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									                                   Monash University
              Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

            Undergraduate Handbook 2004

HOW TO CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT                                                          II
1. INTRODUCTION                                                                        1
2. THE DEPARTMENT                                                                      2
     2.1     Courses Available.                                                        2
     2.2     Academic Staff                                                            3
     2.3     General Staff                                                             4
     2.4     Other Facilities                                                          4
     2.5     Building Plans                                                            5
     2.6     Security                                                                  8
     2.7     Safety                                                                    8
     2.8     Professional Societies                                                    9
     2.9     Scholarships                                                             10
     2.10    Prizes                                                                   10
     2.11    Postgraduate Opportunities                                               10
     2.12    U/grad Exchange Schemes                                                  10
     3.1     Enrolment                                  Error! Bookmark not defined.11
     3.2     Examinations and Academic Progress         Error! Bookmark not defined.12
     3.3     Averages and Honours                       Error! Bookmark not defined.14
     3.4     Individual Unit Requirements               Error! Bookmark not defined.14
     3.5     Internet Usage                             Error! Bookmark not defined.14
     3.6     Vacation Employment                        Error! Bookmark not defined.14

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     B:      Engineers Australia's Code of Ethics       Error! Bookmark not defined.48
     C:      Occupational Health and Safety             Error! Bookmark not defined.49
     D:      Vacation Employment                        Error! Bookmark not defined.51
     E:      Final Year Thesis Projects                 Error! Bookmark not defined.53
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How to Contact the Department

Location:                 Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering,
                          First Floor, Building 72
                          Monash University
                          Wellington Road, Clayton, Vic
                          Melways ref 70F10

Postal Address            Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
                          PO Box 35
                          Monash University
                          Victoria 3800

Phone Numbers             University                            9905 4000
                          Departmental General Office           9905 3486
                          Departmental FAX                      9905 3454
                          Security (a/h)                        9905 2054

World Wide Web Address:

The Undergraduate Handbook is published by the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems
Engineering in order to provide staff and students with essential information and advice on the
courses undertaken within the department. All information is as accurate as possible at the time of
publication but is subject to change at any time. This handbook is authorised by Prof. G K Egan,
Head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering.

This handbook is also available on the web at:

The Monash University 'Undergraduate 2004, a guide to courses' is published by the University and
provides the official requirements for the degrees offered. This may be purchased from the
University Bookshop, or viewed on the web at:


                                                                   Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                ii                                            Undergraduate Handbook 2004
September 2003

                       Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                 iii                              Undergraduate Handbook 2004
1.      Introduction
      This handbook is designed to provide details of the requirements for your course in the Department of
      Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University’s Clayton campus

      It introduces you to the Department, tells you how to find your way around, and outlines some of the more
      important regulations governing your course, particularly in relation to safety, enrolment and assessment.
      Please read these regulations - adherence to them is vital, particularly if you get sick, or need to change the
      units in which you are enrolled.

If you need help...
      Should you encounter problems, it is important that you seek help as soon as possible. The staff of this
      department are here to help you. In addition to Lecturers, who are happy to answer any questions you may
      have about their particular units, your Level Coordinator should be consulted if you have any concerns about
      the course in general.

Level Coordinators:
      The Department has designated a coordinator for each level of your course. In 2004, the coordinators are:

        Level 1                               Assoc Prof H Abachi
        Level 2                               Mr Ian Kaminskyj
        Level 3                               Assoc Prof Grahame Holmes
        Level 4                               Prof D Morgan
        Project Selection/Coordination        Dr F Crusca
        Vacation Employment                   Dr Ming Liu
        BTech(CompSt) all levels              Mr B Harding
        Director, Undergraduate Studies       Mr B Harding

      Only the level coordinator can approve a non-standard enrolment. If your units are from a
      number of levels, you should always seek assistance from the level coordinator for the lowest level
      unit taken.

Enrolment queries:
      These can only be answered by the Faculty Office on the ground floor of Building 72.

If you need a formal document relating to your course:
      Student services ( in Building 3C provide academic transcripts
      and various letters verifying your enrolment and course status.

