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					                           SCWIBLES Fellow Journal Prompts
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INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING: Describe and reflect on your SCWIBLES curricular
activities with students or teachers over last two weeks. This includes module
development, implementation, and publication, planning activities, field trips, etc. In
particular, reflect on (1) successes and challenges in the classroom, (2) synergies between
your research interests and classroom activities, (3) milestones, (4) moments that
represent your impact on students, and (5) achievements you are particularly proud of.

RESEARCH: Describe and reflect on milestones, successes, and stumbling blocks in
your dissertation research over the last two weeks This includes research activities,
presentations, publications, grant writing, exams, and other activities directly related to
your Ph.D. dissertation progress. Please include milestones for the coming two weeks, and
a reflection on whether you met your milestones for the previous two weeks

OTHER: Reflect on any other aspects of SCWIBLES. This includes activities in Science
Education courses, science communications, interactions with staff, logistics, outreach, etc.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Provide complete information for any (1) manuscripts
submitted, accepted, or published, (2) grants submitted or received, (3) awards
received, (4) or professional presentations made in the previous two weeks.

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