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					                Collaboration with Hong Kong Universities

Microsoft Research Asia has established academic collaboration with universities in Hong
Kong since at least 2000. The scope includes research collaboration, curriculum innovation,
talent fostering and other forms of academic exchange.

Engaged Universities

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The University of Hong Kong (UHK)

Joint Labs

In 2000, Microsoft Research Asia established a Joint Lab with the HKUST. The lab, which
focuses on multimedia and other information technologies, was the fourth Microsoft
Research Asia Joint Lab and the first established outside of mainland China. Since the lab
was founded, HKUST has been one of Microsoft Research Asia’s closest academic partners.

In 2005, Microsoft Research Asia established its second Joint Lab in Hong Kong, this time
partnering with CUHK. The Microsoft Research Asia–CUHK Joint Lab focuses on
human-machine interface research.

In December 2006, Microsoft Research Asia and CUHK jointly hosted the “First Symposium
of Microsoft Joint Labs” on CUHK’s campus. Delegations from eight Microsoft Research Asia
Joint Labs met in Hong Kong to discuss progress, present research projects, and update
attendees on the status of each Joint Lab. Director General for the Department of Science
and Technology of the Chinese Ministry of Education, Mr. Huanzhong Xie, remarked: “The
Microsoft Joint Lab Symposium was not only a great opportunity for academic exchange
among the labs but also created a communication channel between top universities in Hong
Kong and Chinese mainland.”
In 2008, the Microsoft Research Asia-CUHK Joint Lab was approved by the Ministry of
Education as a key Ministry of Education – Microsoft Research Asia lab moving the
collaboration between these two institutions to the next level.

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Research and Curriculum Collaboration

During the 2005, 2006 and 2007 calendar years, Themed Projects were announced in the
areas of Trustworthy Computing, Gaming and Graphics, Mobile Computing in Education
(Tablet PCs) and Internet Services (Search).

Talent Fostering

Microsoft Research Asia works with universities to provide internship, fellowship and other
academic program opportunities to talented students in computer science with the goal of
encouraging computer science studies.

Over the past few years, Microsoft Research Asia has admitted more than a dozen interns
each year from universities in Hong Kong. There are now 95 students from Hong Kong who
have interned at Microsoft Research Asia since 1999.

In 2005, Microsoft Research Asia signed an agreement with HKUST entitled “Joint Doctorate
Supervision Scheme” to nurture the region's next generation of IT talents. Under the
Scheme, Microsoft Research Asia will nominate candidates for admission to HKUST's
doctorate program. Their research will be jointly supervised by HKUST faculty and senior
Microsoft Research Asia researcher. Students will be required to fulfil all Ph.D. coursework
and examinations at HKUST, and carry out research at Microsoft Research Asia under the
guidance of their co-supervisors. Ultimately students will be awarded a Ph.D. degree from
HKUST. This creative scheme has been well executed and replicated by other universities.

Students from Hong Kong have been very active in the region-wide competition for the
“Microsoft Fellowship” offered by Microsoft Research Asia on a yearly basis. HKUST has had
14 fellowship winners since 2000. Very few universities in the region can exceed that
number. CUHK has had at least one fellowship winner each year over the past four
consecutive years. This is also a remarkable record. In 2006, the University of Hong Kong
(HKU) started to participate in Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship program. There have
been 20 fellowship winners to come from Hong Kong since 2000.

Academic Exchange

Microsoft Research Asia executives and senior researchers frequently visit universities in
Hong Kong. In 2006 alone, HKUST, CUHK, and HKU were visited twice each. Round-table
meetings with faculty members and distinguished lectures delivered in EE and CS involved
more than 50 professors and around 800 students.

Academics in Hong Kong participate in Microsoft Research Asia activities with enthusiasm.
15 professors from Hong Kong joined the 2005 Microsoft Research Asia Faculty Summit in
Hangzhou; 9 participated in the 2006 Microsoft Research Asia Themed Workshop in Beijing;
and 13 joined the 2006 Microsoft Research Asia Faculty Summit in Beijing.

“Computing in the 21st Century” Conference (21CCC) in Hong Kong was co-hosted by
Microsoft Research Asia and HKUST in November 2005. Dr. Rick Rashid and Dr. Harry Shum
of Microsoft Research and several world-class computer scientists delivered keynote
speeches. More than 500 professors and students from the most distinguished universities
in Hong Kong packed the largest auditorium at HKUST.

With Joint Labs established with HKUST and CUHK, Microsoft Research Asia is also
strengthening academic collaboration with other universities in Hong Kong.

In October 2005, Craig Mundie, then Microsoft CTO, delivered a distinguished lecture at
UHK. Harry Shum, former Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia later gave a
distinguished lecture there in May 2006; and Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Managing Director of
Microsoft Research Asia, led a Microsoft delegation to visit HKU again in late 2006.

   1. Inauguration ceremony of Microsoft – CUHK Joint Lab

   2. First Microsoft Joint Labs Symposium

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