      They are also the people who look after
          Admissions               Enrolments               Examinations                Fees
          Graduations              Scholarships             ID cards                    Travel concessions

      If you have a question, try Ask Monash: (frequently asked questions)

Specialised Services:
      The University provides a number of specialised services for students. Most are located in the Campus Centre,
      1st Floor, Western Extension, (Building 10). These services include:

        University Counselling Service 9905 3156            University Housing Office                 9905 3195
        University Chaplains           9905 3160            Language & Learning Services              9905 9181
        Student Financial Advisor      9905 3064            University Health Service                 9905 3175
        Disability Liaison Office      9905 5704

                                                                           Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                      1                                               Undergraduate Handbook 2004
2.         The Department
2.1 Courses Available.
   The department offers a choice of the following undergraduate degree courses to students of electrical and computer
systems engineering at the Clayton campus.
   The courses available are:
Single Degree:
       Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Systems (BE)
       Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (BCSE)
       Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering (BTE)
       Bachelor of Technology (Computer Studies) BTech(CompSt)
Double degrees:
       Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Arts (BE/BA)
       Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering (BCom/BE)
       Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Laws (BE/LLB)
       Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Engineering (BSc/BE)

  The first year of the Bachelor of Engineering course is common to all engineering disciplines and taught at Clayton,
Caulfield and Malaysian campus.
  These courses, their objectives and focus are described in full in the Monash University Undergraduate Handbook.
  Students enrolled in the following degrees, which are being phased out by the Department, should refer to earlier
handbooks and consult level coordinators for relevant course advise.
         Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Computing) (BE(Elec&Comp))
         Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BCSE)
Consecutive Degree:
      Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Engineering (BSc/BE) (ie if degree commenced prior to

  Degree with Honours

  The degree of BE, BCSE or BTE with Honours is awarded for meritorious performance in the course as a whole. No
additional time is required. All units taken as part of your engineering degree are considered in the determination of an
honours result, but greater weight is given to the units in the later years of the course than to those in the earlier years.
The method used to determine your average is described in Section 3.3.
  No honours grade is available for the Bachelor of Technology (Computer Studies)

                                                                                 Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                            2                                               Undergraduate Handbook 2004
2.2 Academic Staff
                                                   Area of Speciality                   Room/Building
   Head of Department
        Prof Gregory Kenneth Egan                  Telecommunications                            209/72

        (vacant) Sir John Monash Chair of          Power                                         G09/35
                    Electrical Power Engineering
        Prof Raymond Austin Jarvis                 Robotics                                      G11/36
              Secretary Ms Susanne Brown                                                         G12/36
        Prof David Lloyd Morgan                    Biomedical Engineering                        221/69

        Dr John Atkinson Bennett                   Propagation                                   219/35
        Dr Le Nguyen Binh                          Optical Communications                        214/35
        Dr Khok Khee Pang                          Video Coding                                  115/31

   Associate Professors
        Assoc Prof Hamid Reza Abachi               Microprocessor Systems                       112/35
        Assoc Prof Thomas Ian Henry Brown          Biomedical Engineering                       222/69
        Assoc Prof Donald Grahame Holmes           Power Electronics                            G04/69
        Assoc Prof Lindsay Kleeman                 Computer Systems                             G16/36
        Assoc Prof Kim Chew Ng                     Electronics                                  111/35
        Assoc Prof Robin Andrew Russell            Computer Systems                             G05/36
        Assoc Prof David Suter                     Computer Systems                            221A/35

   Senior Lecturers
        Dr Gregory Keith Cambrell                  Fields                                      217/35
        Dr Francesco Crusca                        Control                                     132/72
        Dr Tadeusz Czaszejko                       Power                                      G17B/35
        Mr Barrie Thomas Harding                   Digital Electronics                         224/72
        Mr Stewart Charles Jenvey                  Communications                              216/35
        Dr Robin Phillip Lisner                    Power Electronics                           G05/69
        Mr Brian John Lithgow                      Signal Processing                           225/72
        Dr Ming Liu                                Control Systems                             133/72
        Dr Nallasamy Mani                          Computer Systems                            125/72
        Dr Malin Premaratne                        Communications Systems                      117/31
        Dr Ahmet Sekercioglu                       Communication Networks                      125/31
        Dr Ahmad Zahedi                            Power, Renewable Energy                     G15/35
        Dr Jingxin Zhang                           Control & Signal Processing                 G08/69

