DILP Minutes April 1 2008 by bnWs0X


									                          Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee
                                          April 1, 2008

Those attending included: Meschach Rhoades (by phone), Kathleen Nalty, Damian Arguello,
Cindy Hyman, Leslie Fields, Angelina Castro, Charlie Garcia, Syddnia Lacayo-Wulff, Elsa
Martinez-Tenreiro (by phone).

Cindy reported that the scholarship checks were distributed to CU and DU law schools from the
Diversity Summit proceeds.

Dean’s Diversity Council (DDC)
New members have joined the DDC, including Mal Wheeler (Wheeler Trigg), Larry Marquess
(Littler Mendelsohn), Tim Schimberg (Fowler Schimberg). The next meeting will be in October
at CU and the content is being planned now.

Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence (CCIE)
Kathleen has received many positive reports on the Diversity Conference on March 19. This
conference was built around Verna Myers. Qwest, which is piloting the inclusiveness program
for CCIE, sent 14 attorneys to the conference. The next steps for CCIE include creating an
educational program that includes CLEs and diversity dialogues. Brownstein contributed
$10,000 to CCIE and was recognized at the conference. 25 law students attended the conference
through sponsorships. A reporter from the Denver Business Journal attended to help research an
article they are doing on CCIE on April 8. Others who attended the conference included a
representative from Key Bank, and managing partners. Miguel Rivera from Walmart, the
conference keynote speaker, was unable to attend in person because of weather problems.
However, he spoke via phone. He asked that his comments be rebroadcast and distributed
widely. CCIE and Patton Boggs (the co-sponsor of the conference) are producing the DVD and
will distribute it to all conference attendees.

Qwest Diversity Awards
It was agreed that we would contact someone from the Association of Corporate Counsel,
(probably Teresa Casias or Iliana Aquinas), Justice Mullarkey, a representative from DGS (last
year’s Leadership winner), Christine Arguello (last year’s Trailblazer winner), and Paul Chan to
serve on the award committee. The committee agreed that the prior year’s winner should
generally be on the committee in the subsequent year. We will choose a date in July as the
deadline for submitting nominees. The committee also agreed that we should identify potential
nominees so we can seek out the information for the award committee. Potential nominees for
the Trailblazer award would include: Dean Heizer, Judge Wiley Daniel. Potential nominees for
the Leadership award would include Qwest. We will continue the discussion about potential
nominees at the next meeting. Cindy agreed to announce that nominations are open at Pledge to
Diversity, DDC and CCIE meetings.

Job Posting
Andrea Mueller (our CBA representative) indicated that the CBA is looking at a new vendor to
update the job board. Per our discussions last month, they are looking at a tiered rate structure

for posting ads, possibly $25/ad for government or non-profit positions, and not more than
$150/ad for other employers.

DU Academic Support
Kimberly Cronin was unable to attend the meeting, but told Cindy that she was meeting with the
deans at DU to learn more about the academic support in place for students who are having
academic issues.

Pipeline Projects
The remainder of the meeting was a joint meeting with the Pipeline committee of CCIE and the

a) CLEO students will be at DU from June 16-July 25. DILP and the specialty bars are
sponsoring a bar-b-que on June 24. Leslie Fields agreed to talk with the Sam Cary bar and
APABA about sponsoring; Meschach Rhoades will talk with the CHBA; and Kathleen will
speak with CIBA and the GLBT bar. Faegre & Benson will take one of the available dates to
invite CLEO students to their offices. Davis Graham & Stubbs has already selected June 20.
Charlie will talk to the Public Defender’s office and Mitch Morrissey to get them to participate in
the CLEO event on July 18 at the Denver courthouse.

b) StreetLaw – This program is being piloted in six cities in the country. CCIE is looking at
getting a firm to partner with DU, since they already have this program.

c) One firm has helped create a magnet school for legal education in the public school system.

d) The CCIE is putting together Dream Teams. They will contact pre-law advisors at the
undergraduate schools in Colorado and get teams of lawyers to go to the schools and discuss
legal education. Ideal teams would include law firm attorneys, judges, law students, corporate
counsel, and public sector attorneys.

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