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									                                          Texas A&M University Central Texas
                                                 Research Seminar II
                                                   EDSP 585 – 120
                                                      Fall 2012

Instructor:     Amanda G. Allen, EdD
Office:         Texas A&M University Central Texas, North Campus; Office #8
Phone:          (254) 519-5411
Office hours:   M/W: 11:00-12:00; T/R: 10:00 – 12:00; by appointment

Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program Goal
Students will analyze, synthesize and evaluate professional literature, support effective educational practices and policies
as derived from current research, and conduct action research. Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Handbook, p. 6.

Course Description: EDU 586 Education Seminar (variable)
Presentation of project proposal, implementation, and conclusions; must be repeated a minimum of 3 times for 1 hour
credit each semester to complete masters project. Student must be continuously enrolled until the graduate project is

Course Goal: To collect and analyze data as proposed.

American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological
  Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

Student Learning Outcomes
Students will identify the content, context and purpose for professional, quantitative, and qualitative research for the
purpose of collecting and analyzing data.

Writing Proficiency Statement
In this class students will learn to write in a technical format using APA. Owing to the nature of the teaching profession
and the need to constantly present a professional image, avoid non-content errors (mechanics, spelling, punctuation,
and/or grammar, etc.) on all assignments handed in for a grade by proofreading carefully. Students should find a good
editor and/or use the writing lab. Assignments with excessive errors of any kind will be returned without a grade.
Professors will indicate areas of weakness and make recommendations on content, but will not edit papers for mechanical
errors. Students should refer to Chapter 2 (APA manual) to make sure their writing fits a technical writing style.

Assessment Components & Requirements
The student will collect and analyze data as proposed. Analyzed data will be formatted, recorded, and shared with
committee for evaluation.
 Maintain communication with the chair regarding progress of the research study and meetings. (5)
 Maintain the agreed timeline. (5)
 Complete all data collection. (10)

A = 20 – 18     B = 17 – 16      C = 15 – 14      D = 13 – 12      F = 11 >
General professional behavior expectations:
 Communicate appropriately and effectively with colleagues, supervisors, students, parents, caregivers and community
   members using various forms.

 Work collaboratively with colleagues, mentors and supervisors to achieve the local, state, and national goals of

 Demonstrate commitment to the teaching profession and exercise leadership for the advancement of the profession
   and public education; be responsible, punctual, regular in attendance, and prepared to participate in all aspects of
   professional development.

Professional Development:
 Take responsibility for utilizing professional teaching practices and constantly strive to improve through professional

Ethical Conduct:
 Uphold the Code of Ethics for Texas Educators and abide by local, state, federal rules, regulations, and policies;
    demonstrate respect and maintain ethical conduct in relations with professional colleagues, students, parents and
    members of the community.

Seminars are by appointment, 1-1 with the committee chair and/or members. Due dates for submission of paper sections
will set at the beginning of the term.


Academic Integrity Statement
Texas A&M University - Central Texas expects all students to maintain high standards of personal and scholarly conduct.
Students found responsible of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action. Academic dishonesty includes, but is
not limited to, cheating on an examination or other academic work, plagiarism, collusion, and the abuse of resource
materials. The faculty member is responsible for initiating action for each case of academic dishonesty and report the
incident to the Director of Student Affairs. More information can be found at
Any act of academic dishonesty in this class may result in failure of the class and will result in a zero (0) on the
assignment and a loss of all professionalism points.

Disability Support and Access
If you have or believe you have a disability and wish to self-identify, you can do so by providing documentation to the
Disability Support Coordinator. Students are encouraged to seek information about accommodations to help assure
success in their courses. Please contact Gail Johnson at (254) 519-5831 or visit Founder's Hall 114. Additional
information can be found at .

Tutoring is available to all TAMUCT students, both on-campus and online. Subjects tutored include Accounting, Finance,
Statistics, Mathematics, and Writing (APA). Tutors are available at the Tutoring Center in Founder's Hall, Room 204, and
also in the Library in the North Building. Visit and click "Tutoring Support" for
tutor schedules and contact info. If you have questions or if you're interested in becoming a tutor, contact Academic
Support Programs at 254-519-5830 or by emailing
Library support:
INFORMATION LITERACY focuses on research skills which prepare individuals to live and work in an information-
centered society. Librarians will work with students in the development of critical reasoning, ethical use of information,
and the appropriate use of secondary research techniques. Help may include, yet is not limited to: exploration of
information resources such as library collections and services, identification of subject databases and scholarly journals,
and execution of effective search strategies.. Library Resources are outlined and accessed at

Drop policy:
If you discover that you need to drop this class, you must go to the Records Office and complete the necessary paperwork.
Professors cannot drop students; this is always the responsibility of the student. The record’s office will provide a deadline
for which the form must be returned, completed, and signed. Return the signed form to the records office, wait 24 hours,
go into Duck Trax and confirm that you are no longer enrolled. If you are still enrolled, FOLLOW-UP with the records
office immediately. Attend class until the procedure is complete to avoid penalty for absence. Should you miss the
deadline or fail to follow the procedure, you will receive an F in the course.

Blackboard Usage:
If you have trouble with Blackboard, call the helpline or email for assistance. Contact Texas A&M University - Central
Texas Blackboard Support Services (Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Support Portal:
Online chat (through the support portal at:
Toll-Free Phone: (855)-661-7965

Emergency Warning System for Texas A&M University Central Texas
UNILERT is an emergency notification service that gives Texas A&M University Central Texas the ability to
communicate health and safety emergency information quickly via email and text message. By enrolling in UNILERT,
university officials can quickly pass on safety-related information, regardless of your location. Please enroll today at

Online job database that connects employers with students with postings of internships, part-time, full-time jobs. All
students will receive an email with their username and password the first week of school with access
information. Warrior Link allows our students up until a year after they graduate the opportunity to search for a job, post
a resume, and keep informed on any events that are going on out of the careers services area. The link to Warrior Link is
located at

The instructor reserves the right to modify the course outline if necessary. The students will receive as much
advance notice as possible.

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