September 4, 2012
                     Faculty Association Office; Riverside—DL404

                        Present                            Absent
        Dariush Haghighat (Faculty               Chris Rocco (MV FT Rep)
        Association Pres)
        Shari Yates (Secretary)
        Joe Eckstein (Nor FT Rep)
        Leo Truttmann (Treasurer)
        Chris Rocco (MV FT Rep)
        Fabian Biancardi (MV VP)
        Sarah Burnett (Nor VP)
        Rhonda Taube (Riv FT Rep)
        Cindy Mahon (MV PT Rep)
        Mark Sellick (Riv VP)
        Dorothy Reina (Nor PT Rep/CCA Dist
        K Dir)
        John Sullivan (Riv PT Rep/CCA)
        Cyn-D Gobatie (Guest)
        Mark Carpenter (Guest)
        Pati Avila (Guest)
        Jan Schall (Guest)
        Ward Schinke (Riv Acad Senate VP)
        Lee Nelson (Riv Acad Senate Pres.)
        Marianne Reynolds (CCA Regional

Call to Order 1:10

1) President’s Report: Dariush Haghighat.

   a) Dariush welcomed Marianne Reynolds, the CCA representative to our
      association. Marianne updated the board on the polling numbers for proposition
      30. The CCA/CTA is endorsing Yes, on prop 30, the governor’s initiative; No on
      32 that will silence labor unions; and No on 38 that helps K-12 but not higher ed.
   b) Marianne also updated the association executive board on the latest negotiations
      in our region. At the College of Desert the contract was renewed with no “take-
      backs.” The College of the Desert part time faculty negotiated no take-backs but
      has not had a salary increase in several years. At Palo Verde it was status quo on
      salary but teaching an extra class per year—10% extra work per year. Palo Verde
      district also reduced its top administration rank. There were five top
      administrators and only two left at Palo Verde.
   c) Dariush thanked the VPs for sending out email reports to the faculty. This is a
      great start and the VPs have received poignant responses. Next month the reps
        will send a report out. Dariush wants to see reports sent out every month to the
        faculty alternating between VPs and the reps to increase the communication to the
   d)   Dariush appointed Joe, Rhonda, and Chris to the calendar committee. The first
        meeting will be held on October 9th.
   e)   Dariush has extended Association’s deep appreciation to Tom Allen, Alan
        Lovelace, Kathleen Sell and other faculty members who have responded to the
        Press Enterprise’s despicable editorial attacking RCCD faculty members’ salary
        and benefits.
   f)   Dariush met last Thursday with the Chancellor regarding the turmoil. The
        Chancellor communicated to Dariush that he was not serious about taking the
        Alabama position. Dariush suggested, at this point the Chancellor is viewed by
        many stakeholders as a lame duck chancellor and if he is not serious about the
        Alabama position, he always has the option of withdrawing his candidacy.
   g)   Dariush and the Chancellor discussed the Press Enterprise article. Dariush
        believes that it was a really dishonest editorial and the faculty are not going to
        accept that kind of campaign “poisoning the well” before we even start
        negotiating. Dariush suggested the Chancellor could always chastise the PE
        anytime. Dariush also cautioned the Chancellor that anytime the press, the
        management or any other source launches a negative campaign against faculty
        rights and interests or makes a derogatory remark against faculty, the Faculty
        Association will respond forcefully and passionately on behalf of faculty
        members in our district.
   h)   Dariush and the Chancellor agreed to issue a joint statement to the press in
        support of prop 30. Some members of the Association board indicated that it
        would also be helpful if the stakeholders in our district take a stand against prop
        32 and No on prop 38. Dariush suggested that he would raise that issue in the
        board of trustees committee meeting tonight.
   i)   Dariush and the Chancellor also discussed various scenarios regarding upcoming
        contract negations. They both agreed that there would be no point into getting into
        so much detail before the Chancellor’s candidacy in Alabama is settled and before
        we know the outcome of the November election, especially prop 30.