        Mr Ian Kaminskyj                           Pattern Recognition                           226/72
        Dr Andrew Price                            Computer Systems                              229/72
        Ms Ros Rimington                           Management                                    227/72
        Mr John Daumants Zakis                     Electronics                                   107/35
   Honorary Professor
        Prof William Alexander Brown               Telecommunications                            G13/36
   Honorary Professorial Fellow
        Prof Peter J Wallace                       Power                                      G12B/35
   Honorary Research Associate
        Dr Kishor Dabke                            Control                                        105/35

                                                                         Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                   3                                                Undergraduate Handbook 2004
Note: Staff may also be contacted by email, their address being of the form
2.3 General Staff

       Professional Officers
               Mr Daniel Joseph Grimm                                                                     124/72
               Mr Paul Jenkins                                                                            123/72
       Facilities Manager
               Mr Geoffrey Binns                                                                          204/72
       Deputy Facilities Manager
               Mr Eric Lim                                                                              113C/35
       Academic Registrar
               Mrs Susan Morgan                                                                           206/72
       Finance Manager
               Ms Rebecca Garbellini                                                                      218/72
       Administrative Officer
               Ms Pamela Dickinson                                                                        220/72

       General Office                               Mrs Maria Scalzo                                      102/72
                                                    Ms Amber McKinley
                                                    Ms Sarina Kennedy

       Store                                        Mr Ray Cooper, Mr Eric Lim                          113B/35

       Technical Support
              Power Lab                             Martin Linzner, George Yu                            G02/35
              High Voltage Lab                      Martin Linzner, George Yu                            G24/36
              Mechanical Services                   Maurice Gay, Tony Brosinsky                          101/35
              Circuits & Control Lab                Daryl Gaspero, Ray Chapman                           103/35
              Design & Project Lab                  Ray Chapman, George Yu                               110/35
              Teaching Laboratories                 Brian Webster, Ian Reynolds                          213/35
              (Level 2 Building 35)                 Brian Webster, Ian Reynolds                          215/35
                                                    Brian Webster, Ian Reynolds                          220/35
                                                    Ian Reynolds, Brian Webster                          224/35
              Computer Systems Lab                  Phil Huynh, Vanessa Luu                              120/72
              Computer Engineering                  Phil Huynh, Daryl Gaspero                            127/72
                 (DSP) Lab
              Control &                             George Yu, Ray Chapman                                136/72
              Telecommunications Studio             Ian Reynolds, Daryl Gaspero                         106A/31

    All requests for assistance in the labs should be addressed in the first instance to the lecturers responsible for the unit.
If they are not available, please contact Mr Eric Lim at or phone 9905 3481.

2.4 Other Facilities
   Email                                From time to time, the department will need to contact you either individually or as
   Messages                             part of a class or course. Such messages may be IMPORTANT and will be sent to
                                        your student account (with an address like ''). It is
                                        important that you read this mail regularly, or get the mail redirected to an account
                                        which you do check.

   Assignment           1st Floor       Assignments and Laboratory reports are to be handed in by depositing them in the
   Submission             outside       appropriate box in the bottom row of the mail boxes, or as indicated by the
                          118/72        lecturer.
                                        All assignments must have as their first page the standard cover sheet, found in
                                        Appendix F of this handbook, and available on the web at

   Departmental            118/72       Students requiring access to departmental reports, final year and postgraduate
                                        theses or other material in the departmental library must arrange access with their
                                                                                   Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                             4                                                Undergraduate Handbook 2004
  Library                  academic supervisor. All removals must be recorded on the catalogue cards.

  Components         via   Components may only be obtained from the store if the student has the signed
  Store           110/35   authority of their academic supervisor. Access is not permitted to the store at any

  Data Books      116/35   Data sheets on components may be viewed and photocopied, but not borrowed,
                           from the Databook library in the electronics workshop.

