Big ideas that came from the Enlightenment by 7LiH18j


									    bBig ideas that came from the Enlightenment

   Rationalism—gaining knowledge by the use of reason alone. Descartes
   Empiricism—gaining knowledge from experience. The empirical world is the
    world of experiencing through our senses. We gain everything from our
    experiences in life. Tabula rasa—blank slate. Locke
   Natural Rights—Life, liberty, and the pursuit of property are rights all people are
    endowed with by their creator. Locke
   Separation of powers—balanced system of government split into 3 branches:
    legislative, executive, and judicial. No one of these should completely control the
    other two.
   Scientific method--A standardized way of making observations, gathering data,
    forming theories, testing predictions, and interpreting results.
   Heliocentric theory--The term heliocentric describes the correct theory, first
    posed by Copernicus, that the Earth is simply one of several planets which orbit
    the sun.
   Determinism—all events are the results of previous causes.
   Social contract theory—Humans enter into agreements with governments in
    order for protection. Hobbes and Locke saw social contract differently. Hobbes
    saw it as giving absolute power to a monarch; Locke saw absolute power a breach
    of the social contract.
   Utilitarianism
        o the moral worth of an action = providing happiness or pleasure
        o moral worth of an action is determined by its outcome
        o Utilitarianism is often described by the phrase "the greatest good for the
            greatest number"

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