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									All about the Pioneer Car Audio System

Pioneer Electronics needs no introduction and has been around
since 1938. They not only give good music systems but also
deliver some of the latest innovations and high-quality products
in car entertainment system. Continuing the Award winning run
is the Pioneer DEH-P4200UB car audio head unit which is a
complete package with a wide range of audio options in a well-
designed package.
The player does not have built-in Bluetooth, nor does it the play
satellite radio without the addition of an accessory.
Nonetheless, it is still holds its place as one of the top car
stereo receivers. You can start off the fun by putting in a CD or
plug in your MP3 player. The CD plays most formats from MP3,
WMA, WAV to iTunes AAC, and CD-R and CD-RW formats as
well. You can easily know what you are listening with the large
Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display. Just plug your MP3
player into the car audio receiver at the front panel auxiliary
input or the USB port. The USB port also charges your iPod and
you can control your iPod through the in-dash head unit unless
you use the required CD-IU50 interface cable.
The iTunes feature allows you to tag a song that is playing on
the radio. Once it is tagged, it is on your iPod list. Just connect it
for iTunes tag to work and later you can catch hold of the song
and buy it, if you like it.

You can also get to use the Bluetooth device with the Pioneer
DEH-P4200UB with an extra adapter. Once you get the adapter
you can sync the receiver to your Bluetooth-enabled phone and
talk hands-free. The adapter also has a built-in microphone and
you can hear the caller through your car speakers.
You can also keep thieves at bay by just detaching the face
plate when you are leaving the car. Just make sure you have a
carrying case for the detachable front panel. You also get a
handy remote control with simple functions like control volume
levels and select tracks or scan radio stations.So no more
looking for stations or adjusting volume while you are driving.
The simplistic interface of the remote control allows for safer

You can set up to 18 FM and six AM preset stations. The FM
frequency range goes from 87.9 to 107.9MHz and it has an AM
frequency range of 530 to 1,710 kHz. This takes care of all your
entertainment needs when you are on the move.
Overall the Pioneer car audio system will keep you hooked on
to your car with the wide range of features. It is also Bluetooth,
HD Radio and satellite radio compatible with extra accessories.
Adapters are required in order for this car audio receiver to
perform many of the things that modern users want. It is
capable of playing all formats of MP3s, CDs and radio which is
packaged in a well-crafted design. The Pioneer DEH-P4200UB
in-dash receiver is an excellent way to head the audio in your

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