Stahl Cathy by O1taKo9


									1. Do you feel an abuser should have restricted access or visitation if he or she has
   only been violent with their spouse and not the children? Why or why not?

Every case should be handled on a case by case basis and cannot be answered in a
general manner. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration in any
case sentencing and/or probation orders. I will always make decisions based on the
law and keep in mind the protection of the children, families and overall community.

2. What evidence is most important in deciding to grant a victim a protective order?
  What evidence is necessary to include the children in the protective order?

 The criminal district courts do not generally handle protective orders, other than during
magistrating duties and those are generally Emergency Protective Orders. In those
cases, a perusal of the case, the officers recommendations and/or the complainants
request can prompt the granting of an EPO.

3. Please list any trainings/seminars/presentations involving domestic violence you
  have attended in the past two years.

Judges are now required to attend a set number of hours of family violence CLE during
their term and I have completed and exceeded my number of hours. I have always kept
up on the trends relevant to this area.

4. In your estimation, what are the root causes of family violence and how would you as
  an elected official and leader in this community address those root causes?

There are several things that can contribute to these root causes such as poverty,
family violence cycle, treatment inadequacies, failure to address youth exposure to the
tools necessary to deal with this issue, and untreated substance abuse.

5. How is the judiciary making the best use of community-based services equipped to
  serve the needs of families experiencing violence?

Judges are able to utilize the many family violence counseling services through court
orders in cases that require this type of service. Sometimes judges are aware of those
services and other times the Probation office will have a list available to provide
services or make referrals from lists of these programs.

6. When a family is dealing with multiple courts and proceedings, how would you
  ensure strong communications within the legal system.
My hope in the coming term is to work with the legislators and other courts and
agencies to provide a more cohesive treatment and court dispositions in most cases.
There are currently gaps in our system that only serve to perpetuate certain behaviors.
A roundtable in this area is greatly needed.

7. As a member of the judiciary and realizing the legal constraints of such a position,
  what leadership would you take to address issues of domestic violence?

Same response as number six. In addition, with practical experience in the courtroom,
Judges are able to help provide information to those who can direct the necessary
creation of better treatment programs.

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