2) Vice Presidents’ and Representatives’ Reports
   a) Moreno Valley College—
      i) Fabian Biancardi.
          (1) Fabian and Chris met with the new Moreno Valley College President, Dr.
              Sandra Mayo. President Mayo is quite concerned with accreditation for
              Moreno Valley College and the self-study. They had a good initial
          (2) The MVC President called in the architects who were working on the
              development of new facilities; she did not like the direction they were
              headed and scratched the plans and is hiring new architects. President
              Mayo is starting a new committee made up of faculty and staff to assist in
              planning the future facilities.
       (3) It appears to Fabian that the Faculty Association and the district colleges
           have many shared interests that need to be tackled together.
       (4) The interim MVC Dean of Instruction has been appointed, Dr. Dennis
           Anderson, hailed from Mt. San Jacinto where he recently retired as VP of
           Academic Affairs. Dr. Anderson will serve the college for a four month
           contract. A search committee is being formed for the permanent Dean of
           Instruction position.
       (5) Fabian sent off an email to the MVC faculty. Fabian tried to frame his
           report that these are extraordinary times and all hands on deck are needed.
       (6) Regarding Fabian’s position as the PAC chair, he has reached out to the
           candidates and plans for the executive board to interview those that are
           willing and interested. Fabian is required to inform all faculty that $5
           from the (already paid) dues will go to the PAC; $2 from the part timers’
           dues. Faculty can opt-out of the diversion of the funds to the PAC if they

   ii) Cynthia Mahon.
       (1) There is still an issue that a part timer is being asked to perform extra
           work related to a grant. Chris and Cynthia are working on the issue.
           Fabian and Chris have discussed the issue with the President Mayo and
           she is looking into it.

b) Norco College—
   i) Sarah Burnett. Sarah and Joe will be meeting with the new president on the
        13th. Sarah has received concerns from a department chair that is worried
        about the annual review that must be written when there is no full time faculty
        for a discipline. Sarah was asked when we exceed institutional service and it
        becomes sheer volunteerism. Discussion ensued. It was suggested that Norco
        work with the district-wide discipline or time to go to the part time faculty but
        they would require to be paid a stipend. This is an item that Dariush will raise
        with the Chancellor. Dariush asked the VPs to send an email to department
        chairs that have no full timers that are affected by this; we need to have
        figures and data before we approach the district.
   ii) Dorothy Reina. Dorothy mentioned that there are concerns that there is
        virtually no staff after 4:00pm from Tuesday-Thursday to assist part time
        faculty. On Monday, there is one staff person until 7:00pm. Friday there is
        no help after 12:00pm. Faculty are on campus until 10:00pm but nobody is
        around to help them or the students. These are safety problems that need to
        be addressed. There used to be an emergency phone but it is not working.
        One day a student got stranded on campus and the receptionist had to pass the
        student her private cell phone through the “cage” so the student could get
        assistance. The lack of safety at Norco has been exacerbated since the last
   iii) Joe Eckstein. Joe sent out an email announcing the BoT meeting next week to
        be held at Norco.
           (1) Joe booked a room in CSS 217 from 1:00-3:00 for the Norco Association
               meeting held on October 23rd.

   c) Riverside City College—
      i) Mark Sellick. Mark has a follow up coffee appointment with the PE reporter
           that wrote the editorial against the faculty tomorrow at 3:00pm.
      ii) Mark sent out a report and attached his remarks to the BoT. The opt-discuss
           emails were robust; Mark is hoping more faculty members will get involved
           and be invested in the situation.
      iii) Pati Avila. Thanked the board for the past few years. She has learned
           something from each of the board members. Dariush thanked Pati for her
           selfless service and the contributions she has made on behalf of the faculty.
           The executive board wished Pati all the best in her next endeavors as interim
           Dean of CTE programs at Riverside City College.
      iv) John Sullivan. John heard from part time faculty that they were disappointed
           that there was not a part time faculty orientation at Riverside. He would like
           to see compensation for orientations for the part time faculty. It was
           suggested to emphasize the orientations as professional development, not
           necessarily orientation since many “seasoned” faculty like to attend to be
           advised of the ever-changing directives.
      v) John looked at the planning committee agenda for the BoT meeting and was
           concerned that there was not a report for tonight.

3) Treasurer’s report—Leo Truttmann
   a) Leo brought the part time stipend checks for the part time faculty of the executive
   b) Motion (Sellick/Avila): To approve reimbursing the part time reps $1945.89.
      Approved unanimously.

4) Secretary’s Report—Shari Yates
   a) CTA cards are in process of being distributed.

5) Benefits Committee—No report
6) Board of Trustee Committees—No report
7) CCA/CTA State Report—No report

8) Academic Senate— Lee Nelson and Ward Schinke.
   a) For accreditation we have serious concerns and are worried we will be put on
      warning due to the district not allowing financial autonomy for the colleges.
      Discussion ensued.

9) Open Hearing—None
10) Closed Session—Five issues.
11) Adjournment 3:30pm

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