Network Redesign and Palette 2.0 by bnWs0X


									Network Redesign
   Palette 2.0
           The Mission of GCIS*

 Provide all of our users optimal access to
        GCC’s technology resources.

*(GCC Information Services: The Innovation Center,
  Instructional Computing, Office of Information
     Technology, and Training and Employee
Objectives for today

• Bring you up to speed on the status of the
  Overall (Academic and Staff) Network
  Redesign and the creation of the new
  Instructional Palette (Palette 2.0)
• Solicit your input at various levels
• Reach consensus on moving ahead
Issues being addressed by redesign
•   Network availability
•   Server connectivity
•   Lengthy login times
•   Complexity of network structure
•   Limited flexibility issues
•   Change Management issues
•   Re-imaging issues
•   Others? (CTC 12/05: none noted)
Goals of the Network Redesign Project
• Provide a network that is available 99.9%
  exclusive of scheduled down time.
• Establish processes & procedures that assure
  the delivery of network services including:
  – Change control
  – Release management
  – Incident response
  – Problem Management
  – Configuration Management
  – Capacity planning
  – Availability planning
CTC 12/05:
 Additional Goals and Comments from 12/05 CTC Meeting

 - Security at every point within the project
 - Ensure processes and procedures are in a
   written format
 - Performance measurement tools
 - Documentation management
 - Maintenance planning participation through
   the CTC (to include faculty and students)
 - Implement Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Design Criteria
• Services should have
  – Flexibility to meet changing needs
  – Stability
  – Mutually agreed upon maintenance windows
  – Efficiency of management
  – Others? (CTC 12/05: “accountability measurements” and
    “maintenance planning” were also suggested by attendees, but these
    items were previously addressed by the Goals/Comments listed on slide 6.)
Palette 2.0 Design Assumptions
• Any user can log into any workstation they
  have access to and perform the tasks the
  workstation is configured to perform.
• On logout the Palette workstation reverts
  to a configuration that allows the next
  user to perform their tasks.
• Others? (CTC12/05: Comments from attendees suggested that
  similar usability could be obtained with “thin clients”; such as Softricity.
  Remote access of Palette resources (from home and elsewhere) for
  students and faculty was mentioned as a design possibility for Palette 3.0)
Palette 2.0 Design Goals

• Workstation imaging should be:
  – Inline with change control and release mgt.
  – accomplished remotely and/or automatically—
    when desired
  – Classrooms can be re-imaged and ready for
    use in 60 minutes.
• No current functionality will be lost
Design Decisions to date
• Novell Netware will be phased out.
• Microsoft Windows will provide Active
  Directory and File services for the
• A new Windows Palette image/design will
  be created from the workstation OS up.

        CTC 12/05: Note to attendees, please be active
             and vocal in CTC planning process!
Palette 2.0 Implementation goal

• July 01 06 Palette 2.0 ready for testing by
  faculty, selected students and staff. 2.0
  will target implementing the new Microsoft
  network core using a new build of the
  current image for the Palette.
• June 01 07 Palette 3.0 ready for testing
  by faculty, selected students and staff.
Testing Protocol/parameters
• Virtual machine servers for initial setup and
•   Dedicated VLAN, and connected servers and
    workstations for “real world testing”
•   Use Packet traces to monitor and track each
    network related change
•   Monitor and track effects of changes on
    workstation CPU and Memory usage
•   Others? (CTC 12/05: Attendees were assured that load and regression
    testing would be addressed; however, other metrics - designated by
    attendees - would be helpful, such as acceptable login times. Attendees
    requested the testing plan be distributed to the campus in “lay-terms”.)
Current Palette Resources/Features
• Automatically created, registration related, password protected
    multiple accounts that appear as one account to the user.
•   Standard suite of software tools that includes Microsoft Office
•   Registration related access to specialized software
•   Network Storage Space (H drive), Animation Volume
•   Shared Drives (S drive)
•   Drop Boxes
•   Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) e-mail
•   Roaming desktops
•   Internet access
•   Wireless access
•   User created web pages
•   Off-campus access to some features.
•   Forums
•   Secure browser and ftp based file access
Additional Features for Palette 2.0

• Automated Faculty Resources Self-Service
• Common “Start” page for all online courses
Additional Features for Palette 3.0

• Plan is to distribute list of current features and
  software to you at the start of Spring semester.
• Please review and make suggestions for the 3.0
• Please review and let us know what is longer
We will collect and discuss these during Spring
  Semester 06.
Moving Forward
We are creating technical groups for each of the major
  project areas, which include:
• Academic Image
   – Palette Image
   – Script conversion
   – Server OS deployment/Active Directory
• Administrative Machines
   – Create conversion process
• Genesis Overhaul
• Data Migration
• Back up/disaster recovery
Review of Objectives for today

• Bring you up to speed on Network
  Redesign and the creation of the new
  Instructional Palette (Palette 2.0)
• Solicit your input at various levels
• Reach consensus on moving ahead
(CTC 12/05: The group reached a consensus to proceed with these plans for
   the Network Redesign and Palette 2.0.)

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