS, INC.                                      Swedesboro, N.J.
Vice President of Operations ~ U.S. & the Asia’s (2006-2009)
Managed technology support for telecommunications, VoIP, LAN/WAN, Internet, and
enterprise application architecture development functions. Member of company’s
Steering Committee and Strategy Committee. Formulated annual IT operating plan and
multi-year system maintenance plans. Oversaw domestic and offshore application
software development. Negotiated vendor contracts, license, and maintenance
     Directed implementation of VoIP system and other technologies (IPTV) for
        international markets.
     Led infrastructure design and implementation of new operations center in Baku,
     Initiated dual 7X24 Incident Management Centers (IMC), where the status of
        personnel, property and assets are continuously monitored, potential threat
        situations are analyzed and appropriate responses are coordinated.
     Oversaw seamless integration of all aspects of enterprise hardware, applications,
        and monitoring for rapid response and retrieval.

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE                                                   Washington, D.C.
Subject Matter Expert ~ Consultant (2005-2012)
BRAC Projects: Directly supporting Defense Security Service CIO and support staff with
project management and technical research.
     Provided new building construction oversight for multiple DOD agencies with
        video, voice & data requirements (unified communications). Network bandwidth
        analysis, complex system integration and fiber optic requirements.
     Team Lead for electrical engineering requirements for new 400+ rack server room
        build out including system grounding, server maintenance policies, emergency
        power and physical security.
     Provided technical oversight across multiple disciplines: HVAC, satellite
        platforms, building security & cable plant analysis and design.
     Supported Logistical Project Manager in financial budgets, return on equipment
        outlay and monthly reoccurring costs, including network expenses.
     Provided extensive support in unified communications; video teleconferencing
        (VTC), Internet television (IPTV), IP telephony (VoIP) and UPS system design
        and evaluation for large federal agencies.
     Provided rigorous Requirements Analyst support to clients covering numerous
        projects involving web development, wireless projects, and application upgrades.

QTEL, INC.                                                              New York, N.Y.
Director of Operations ~ Europe & Central Asia (2001-2005)
Coordinated international support efforts, advising clients concerning operational
feasibility of proposed satellite, WiMAX P2P and GSM security solutions; providing
detailed modifications to network platforms. Evaluated software requirements for facility
(building) based biometric security and authentication solutions. Added wireless security
solutions to existing customer networks.
Conceptualized and co-marketed global peace network for international non-government
relief organizations (NGO’s).
     Co-designed and performed project management for construction of 17 site P2P
        WiMAX tower build out in the country Costa Rica.
     Presented several biometric technologies “hands-on” demonstrations at Heads-of-
        State, Department of Defense and diplomatic receptions.
     Managed international wireless engineering teams for network site deployments,
        upgrades and deactivations.
     Designed and supervised in field build out of Network Operation Center facility
        in London England.
     Aggressively negotiated international telecommunication contracts providing U.S.
        outbound international private line and Internet security services.
     Evaluated, tested and selected companies for biometric authentication products
        and services for both facility and network security.

PAIX.Net                                                                  Palo Alto, CA
Director of Operations ~ U.S. & Europe (1999-2001)
Spearheaded development of first East Coast PAIX Internet Switch Facility; moving
Company into the Mid-Atlantic and European markets. Responsible for construction and
operation of 5 worldwide data centers, including build-out and P&L of these facilities.
    Delivered 4 data communication facilities (P&L responsibility) ahead of schedule
       and under budget. Facilities built with expansion for satellite and wireless hub
       (cellular) customer. Managed construction outcome, working directly with
       contractors, OHSA standards, punch lists and local (VDOT) department of
       transportation officials for right of way issues.
    Utilized Internet switch facilities as training centers for both East Coast and
       European operations, saving company in excess of $500,000 annually.
    Provided marketing services, increasing sales revenue 34% per quarter for 6
       consecutive quarters.
    Managed technical teams of 15 staff members per facility (6 world-wide).
    Provided guidance and training to junior company directors (8 world-wide).

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL DATA LINK, INC.                                Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Manager of Operations ~ U.S. & Middle East (1995-1999)
Developed leading edge biometric technologies in Health Care and Global
Telecommunications for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. Co-developed $55M medical
consulting teleconferencing practice for major U.S. Medical Universities. Interviewed
and hired staff of telemedicine offices for both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia locations.
    Virtually eliminated travel by both dignitaries and doctors by utilizing high
       bandwidth telemedicine networks, resulting in reduced travel expenses in excess
       of $550K per annum.
    Delivered telemedicine suites in both U.S. and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ahead of
       schedule and within budget.
       Managed both the U.S. and Saudi Engineering Teams (Saudi Teams via satellite
       Project lead for the construction and oversight for a 40 site tower retrofit for
        telemedicine wireless network. Daily tasks involved in field oversight of
        construction plans, punch lists, certify tower placement & alignment, and
        measured deliverable metrics. Verified operation of CDMA, GSM and WiMAX
       Negotiated with ministry officials in Saudi Arabia, mapping out new wireless

                                  CAREER NOTES
                Active in scope DOD security clearance ~ clearable for SCI
       U.S. Veteran ~ SGT U.S.M.C. Armaments Specialist ~ Explosive Handling Teams

                              MANAGEMENT SKILLS
 Project management skills: ability to implement corrective actions to salvage projects
 which are heading in the wrong direction, budget formulation, time management and
 possession of customer management skills to achieve project goals. Politically savvy,
    customer and mission focused personality which can maintain and improve the
                   efficiency, stability and scalability of operations.

     Financial management skills: Firm understanding of roles, responsibilities, and
 limitations when dealing with contracting officers, vendors, contractors, subcontractors
 and financial departments. Projects managed and delivered within schedule and budget.

Over 40 technical, managerial, and leadership courses completed throughout my
career. Completing Bachelors from Madison University in Business Administration.

                               TECHNICAL SKILLS
                 Wide area network design (ATM-IP-Frame Relay etc.)
                               Satellite communications
                         Biometric engineering and marketing
                         Cellular & 2 way radio installations
                        Video conferencing design & operation
                   Microwave radio design, installation & operation
                      Telemedicine suites (radiology-pathology)

                               Certifications & Licenses
                 Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM - FORE systems)
                              Wide area networks (AT&T)
                         Local area networks (FORE Systems)
                   Ham radio operator – advanced licensee (KV4IJ)
           Advanced principles of video conferencing: (CLI, VTEL, PictureTel)

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