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									Title of the Session
Morning Session
Greetings and Day 2 Summary

Date and Location
June 3, 2008; The World Bank JB1-080

Caroline M. Kende-Robb, Sector Manager of the Social Development Department at the World Bank

Topic and main message/s communicated in the presentation/s:
Caroline Kende-Robb, Sector Manager of the Social Development Department at the World Bank,
summarized the discussion taken place on Day 1 of the Conference. There were seven key issue areas
emerged from the discussion.

1) Values, Definition and Terminology
- Partnership, citizenship, democracy, empowerment of women are all necessary parts to achieve good
- Social accountability is crucial
- Not only demand for good governance but contribute to it

2) Political Dynamics and Roles/Relationships between Different Actors
- Issues of political will
- Roles of private sector (CSR)
- Different approaches should be taken depending on the country’s local context
- Incentives for engagement vary among different actors

3) Role of the World Bank and GAC Donors
- Advancing democratic approach is necessary
- Donor driven and pre-determined result-based culture
- Experimental culture
- Diverse culture

4) Capacity Building and Funding
- The Gold Age for good governance
- Investing in civil society directly and pushing grassroots empowerment
- Donor-driven culture might be a challenge in the area of capacity building and funding

5) Learning Mechanisms and Strategy
- Using peer learning network for better knowledge sharing
- Promoting civil society partnerships

6) Monitoring and Measuring Success
- Multiple partial indications
- How to measure success
- Monitoring is necessary for measuring the success of policies

7) Entry Points, Tools and Approach
- Enabling environment
- Considering both demand and supply side of good governance
- Access to information
- Debating of citizenship

Gist of the discussion
There were only few comments made by participants. One suggested using the citizen report card to collect
information and feedbacks. Participants liked to receive the transcription of all the points raised in the
discussion. During the Break-out Session, they would further discuss the issues raised on the first day.

Note taker’s name and unit:
Megumi Makisaka, SDV

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