  Level 4         G04/36   The undergraduate common room, located in room G04, building 36, is for the use
  Common                   of level four ECSE students only. It is furnished with easy chairs, desks,
                           bookshelves, a wide selection of journals and general interest engineering
  Room                     publications and lockers and has limited food preparation facilities. Access to the
                           room is from 7am to 5:30pm during weekdays. The key-code to operate the
                           security lock will be issued at the start of semester 1. The room must be kept clean
                           and tidy at all times or use of the room will be withdrawn.

  Design and      110/35   This room performs two functions - bench space and a study area.
  Projects Lab             Bench space is intended for students enrolled in thesis units requiring bench
                           facilities. Units such as the level-3 ECE3905 Design and the level-4 ECE4911/12
                           Thesis Projects have no scheduled laboratory sessions and students may use the
                           Design and Projects Laboratory for these units with their supervisor’s
                           knowledge and approval, as outlined in Section 2.6.2. The laboratory is not to be
                           used as a general catch up laboratory for other units.
                           Whereas the Level-Four Common Room (Room G04/36) is intended for students
                           in their final year, all ECSE students may use the study area of the Design and
                           Projects Laboratory for private study.

  Noticeboards    Main     1st Floor West Stairs/35
                           It is the responsibility of all students of the Department to read this noticeboard, as
                           many items of importance will be communicated in this way. As the board is
                           locked, items from students for inclusion on the board may be handed to the
                           Facilities Manager.

                 Level 2   On wall opposite 103/35

                 Level 3   On wall opposite 120/72
                 Level 4   On wall opposite 223/72

2.5 Building Plans
Building 31                                                                                 First Floor

                                                                      Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                5                                                Undergraduate Handbook 2004
Building 35                                                                                                                   Second Floor

                   206                     213                          215
                                                                         215                      220
                 EMC Lab            Teaching Laboratory                Telecom
                                                                 Teaching Laboratory       Teaching Laboratory    Support
                                                                                                                      Teaching Laboratory
                                                                        Lab B                                      Unit

                                                                                                                     Imag e

Building 35                                                                                                                           First Floor
                                                                                                           113B 113C
                                                                                                           113B 113C
                                                                                                           Office Office
                                                                                                           Office Office
                  103                                                                                           113
                  103                                                        110                                113                    116
              Circuits Lab
              Circuits Lab                                                   110                               Store                   116
             Circuits Lab                                            Design and Project Lab                    Store           Electronics Services
         Circuits and Control lab                                    Design and Project Lab                                   Electronics Workshop
Goods                                                                                                        113A
                                                                                                           Display Area
 Lift                                                                                                      Display Area

West                101                                105           106    107 108                         111 112 114
Stairs              101                                105           106    107 108           109           111 112 114
                                                                                                           Office OfficeOffice
Stairs        Mechanical Services                     Hon Staff            Office Office      109
              Mechanical Workshop
                                                      Hon. St af f
                                                      Hon Staff
                                                      Hon. St af f         Office Office   Staff Room      Office OfficeOffice
                                                                                           Staff Room                              Mail Toilet
                                                                                                                                   Mail Toilet

Building 35                                                                                                                   Ground Floor

Building 36                                                                                                                   Ground Floor

                                                                                                  Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                                       6                                                     Undergraduate Handbook 2004
Building 69
Ground Floor                                                                                                                   Second Floor

                                                                                                                                221            222
                                                                                                                                Office         Office
G01 G02 G04 G05 G07 G08
Offi ce Offi ce Offi ce Offi ce Offi ce Offi ce

                                                                          G1 0

      G03                     G06                                    Robotics                                                       224
   Energy                    Power                                  Laborato ry                                                  Biomedical
 Distribu tion            Electronics &
Systems Lab                  Drives

Building 72                                                                                                                Second Floor

                                                                                                                                                      Prof essor

                                                                                 4th year teaching
      Postgraduate off ices                       Postgraduate off ices
                                                                                        room             Tutorial       Lift               Tutorial
                                                                                                         room 1                            room 2

Building 72                                                                                                                      First Floor

                                                                                                        10 4
                                                                          12 1
                                                                                                        10 2
                                                                                                       Gen eral
             13 6                                     12 7                              12 0
                                                                                                       Offi ce
         Co ntrol and                         Compu te r En gi - 12 2              Co mp uter S ys -
      Mechan oi nformatics                   ne erin g ( DSP) L ab                   tems La b                 10 3
                                                                                                       11 9

      13 5 13 4 13 3 13 2                                                           12 5 12 4 12 3
                                                                                                        Li brary      Museum

                                                                                                           Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                                                     7                                                Undergraduate Handbook 2004
2.6 Security                                                    2.6.5      ACCESS TO WORKSHOPS AFTER
             Normal working hours are                             Undergraduate students are not allowed access to
                8:00am-6:00pm.                                  workshops after hours.

