Mambo Development and Customizations Topping the Charts for Long

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					Mambo Development and Customizations Topping the Charts for Long
Famed for simplicity, flexibility, high usability and exceptional features, mambo has continuously
been topping the charts since its launch. Written in PHP, it is an open source platform that offers
excellent functionality to sites ranging from simple to complex, personal to public networks and
business to informational.

Mambo although is a free software that can be easily downloaded from the internet and installed;
however, creating brilliant functionality is quite a tough job. Mambo development and customization
requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of PHP, AJAX, HTML, CSS and other tools and

Mambo has proved its dominance in the category of open source applications time and again. If you
are thinking of creating a highly interactive and functional website while making least possible
expenses, certainly this is the best platform. No matter whether you want to create a simple, e-
commerce, community, educational, news and information or social networking site, Mambo offers
you a range of benefits.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons behind its popularity.

      Code Flexibility: Most of the supporters of Mambo swear by its code flexibility and
       extensibility. It is written in PHP; therefore, making it simpler to e-develop, modify and extend
       the existing website. Not only this, a new feature can be easily added and that too within no

      Compatibility: The biggest benefit of having a Mambo website is that it will be easily loaded
       on most of the browsers. Mambo is absolutely compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and
       Free SBD.

      Localization and Internationalization: Most online businesses are looking to target local as
       well as international audiences at the same time. And mambo comes as one of the most
       feasible options to businesses. By downloading in-built language packs, the language of the
       website can be changed depending upon the regions. This is one of the major reasons of
       mambo topping the charts.

      Less Expensive: Mambo is not resource intense. You do not require a full-fledged team of
       developers, designers and quality testing engineers. A small team including one or two
       personnel can manage the work. However, it depends on the scope of your project. If you want
       to get it done in a short time span, you may have to hire more experts. To cut costs, it is ideal
       to outsource the project and hire Mambo developers in India. Take advantage of difference in
       the scale of economies and cut down your expenses.

      Advanced Features: Even if you’re looking to develop a complex website, Mambo makes a
       perfect choice. It offers several hi-tech features such as customizable layouts, content
       syndication, page caching, advertisement management, content publishing scheduling and
       many more.

There are numerous other features that Mambo offers. However, one needs to hire an expert who has
complete understanding of the software package and recent market trends. Besides this, the
professionals must be experts in understanding browser psyche. The best way to make this happen is
to collaborate with an offshore development company. The benefit is that you will get complete
assistance at low prices.

Description: Through this article, the author discusses why Mambo development has constantly been in demand. Additionally, he brings forward the benefits of outsourcing the project and hiring Mambo developers offshore allows you to benefit from the scales of economies.