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					                                B2B alibaba clone PHP Script

                                                    Alibaba Clone Script Best B2B Software

                                                    B2B Alibaba Clone Script is very powerful and effective solution to
                                                    launch your own Global B2B Trading Portal. B2B Script has high end
                                                    features to provide a very strong foundation to your trading portal.
                                                    Script offers great earning potential. B2B Alibaba Clone is perfect to
                                                    launch your own top quality trading portal.

                                                    B2B Alibaba Clone Script is one of the best PHP B2B Script with
                                                    complete powerful features required to start B2B Online Portal System
                                                    where buyers/sellers across worldwide trade. B2B Traders platform
                                                    offers a low-cost, easy-to-use business solution. Our software
                                                    empowers buyers-sellers to contact each other instantly with powerful
    inbuilt funcationality. With elaborate search functionality, advanced SEO reporting, as well as a fully customized
    platform. Our software fulfill all your needs if you are looking for the best php script, php b2b script, alibaba clone
    script, ec21 clone, b2b portal software etc.

    Key Applications of the B2B Script
   Run dedicated trading portal site to tap the great earning opportunity that this script offers
   Run as free service to attract more visitors and member to your website
   You can also use this script as advertising platform for your products / other sites
   Can be used as interface of your import/export business
   Online platform for finding global trading partners
    Features For Frontend:
   Extensive usage stats
   Recent stats for offers posted today, yesterday and in last 7 days
   Similar stats are available for catalog items, profiles and new signups
   CATEGORIES MANAGEMENT console (multilevel)
   Add / edit / remove categories
   Category ordering for display on front end
   SHIFT LISTINGS from one category to another
   Highly configurable site parameters
   Highly configurable layout parameters
   Full control over site color scheme (directly from admin panel)
   Create / Edit / Save as many COLOR SCHEMES as you like

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Description: Script, Clone , Alibaba Script, EC21 Script, Script B2B Trading Marketplace Script. Alibaba Script is easy to use, easy to customize and packed full of advanced software features found on most top trading b2b websites!