2.6.1      ACCESS TO BUILDINGS                                  2.6.6      KEYS
   Lectures are held between the hours of 8:00am and               Keys are the property of the University, and are not
8:00pm, and access to buildings is unrestricted during          issued to students except by special arrangement for
8:00am-6:00pm. Evening classes (6:00pm-8:00pm)                  specific needs. It is an offence to duplicate keys. It is
require students to enter the building before 6:00pm.           an offence to be in possession of keys to University
   External and Corridor doors are locked from                  buildings unless issued by the Facilities Manager.
6:00pm to 7:00am weekdays and during the weekend
and holidays, and access to buildings is by special
arrangement only during this time.                              2.6.7      ACCESS TO ROOF
   Access to the Level 4 Student Common Room is                    The roof is out of bounds to all students with the
from 7:00am to 5:30pm during weekdays only.                     exception of final year students working on antenna
                                                                projects or similar experimental work. Permission may
                                                                be granted only after application to the Facilities
2.6.2      ACCESS TO LABORATORIES                               Manager.
             HOURS                                              2.6.8      LIFT
   During normal working hours, students are only                 The lift in Building 35 is not to be used by students.
allowed to conduct work in laboratories with                    There is a passenger lift in Building 72 for students
appropriate supervision.                                        with special needs.
   For experimental work, appropriate supervision is
the Academic Staff member(s) responsible for each
particular laboratory or associated unit, or                    2.6.9      REMOVAL OF EQUIPMENT
demonstrators as approved and agreed by the
department.                                                        Equipment must not be removed from the
                                                                Department unless written permission has been given
   Students may do computer work or other office-type           by a member of the Academic Staff and by the Deputy
work in laboratories 120/72, 127/72 and 110/35 at any           Facilities Manager. Such removals must be recorded
time during office hours (9:00am - 5:00pm). Thesis              by the Deputy Facilities Manager.
project work assessed as low risk may also be carried
out in these laboratories during office hours.                     Equipment must not be removed from one
                                                                laboratory to another unless approved by a member of
   Low risk thesis project work may also be done in             the Academic Staff or by the Deputy Facilities
specialist research laboratories at the discretion of the       Manager.
laboratory supervisor. No other experimental work is
to be undertaken when access is allowed in this way.
                                                                2.7 Safety
                                                                    Safe working practices are most important in all
             NORMAL WORKING HOURS                               aspects of your work and particularly in laboratories
   Undergraduate students are only allowed access to            involving electrical apparatus.
workshops during normal working hours when                          The Policy Statement from the Occupational
appropriate staff are present, and are only to use              Health and Safety Commission appears in Appendix
equipment for which they have been given specific               C. All students are urged to read, understand and
permission to use. Appropriate staff are those staff who        follow its recommendations and to make suggestions
are accredited both to use the equipment required and           to Staff or the Head of Department where
to permit students to use this equipment.                       improvements could be made.
                                                                    More information may be obtained at:
2.6.4      ACCESS TO LABORATORIES AFTER               
             HOURS                                                  Safety issues within the department are managed by
   Undergraduate students are not allowed access to             a Safety Committee. Safety Committee members have
laboratories after hours for safety and security reasons,       responsibility for specific areas of the department as
unless special arrangements are made with Academic              listed below, and these staff should be contacted in the
Staff and security personnel and then the conditions set        first instance for any specific inquiries.
out in 2.6.2 will apply. Note that most laboratories and
other areas are monitored by alarms after hours, and
may not be entered without prior agreement with a               2.7.1      ELECTRICITY IS DANGEROUS!
staff member to disable the alarms.                                A current of 10 mA can be lethal, and voltages as
   Students who are allowed to work in laboratories             low as 60 V can drive this current through a human
after hours must ensure that all doors are locked when          body. Never work on a circuit without first ensuring
they leave and must inform the staff member or their            that it is "dead".
delegate who authorised their access that they are

