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									Textbooks 101 & How to save money!

How can I save money?
Our students saved more than $1,122,225 last year by taking advantage of our used textbook inventory, rental program, digital
offerings and buyback! Renting books offers the greatest overall savings, followed closely by purchasing used books.
         Rent-A-Text This is the Bookstore’s own rental program, available in-store or online (rent-a-text.com). Students must
         register to rent which requires being 18 years of age or older, signing a rental agreement, and having a valid credit card and
         ID in their name. This rental program is available on approximately 45% of the 1900+ titles we carry per term and provides
         a savings of 45-55% off the price of a new book (less off a small portion of rentals that have a new and used rental price).
         Rentals are for a single semester and the deadline for check-in is the last day of finals. Books must be returned in a re-
         usable condition – so consider purchasing if the title is a reference title for your major or if heavy note-taking or multiple
         color highlighting is helpful in the learning process.
         Used Books Buy early. About 30% of our books are available used – but they go fast! Purchasing a used book saves about
         25% off the price of a new book and is eligible for buyback.
         Digital Digital materials (or eBooks) can save students about 35% off the price of a new book. Follett's ebook division,
         CafeScribe (cafescribe.com), is like the Facebook of eBooks and gives students the opportunity to share or subscribe to
         other users' notes, highlight and note-take, and print sections for reference. New this year is CafeScribe 2.0 which
         transitions our digital program into a cloud-based program accessible by any device (other than a Nook or Kindle) that can
         access the internet.

How do I know what books I need and when can I get them?
Once students complete their class registration and receive a copy of their schedule, they can check the book lists online or in-store
using their course and section numbers to determine what course materials are needed. Please note – it is always a good idea to
check the Bookstore’s website or stop in to confirm materials. 90% of the books are confirmed with faculty and available for
purchase/rent in-store or online by the first week in August so we strongly suggest waiting until the first or second week in August
to purchase or rent anything since so much can change over the summer.

How much should I expect to pay for books?
We tell people to expect to spend between $350 and $700 per semester. However, the cost of books per semester varies greatly
depending on what courses are being taken and what format you choose (rental, used, digital, new).

Why are books so expensive are they really necessary?
Book prices and edition changes are primarily determined by the publisher, and are based upon factors such as run size, copyrights,
binding, etc. Publishers are aware that book prices are rising and have begun offering alternative products like digital formats and
loose-leaf products. However, a used book or a rental book still saves you the most money. If we list a book as "required", the
faculty member has determined that it is an essential part of the course. The Bookstore will also list certain items as
"recommended" or "store suggested"; these are supplemental materials that are not required but have been deemed helpful or
useful by the faculty or store. You may also see “choice” or “choice component” as usage indicators – these items are required but
you have a choice about format (digital vs. physical book) or pieces (buying a package/bundle or individual pieces).

What is the best way to order or pick up books?
The easiest way to get books is to order online at www.salem.bkstr.com. The online inventory reflects the actual store inventory, so
you'll have the same options for new, used, rental, or digital online as you would in-store. At check-out you’ll have the option to pay
to have items shipped to you or an in-store pick-up option (we suggest this so you don’t have to lug them back to campus when you
move in!). Orders placed online are processed, charged, and boxed/bagged and then either shipped or stored until you pick them
up. Students may also visit the store to purchase their books and associates will be available to assist if needed.

How do I order online?
It is so important, we will mention it twice: we strongly suggest waiting until the first or second week in August to purchase or rent
anything since so much can change during the summer.

1. Open a web browser and go to www.salem.bkstr.com
2. Under the “Books” Navigation bar, click on the "Textbooks & Course Materials" link
3. Using the drop down boxes, select "All" as your program
4. Using the drop down boxes, select "Fall 2012" as your term
5. Using the drop down boxes and your course schedule, select the department, course number, and section number (if applicable)
for the course you'd like to view and click “Submit”.                                         (instructions cont. on next page)
Textbooks 101 & How to save money!

6. Course Materials lists will be available on the Bookstore’s website in July (but remember our caution above about things
changing!). You can review the materials, select what you'd like to purchase or rent, add items to the cart and follow the prompts to
check out. For Help: See the FAQ page with any technical questions.

This is my first time ordering online and I’m trying to rent books, what do I need to do?
If this is your first time ordering books online and you opt to rent, you will be prompted to register for 2 new accounts. Follow the
prompts online at check-out to register for a rental account (gives you the ability to rent in-store or online) and a website account
(gives you the ability to make purchases online). You’ll only need to do this once (make sure you record your user names and
passwords) and future purchases should only require you signing in.

What happens if a book is sold out or is listed as "backordered" online?
If a book sells out, we often have more on the way and you should see a sales associate or order online to pre-pay and guarantee
yourself a copy. During the first few weeks of classes, we expedite shipping to get any pre-orders or backordered items in within 2-3
days of the order being placed. If a book needs to be ordered later into the semester, the same process of pre-ordering or ordering
online should be followed and books arrive in a week or less.

What are my payment options?
The store accepts cash, check (with ID), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Gift Cards, the Clipper Card, and financial
aid/book vouchers (includes Mass Rehab and VA). We do not accept starter checks. We are unable to set-up private student charge
accounts. Parents or private scholarships who wish to pay for student materials should consider the following options: purchase a
gift card; transfer funds onto the student's Clipper Card account; or purchase the books online using their own credit card. Private
scholarships may also provide a signed check payable to the Salem State University Bookstore for a fixed amount not to exceed the
total (checks exceeding the total or with any required field left blank cannot be accepted). Please note that we are unable to accept
checks or credit cards in-store unless the account holder is present to sign.

What happens if I drop a class or change classes?
Full refunds and exchanges are available for 1 week from the start of classes with the original sales receipt and books in the
purchased condition. With a drop slip, this is extended until the last day of the drop period. After this time, students have 2 days
from the date of purchase for a full exchange/refund. The original sales receipt is required for any return or exchange (if unavailable,
or if the book is not in its original condition - the Buyback value is all we can offer). Purchases by check must provide proof of the
check clearing if the purchase was within the last 7 days.

What is Buyback and how does it work?
Buyback is the process where students can sell back books they no longer need or want to the Bookstore. We offer this service every
day, but it is most profitable for students to wait until finals weeks to sell them back for cash. Titles being used on campus for the
next term that are in good condition (no water damage, broken spines or excessive highlighting or underlining) can be worth up to
50% back of the purchase price. If the book is not being used on campus next term or we take back as many as we need for next
term, we offer a "national" value, which is generally 10-30% of the purchase price. Please check your used books when you purchase
them! If you find excessive highlighting, broken spines, water damage, or other defects, let us know immediately so we can refund
or exchange your purchase to avoid any buyback refusals at the end of the semester.

Why should I buy from the Bookstore, can't I can get the books cheaper somewhere else?
The Bookstore and Salem State University have partnered to serve SSU students and keep their best interests at heart. We work
together to save you money by offering a variety of textbook formats (new, used, digital, and rental) and we support each other in
these efforts. By supporting the Bookstore, you support the university. We are also the only direct link for textbook information
between you and the faculty. We can't deny that there are other sources out there - but those sources are often individual sellers
who have no direct connection to the campus, can misrepresent their product in condition or description, and do not guarantee
refunds or exchanges if the product is wrong, a student switches classes, drops a class, or the books for a course change. A good rule
of thumb with textbooks online is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t the right item. By shopping with us you get
exactly what the professor has required, your choice of condition and format, a source right on campus, and the ability to return or
exchange should circumstances change.

What can I do if I have more questions?
If additional questions or concerns arise, please check our FAQ page at www.salem.bkstr.com or email us at salem@bkstr.com.

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