                                                                              Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                            8                                            Undergraduate Handbook 2004
                                                                2.7.7       FAULTY EQUIPMENT
                 Floor Wardens                                     When equipment or instruments have been
                                                                damaged, or their operation or readings indicate some
In an emergency, contact:                                       prior damage, the laboratory supervisor should be
Building Warden              Mr D Gaspero       tel 53469       immediately notified. The instrument should not be
                                                                returned to its normal position on the shelves, but
Building 31                                                     placed on the shelf reserved for faulty equipment with
  First Floor               Mr J But            tel 55572       a note describing the problem. Since laboratory reports
                            Mr T Cornall            55709       are graded partly on the accuracy of results, it is unfair
Building 35                                                     to other students to return damaged equipment and
  Ground Floor              Mr M Linzner,          53412        meters to the normal shelves.

   First Floor              Mr M Gay,              53494        2.7.8       TIDINESS
                            Mr R Cooper            53497
                            Mr R Chapman           53495            Tidiness is a safety function:
   Second Floor             Mr I Reynolds          53457            Wires should not be left trailing on benches and
Building 69
  Ground Floor              Dr D G Holmes          53473            Spilled water or chemicals must be cleaned up
  Second Floor              Prof D Morgan          54383             immediately.
                                                                    Smoking, drinking and eating are not permitted in
Building 72                                                          the laboratories. Students breaking this rule will be
  First Floor               Mrs M Scalzo           53486             asked to leave the laboratory immediately.
                            Mr P Jenkins           51888
                            Ms V Luu               51886            Personal effects should be placed out of the way
                                                                     and not in walkways between benches
   Second Floor             Mr G Binns,            53498            Equipment for experimental work should be
                            Ms R Garbellini        51863             arranged in a neat way.
                            Ms P Dickinson         53500
                                                                    Equipment and instrumentation intended for bench
                                                                     use should NEVER be placed or used on the floor.
2.7.2      ACCIDENTS
                                                                2.7.9       PERSONAL CLOTHING
   Accidents of any kind must be reported in the first
instance to the supervisor responsible for the laboratory          Whilst not attempting to dictate the clothing or
or workshop area, and then to the Departmental Safety           hairstyles worn by our students, some rules must apply:
Committee member responsible for the floor where the             No student will be admitted to Laboratories or
accident occurred.                                                   Workshops in bare feet or thongs.
   Floor Wardens are located on each floor and should            Students with long hair will only be permitted to
be alerted in an emergency.                                          use rotating machinery if their hair is tied back or
                                                                     a hat is worn with the hair tucked in.
2.7.3      IRRESPONSIBLE ACTIONS                                 Appropriate clothing is required for all laboratory
                                                                     work. Long flowing clothes should be avoided for
   Students must conduct themselves in an orderly                    the electrical power laboratories.
manner. The safety of all concerned is jeopardised by            Rings must be removed from fingers when using
actions of horseplay, practical jokes, contact games etc.            any type of workshop machinery.

                                                                2.8 Professional Societies
  Students are required by State Law to wear safety
equipment where it is required.                                    The Engineering profession is represented by a
                                                                number of professional organisations. Members of our
                                                                department are actively involved in these organisations
2.7.5      LABORATORY EQUIPMENT                                 and students are encouraged to broaden their education
   Equipment in laboratories is to be operated only             and understanding of the role of Engineering by
when a designated supervisor is present. For all                actively involving themselves in the programs
students, the designated supervisor is the academic             available.
staff member in charge of the laboratory or unit, a                The main organisations are:
designated substitute academic staff member, or a
designated postgraduate student or demonstrator.                Institute of Electrical and Electronics
                                                                Engineers Inc. (IEEE)
                                                                   The Institute is the world's largest professional
2.7.6      TIDYING UP                                           engineering society. Its scientific and educational
                                                                purposes are directed towards the advancement of the
   On completion of experimental work all equipment             theory and practice of electrical engineering,
is to be switched off, and bench areas left in a tidy           electronics, computer engineering and computer
state.                                                          science and the allied branches of engineering, arts and
                                                                science. It is active in the holding of professional
                                                                meetings and conferences, the publication and
                                                                circulation of technical and related works, the
                                                                advancement of the standing of members of the

                                                                               Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                            9                                             Undergraduate Handbook 2004
profession, and the establishment of standards of                   A number of scholarships are available for students.
qualification and ethical conduct.                               Most are based on academic merit.
   For more information, contact Assoc Prof L                       The Faculty of Engineering administers the Dean's
Kleeman or Mr B Harding. Application forms are also              Scholarships, Industry Scholarships and Monash
available from the General Office.                               Engineering Scholarships which are awarded at Level
                                                                 1 based primarily on VCE results. Details on Monash-
                                                                 administered Scholarships and Conversion from fee-
Engineers Australia (IEAust).                                    liable to HECS-liable places may be found on the web
   The Institution of Engineers, Australia was founded           (
in 1919 to unite the members of the engineering                  htm).
professions in Australia. It is now known as Engineers              A number of organisations offer scholarships
Australia. It is one of the few engineering bodies to            tenable at Levels Three and Four of the course. These
represent all branches of the profession. Its basic              will be advertised within the department at the time
objectives are to promote the interests and professional         that applications are sought.
standards of its members and to ensure that our                     Students experiencing financial need may get
community is well served by the engineering                      assistance in the purchase of essential textbooks from
profession and to encourage and influence the                    the Monash Bookshop Grant Scheme. Application
development of Australia’s technological capability in           should be made to the Student Financial Aid Office.
a way which will maximize its contribution to our
national economic growth.
   For further information, contact Mr B Harding.                2.10 Prizes
Young Engineers                                                    Prizes are awarded each year for outstanding
                                                                 achievement. A list is included in Appendix G.
    The IE Aust runs ‘Young Engineers Australia’, an
organisation for undergraduate students of engineering.
It organises a conference each year, together with visits
and talks. There is a local branch of Young Engineers
                                                                 2.11 Postgraduate
at Monash.                                                              Opportunities
   For further information, contact the Faculty Office
or IEAust (Vic) on 9329 8188.                                       Final year students contemplating postgraduate
                                                                 study should obtain a copy of the department's booklet
                                                                 which describes the programs and research areas
                                                                 available within the department.
Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).                          Information on opportunities at other universities
   This London-based learned society has the most                and institutions is often displayed on the departmental
demanding standard for membership, requiring a                   noticeboard in the west stairwell on level 1 of building
second class honours degree and a substantial amount             35. The University's Careers and Appointments Office
of professional experience.            It promotes the           is another good source of information. Universities
achievement of the highest standard of scholarship and           will also have nodes on the Internet or World Wide
practice of all branches of electrical engineering,              Web which may hold information not only on the
computer engineering and manufacturing, and the                  courses available but on other student facilities.
interests and professional standing of its members
through its activities in holding professional meetings
and conferences, publications and the establishment of           2.12 U/grad Exchange
standards of qualification and professional conduct.
The IEE presents a prize each year for outstanding                      Schemes
academic achievement to a student at Level three or
four of the course. The Victorian Centre holds several              Exchange schemes are in place with the University
technical meetings each year and also awards an                  of Waterloo in Canada, Lulea University in Sweden
annual prize for the best written thesis or paper by a           and other Universities around the world. For further
final year student in the state of Victoria.                     information, contact the Study Abroad Office on 9905
   For more information, contact Assoc Prof K C Ng,              1551, or refer to the appropriate section of the Student
Assoc Prof H Abachi or Dr A Zahedi.                              Resource Guide available on the web at

Society of Monash Electrical Engineers
  SMEE is an undergraduate society for Electrical
Engineering students which promotes social, sporting
and technical events among the students of the

2.9 Scholarships
                                                                               Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
                                                            10                                            Undergraduate Handbook 2004
     Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering
11                              Undergraduate Handbook 2004

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